Best Callaway Drivers 2023

The best Callaway drivers deserve all the attention they get from golfers worldwide, especially in America, the UK, and Canada (countries where golf is the most popular). And it’s all about ground-breaking or state-of-the-art technology with Callaway – it actually helps in that it knows how to maximize distance potential by making the golf clubs ultra-forgiving.

Callaway’s game-improvement approach and technology ensure that drives fly off the Clubface the most effortlessly. This means extra yardages off that tee are destined to elevate your long game performance.

Aside from more of your shots docking in the fairway, even the feel, sound, and overall consistency are quite extraordinary. That justifies the large sums of money brands like these, and even TaylorMade, spend on research and development and manufacturing. And that’s precisely why nothing but greatness should be expected!

Speaking of greatness, here are some of the top Callaway choices.

1. Callaway Mavrik Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver
  • Highly aerodynamic driver – the fastest
  • Jailbreak bars promote faster ball speed
  • Cyclone Aero Shape increases clubhead speed
  • Deep ‘click’ ball-strike sound at impact
  • Unfortunately, no shot-shaping control

This is Mavrik Standard for mid-handicap, mid-range golfers (Mavrik Max is for high handicappers while Mavrik Subzero for low handicappers, both reviewed later).  It fits almost every player profile if you want to know my honest opinion. No denying it’s one of the fastest with the brand’s phenomenal low-drag, speed-boosting Cyclone Aero Shape.

The current and every other Mavrik driver by Callaway make the use of Jailbreak bars for stiffening the clubface, so greater power is transferred to boost speed and, ultimately, distance.

It’s the unprecedented forgiveness of Mavrik Standard that seems to be its most attractive quality. Just like the other Mavrik models, even this one has an individually designed clubface that produces an optimal level of spin to make way for high MOI. And naturally, high MOI equals more forgiveness.

Mavrik Standard, in comparison to Max and Subzero, has the fastest head shape for a mid-level spin and moderate-level draw bias. Hence, the best for every kind of golfer!

2. Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver
  • Low-drag, high-MOI driver (also, extremely strong)
  • Jailbreak power for higher ball speed
  • X-Face VFT technology preserves speed on mis-hits
  • Speed Step technology also boosts clubhead speed
  • Loft adjustability can be tricky

Go Rogue, Callaway Rogue if what you desire and value the most is that ideal combination of higher ball speed and longer distance. Once again, it’s the result of the brand’s exclusive Jailbreak bars, which, in this case, pair up with something new – X-Face VFT (variable face thickness) technology.

This brand is proof that changing driver dynamics can really have a dramatic impact on performance. The high-MOI shaping of the large composite crown creates a larger surface area. And this automatically makes the driver a lot more forgiving on mis-hits, if that’s a concern for you.

Rogue, when compared to its predecessor Callaway Epic, produces faster ball speed. And all credit for that goes to the game-changing Jailbreak technology with its relatively lighter titanium bars that stiffen the body (crown + sole) and create a thinner clubface.

Actually, the newly added X-Face VFT architecture thins and thickens strategic zones of the clubface, so ball speed can increase whether or not it’s an off-center shot.

And then there’s the repositioning of sliding weight to make Callaway Rogue driver as forgiving as is expected in case you happen to be a beginner and/or high handicapper. This also gives you a tighter shot dispersion, which means less struggle for hitting most fairways.

3. Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver
  • Extremely strong yet lighter face for more speed
  • Aerodynamic head and large sweet spot for beginners
  • Internal Jailbreak bars enable greater energy transfer
  • Natural metallic sound at impact
  • Loft/lie adjustability means ball flight control (wrench included)
  • Changing/adjusting weights does require effort

Mavrik Max is the best Callaway driver for beginners and high handicappers, beyond question. If you ask me, it’s a Tour-level golf driver for beginner golfers. In fact, even mid-range and mid-handicap players take a fond liking to the Callaway Mavrik Max Driver. All because of its larger profile that produces MAX forgiveness as well as MAX consistency.

Also, Mavrik Max is designed with interchangeable weights. So if you find yourself struggling with slicing the ball much too often, which beginners and high handicappers usually do, then you are in a position to choose the ‘draw’ configuration.

Jaw-dropping speed and distance are so naturally woven into this and every Callaway Mavrik driver that it’s understood even if I don’t mention that here. But the thing that I would like to add, and which you might want to know as well, is that this golf driver minimizes spin too. This means more help with your anti-slice performance.

4. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver
  • Low-spin, high-MOI driver, thus very forgiving
  • Flash Face by A.I. generates higher ball speed
  • Adjustable sliding weight for ball flight control
  • Jailbreaks bars also boost ball speed
  • Not the easiest to dial in

The first Callaway golf driver showcasing A.I.-designed Flash Face – subtle ripples in the internal mapping that flow from the heel to the toe and these ripples cohesively work together for elevating COR to maximize rebound speed (off/across the clubface) and, ultimately, increase distance.

