Best Budget Golf Drivers 2023

Does a good golf driver really make a difference? It’s only a good driver that can bring about a significant change (and by change, I mean improvement) in your game of golf. But “good” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “expensive”, “premium”, or even “new” as a matter of fact. Good can also mean one of the best budget golf drivers!

With these drivers, you certainly don’t miss out on factors like performance, consistency, etc. And, at the same time, you spend NOT a lot of money, which is the best and most unbelievable part.

So here are those golf drivers worth adding to your arsenal, even if you’re a beginner!

A Driver That’s Both Good and Cheap!

Good cheap golf drivers are still popular even though there is such a huge market for new, more expensive drivers. Even average drivers now are no less than $500. But then there still are pretty good golf drivers that are also budget-friendly i.e. less than $300.

And even at a price like this, it’s not naïve, foolish, or unreasonable anymore to also expect high-quality craftsmanship and high performance from such inexpensive options.

5 Factors That Matter When Buying An Affordable Golf Driver

1. Size & Weight

The size of the clubhead determines how forgiving the driver is, budget-friendly or otherwise. A larger clubhead equals greater mis-hit forgiveness. So no matter where on the clubface contact is made, performance doesn’t get jeopardized.

And then there’s the confidence boost that golfers get with a more forgiving larger clubhead volume (460cc – the legally largest clubhead size), especially beginners, high handicappers, seniors, and the majority of women golfers.

Moving on to the weight of this clubhead, most forgiving golf drivers have the weight positioned toward the back. And this particular placement produces a higher launch more effortlessly.

2. Draw-Biased Design

This one’s very simple to understand.

If you end up slicing your shots more frequently, then anti-slice technology (draw-bias) infused into a forgiving driver is a must. This kind of construction is most likely to help you get rid of big slices by generating a more draw-biased shot shape. Or by reducing the effect of the slice you produce.

3. Adjustability

Firstly, adjustable drivers cost extra. But if you do happen to come across an ‘inexpensive’ adjustable golf driver, then consider yourself the luckiest golfer in the whole world, especially if you’re looking to improve your game. Then you can just set the driver to be slightly more forgiving right from the start!

The two options you get are adjustable hosel (lie and loft angles can be raised /lowered) and adjustable weights (heel/toe weighting). In both scenarios, you can optimize ball flight and create fade/draw bias based on your natural tendencies.

4. Shaft

Just because the driver is more reasonably priced and/or is not the most recently launched model doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize the shaft. Because, after all, it’s the shaft that gets you the distance you wish to achieve.

So if your goal is to gain some extra yards, despite your weaker, slower swing speed, make sure the shaft is more flexible (Regular, Senior, or Ladies flex). Tour players, because they’re stronger and faster, opt for a stiffer shaft flex.

Likewise, shaft material also matters. Lightweight graphite is easier to swing, which really comes in handy when your swing speed is below average. As opposed to heavier-to-swing-and-control steel shafts!

And then finally there’s the shaft length. Standard driver shaft length is between 45 inches and 45.75 inches (and 44 inches for women). Keep in mind that longer shafts lower precision since the heel makes direct contact here. While shorter shafts increase consistency because now the toe receives the impact.

5. Price

We now live in a world where golf equipment like the best driver for the money is both high-performing and under $100. However, these are mostly aimed at beginners and weekend/recreational golfers. Because, obviously, the quality is only mediocre. But as long as they serve the purpose of hitting high, long, and straight, how does it matter, right?

For the little price you pay for such affordability, even if the driver lasts for a whole year before it starts to show signs of wear and tear (broken clubhead is the most common complaint), I think you get your money’s worth within that time frame.

And precisely for that very reason, avoid spending more than $300 on a budget-friendly or even one of the best used drivers. And if you don’t mind spending more, then might as well buy a brand new one!

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver – Top Choice

  • Very forgiving driver, easy to hit
  • Jailbreak technology produces faster ball speed
  • Low-drag aerodynamic shape boosts clubhead speed
  • Solid ‘click’ ball-strike sound on contact
  • Not the best for shaping shots

Callaway, one of golf’s top brands, slashed down the price of this one. And it’s obvious why – to make way for their newer models! Now that doesn’t mean the Callaway 2020 Mavrik Driver is any less competitive.

Even though this is one of the cheap golf drivers now, it’s still a pretty great one. And you’ll spot many golfers swinging it too, it is highly recommended after all. And the reason for that is that Mavrik is extremely easy to hit, even when it comes to adding extra yards to your drives. It’s also very forgiving and produces a clean, solid sound just when the ball is struck.