No doubt, Callaway spent millions of dollars into developing this kind of technology that no golfer has ever witnessed. I think this Flash Face technology is a much better alternative to X-Face Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology used in the Rogue model I reviewed earlier.

Compared to that, Flash Face optimizes ball speed THROUGHOUT the whole face. Also, the clubface’s thinnest part is actually located in the center as opposed to VFT’s thicker center and thin edges.

The common denominator, however, is Jailbreak technology of course, and that’s why drivers manufactured by Callaway possess the power to give you a faster ball speed. And to add to that, there’s the lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown perfect for, if not rewarding then at least not punishing, your off-center shots.

5. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver
  • Large clubhead, so you can swing faster for more distance
  • Flash Face technology gains higher ball speed
  • Stronger yet lighter titanium used (that’s very forgiving)
  • Draw-biased driver (anti-slice) produces straighter ball flight
  • Limited playability not for low handicappers

Been touted as the best Callaway driver for distance and also as the most forgiving Callaway driver, Big Bertha B21 is surely a force to be reckoned with. Its low-spin and high-launch structure combines very well with the large, welcoming sweet spot to give even weaker golfers the upper hand – that being faster ball speed.

Encouraging longer carry distance is what Big Bertha B21 knows very well how to do because of its Artificial-Intelligence-built Flash Face. That means you get a more expanded hitting area to take away the ‘mis’ from MIS-hits.

What many beginner and high-handicap golfers also appreciate so much here is the anti-slice draw-biased weighting of Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver. It’s an oversized beast that got me to shoot 58 a few years ago at the Travelers Championship.

No doubt, Big Bertha B21 boosts confidence from the tee to get you to cover the distance you desire, all the while Flash Face contributing a great deal to actually increasing ball speed.

6. Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver
  • Flash Face + Jailbreak Speed frame = more ball speed
  • You can swing faster because of aerodynamic head
  • Weight redistributed to amplify forgiveness
  • Very gratifying sound and straight ball flight
  • Very intimidating compact address profile

If Epic Flash was more geared toward golfers who tend to mis-hit, then Callaway Epic Speed is for the faster, low-handicap player. But both Epic models have, just like every other creation by Callaway on this list, Jailbreak technology and a lighter Triaxial Carbon Crown for enhancing ball speed, spin consistency, and even mis-hit forgiveness.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame (A.I.-designed) increases ball speed across the clubface. And it’s now a given for Flash Face to make an appearance too for speed, and not just in this driver but also in Callaway irons, so every shot is most likely to be longer, straighter, and more controlled.

Epic Speed is actually the fastest of the Callaway Epic drivers, just how Mavrik Standard is the fastest Mavrik model. And the reason for both takes the form of the advanced aerodynamic cyclone shaping of the clubhead that knows how to maximize clubhead speed, no matter how little the effort on your part.

7. Callaway Epic Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver
  • High-launch, anti-slice driver, so mis-hits don’t matter
  • Moveable weights increase launch angle
  • New, A.I.-designed clubface to increase ball speed
  • OptiFit hosel promotes a straight ball flight
  • Too high launch and spin – not for all golfers

Epic Speed above has got more to do with, as is obvious, speed. While Epic Max is all about MAX forgiveness. In comparison to Epic Max, there’s also Epic Max LS (reviewed right after this), which is mainly for minimizing spin in case that part of your long game you find a little bit tricky to control.

Epic Max by Callaway is this top brand’s way of giving golfers the best draw-biased driver configuration. It is, after all, the most forgiving Epic driver that also launches the highest. And then there’s also the adjustable sliding weight, which makes room for dialing in the shot shape of your choice.

Comparatively speaking, the distance you achieve with Epic Max might be slightly (just slightly) shorter than Epic Speed BUT at least your shot will have followed a straight path.

Needless to say, features/technologies like Flash Face (more expansive hitting area), Jailbreak Speed Frame (faster ball speed), and Triaxial Carbon Crown (more forgiveness) are a part of this Callaway golf club as well. What’s new actually is the OptiFit hosel for draw (anti-slice) settings.

8. Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max LS Driver
  • Low-spin, low-launch driver with decent forgiveness
  • Jailbreak and Flash Face promote faster ball speed
  • Sliding perimeter weight for more ball flight control
  • Low spin and low launch – not for every golfer
  • More suited for better players

Even though perimeter-weighted just like Epic Max, Callaway Driver Epic Max LS is better suited for mid-handicap to low-handicap golfers. The latter is a low-spin driver, unlike the former that is high-spin.

What Callaway has done here with this particular golf driver is eliminated the lack of forgiveness often accompanied by low-spin models. Meaning you get that extra dose of forgiveness, even as a Tour-grade player, along with reduced spin. A win-win situation indeed.