Expect solid, straight shots as well, all thanks to Callaway’s game-changing technologies like Cyclone Aero head shaping, internal Jailbreak bars, and the new, strong yet light clubface architecture. They all come together to maximize speed and forgiveness!

2. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver

  • Extremely forgiving 460cc clubhead size
  • Offset driver to hit straighter drives (no slices)
  • Orientation arrow on the crown for better alignment
  • The matte finish gives off a sleek, clean look
  • The matte paint tends to chip very soon
  • Don’t expect too much feedback

First of all, you’re now reading about an incredibly affordable Pinemeadow golf club. The price here is less than $100! That’s the whole allure of Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver. That and the simple fact that it features an offset design!

Perfect for entry-level golfers, this driver offers the best feel you may have ever encountered. The ‘offset’ part simply means it becomes so much easier for you to square up to the golf ball. And once that happens, no more slicing the ball. This means only straighter, longer drives!

As a beginner, setting up a solid foundation with this one also becomes more effortless. And this is very useful when trying to grow accustomed to hitting your shots with larger clubheads. The head of Pinemeadow PGX Offset is 460cc and this particular size increases distance by generating a higher ball speed.

Plus, there’s the offset technology for anti-slice performance!

3. King Par TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver

  • Highly adjustable driver
  • Large sweet spot maximizes mis-hit forgiveness
  • Lightweight graphite shaft for slow swing speed
  • Aerodynamic design + Jailbreak technology (speed-boosting)
  • Rattling sound inside the driver head
  • Also sounds ‘cheap’ on impact

Ever heard of one of the best drivers for the money that’s outfitted with the most outstanding technologies? I think that would be the perfect, most accurate way to introduce the King Par TEC Ti Matrix Driver.

It makes sure that your off-the-tee shots are hit with a considerable level of consistency. Courtesy of the phenomenal Jailbreak technology!

If you’re new to the game or if your swing speed is slow, I’m certain you’ll appreciate more the high forgiveness of this budget-friendly driver. So you end up using less energy to witness your drives make their way off the tee. And even though less energy is expended by you, there’s great strength added to your every shot.

The whole clubhead construction feels light even though the clubhead size is larger (460cc) for added forgiveness. And despite the lightweight design, this driver is extremely handy for when you want to boost stability and flexibility and also enhance precision.

Beginners, high handicappers, and seniors, this high-MOI, low-budget driver is truly made for you!

4. Pinemeadow SPR Driver

  • High-launch driver with a large sweet spot
  • Lightweight shaft for slow or weak swings
  • Loud, solid contact sound
  • Very durable – high wear and scuff resistance
  • Not the best feel

Definitely can’t go wrong with the money you pay for yet another Pinemeadow golf driver – Pinemeadow SPR Driver.

Now this one’s specialty is HIGH LAUNCH. The lightweight graphite shaft features low-torque properties that really know how to optimize ball trajectory.

On top of that, the high-MOI design plus shallow clubface combine to make the sweet spot larger just to increase distance as well as accuracy.

The 460cc clubhead covers 250 yards just like that! And consistently that too!

So it’s safe to say that the clubface of this affordable Pinemeadow driver is immensely forgiving. What usually turn out as bad slices and hooks still remain on that fairway when using this super-durable and easier-to-hit golf driver.

5. Mazel Titanium Golf Driver

  • Super-light titanium head increases swing speed
  • Maximum mis-hit forgiveness
  • Low, deep center of gravity for high launch
  • Contact sound is not very satisfying
  • Not the easiest to control

Mazel drivers are no premium TaylorMade drivers or top-rated Callaway drivers, but they’re surely golf clubs for which you don’t have to drain your wallet. And this Titanium Golf Driver by Mazel is one of the best budget drivers that earns full five stars in all important and practical areas – quality, value, recommendation, and overall performance.

Your driving range sessions just got a lot better! You can hit this driver the most effortlessly, thanks to how very lightweight it is despite the oversized clubhead that maximizes forgiveness and distance. Making contact, almost every single time, in the center becomes much easier indeed.

The high-rebound CNC-milled Cup Face, Speed Channel technology, and strong yet lightweight titanium variable thickness – all of this ensures that no matter where on the clubface the contact is made, ball speed, distance, and forgiveness are never compromised.

6. Srixon Golf 2017 Men’s Z 756 Driver

  • Super-lightweight and ultra-forgiving
  • Flexible Wave sole boosts COR and distance
  • Large sweet spot also maximizes distance
  • No crown markings for alignment

The 10.5-degree version is slightly less inexpensive than the lot, but this 9.5-degree model is perfect for making it one of the best affordable drivers. No doubt, Srixon Z 756 Driver is quite forgiving. Just what you need to crush your every drive that also goes dead-straight!

The sole flex paves the way for enhanced COR on low-face hits. And then the large sweet spot, high MOI, low CG, and lightweight crown are all beginner-friendly features that work in your favor if your swing speed is slow and/or golf handicap is high.

It also ranks as one of the longest golf drivers! Along with a forgiving toe/heel construction!

7. Intech Golf Illegal Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver

  • High-MOI, oversized driver (non-conforming)
  • Large sweet spot equals max. mis-hit forgiveness
  • Lightweight graphite shaft for slow swing speed
  • Soft-feel grip and solid, dependable overall quality
  • Thin metal construction – not for fast/big swingers

Just like MG Senior Golf Balls and Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls are non-conforming on the list of best-rated longest golf balls, so is this Intech driver also non-conforming. It’s extremely forgiving (and how can it not be given the HUGE 520cc clubhead volume!!) and hits straight.

Plus, lightweight graphite shaft, hence easier to swing. As well as Senior shaft flex, which is again perfect for those with a slower swing speed. So if you’re a senior golfer, either get this best value golf driver or choose from these premium-priced, super-forgiving drivers for seniors.

In both cases, distance is never compromised. Although, in this case, you also eventually learn how to decently smack stiffer drivers!

8. Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Driver

  • Very lightweight driver for easy swing
  • Larger impact area i.e. larger sweet spot
  • Improves distance, accuracy, launch, and ball flight
  • Subtle, visually appealing crown alignment
  • Not built for fast swing speeds

F-Max Superlite Driver plays really well because of its only 45-gram shaft weight that allows you to swing the golf club the most easily. And this is just perfect for beginner and senior golfers. Now gaining those much-needed and even “extra” yardages is a mission that can be accomplished despite a slow swing speed.

Boosting ball speed to increase distance is done by the thin, light, forged titanium clubface equipped with Cobra’s E9 technology. You get a larger impact zone on that face!

Then comes the ultra-forgiving back/heel weighting, so your drives can launch higher too. This also translates into a straighter ball flight.

Speaking of ball flight, feel free to choose between straight-neck and offset – the former works for a more traditional approach at address while the latter is more suitable for those with ball-slicing tendencies (draw-biased approach).

And lastly, this driver, unlike Srixon’s pick reviewed earlier, features crown alignment markings. Hence, that perfect squared setup is established at address.

9. Tour Edge Golf Bazooka 470 Black Driver

Tour Edge Golf- Bazooka 470 Black Driver 10.5 Senior Flex
  • High-MOI driver (for distance and playability)
  • Large 460cc clubhead to max out distance
  • Lightweight titanium head and graphite shaft
  • High-flight, accurate performance
  • Don’t expect high-quality craftsmanship

If you ask me, Bazooka by Tour Edge is a fitting option for golfers of ALL levels. And I’ll give you a very logical explanation for that.

The clubhead is such, with its 460cc volume and titanium-powered construction, that it gives you both distance as well as playability. The former is what slow-swingers and beginners demand while the latter is more often prioritized by fast-speed, low-handicap, more skilled players.

Either way, your off-the-tee shots are sure to travel a great deal of distance, taking on a straight flight path. And all this happens with consistency, which is the best part.

The low price is another very attractive thing about this Tour Edge Bazooka 470 Black Driver. Aside from it being so perfect for slow swing speed and for shaping shots better!

10. Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver

  • High-lofted driver improves launch and distance
  • Lightweight graphite shaft for slow swing speed
  • Balanced weight and traditional feel
  • Not the most crowd-pleasing in comparison

Even the best golf drivers of all time sometimes do nothing for golfers who specifically need to hit an anti-slice driver like this Bullet Golf B52 Bomber. If you slice more often than you’d like to admit, then you’re definitely going to love this one! It is a total game-changer, no doubt about that.

Certainly it’s an inexpensive driver yet the performance is quite remarkable. The well-balanced weight of the golf club, in particular, is the most appealing. It paves the way for that clubhead-speed-boosting smoother, more effortless golf swing sequence. One that improves both accuracy and distance!

Drivers like these are proof that not every lower-priced club is a waste of money!

Bottom Line

The latest technology in golf drivers, and other clubs in general, surely changes every year. And that’s because top brands keep launching new models, which causes the price of the older ones to drop. This is how golf drivers that were once deemed “premium” become more and more inexpensive.

Another upside to this is that you get great value at the same time, not just the cheap cost. Some of these drivers are extremely forgiving, easier to swing, feature anti-slice technology, and more.

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