However, shot-shaping is better with Epic Max. But then those who go for Epic Max LS do not really generate that many hooks and slices. In fact, better golfers actually prefer the LS model because of its relatively narrower head shaping.

9. Callaway Mavrik Subzero Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Driver
  • High-MOI, low-spin driver for better players
  • Low-drag aerodynamics for faster ball speed
  • High MOI means a lot of mis-hit forgiveness
  • Well-optimized, well-balanced head – solid sound
  • Only for more advanced golfers

If you don’t need any assistance with your clubhead speed, then Callaway Mavrik Subzero Driver is the one and only for you. And that’s precisely why this model has been shortlisted today as the best Callaway driver 2021 for low handicappers.

But every Mavrik driver (Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and Mavrik Subzero – all 3 now reviewed) is built with a lighter i.e. more forgiving and speed-boosting titanium face. This Triaxial Carbon Crown may be lighter but that doesn’t take away its higher strength for a greater rebound at impact.

Conventional titanium, on the other hand, could obviously not be used since it’s not suitable enough to be subjected to Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence.

And once again, you can dial in the interchangeable sole weights depending on your choice of launch and spin characteristics.

10. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women’s Driver

Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women's Driver
  • High-launch, low-spin driver (anti-slice)
  • Oversized head suits slow swing speeds
  • Adjustable loft might just cure consistent misses
  • Speed-boosting Flash Face technology
  • Not meant for fast-swing women golfers

And the final piece is the best Callaway women’s driver – Big Bertha REVA!

It has been specifically crafted for all those female golfers who cannot get their drives to go longer, and so they need help with that. Also, the majority of women players, especially beginners, high handicappers, and even amateurs, want their golf clubs to be extremely forgiving since off-center strikes among them are so commonplace.

No doubt, Big Bertha REVA is highly forgiving with its game-improvement technology. It is a high-launch, low-CG driver that produces low long-game spin. This means your drives are bound to be longer and straighter more consistently than ever.

The high-MOI clubhead shaping and draw-biased configuration, in particular, are what improve the launch angle to get your shots to travel STRAIGHT and LONG.

Everything else is also pretty much the same – A.I.-designed Flash Face and two internal Jailbreak bars for producing faster ball speed and lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown to enhance forgiveness. It’s just that Big Bertha REVA is more women-oriented. So this means Ladies-flex, lightweight graphite shaft, and women’s standard soft grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Callaway Drivers So Good?

If I had to give you one, just one reason that makes golf drivers manufactured by Callaway so special, I think that would be improved aerodynamics.

The brand has really transformed the way the clubface is constructed. And the outcome of that, which takes the form of internal Jailbreak bars and Artificial Intelligence-designed Flash Face, is maximum forgiveness and maximum distance. Even as a golfer who tends to miss the center, you can gain longer distances consistently with Callaway-made drivers.

Which Callaway Driver Is the Most Forgiving?

The most forgiving Callaway driver is Epic Max. This golf driver utilizes sliding back weight adjustability, so you can elevate or dial down the loft. Such kind of adjustability of the rear weight welcomes more shot shape control and customization (fade or draw biased configuration).

On top of that, there’s Flash Face (created by Artificial Intelligence). In simpler words, this is a more expansive ‘sweet spot’ that really comes to the rescue each time you mis-hit. Fast speed is never compromised indeed.

And the last and final forgiveness-boosting characteristic of Callaway Epic Max Driver is the lighter Triaxial Carbon Crown. So all the saved weight is redistributed for enhancing forgiveness and increasing launch angle.

Which Callaway Driver Is the Easiest to Hit?

Callaway Mavrik Driver, the standard version, is the easiest to hit straighter and longer shots. This one’s a very fitting choice for golfers with a slower swing speed. You can actually achieve a higher spin with Mavrik Standard. And more spin is always equal to more distance.

It’s an extremely forgiving driver that, for real, generates competitive distance.

Which Callaway Driver Is the Longest?

It’s in the name itself – Callaway Epic Speed Driver. This driver by Callaway is all about speed and distance simply because of the more advanced aerodynamic clubhead. It reduces drag only to maximize clubhead speed.

This more advanced aerodynamic head shaping allows golfers from all walks of life, and this includes slow-swing and high-handicap players, to get more speed out of their swing.

Which Callaway Driver Is the Newest?

The latest Callaway invention 2021 in the category of golf drivers is the Epic lineup. This includes Epic Speed (best for distance), Epic Max (best for forgiveness), and Epic Max LS (best for low spin). All three are crafted with a HOT face, thanks to the brand’s use of Jailbreak technology for that (introduced back in 2017).

Which Callaway Driver Is Best for Beginners?

Without any hesitation, that would be Callaway Mavrik Max. The club is designed with two interchangeable weights – one is for maximizing forgiveness and the other for maximizing draw configuration. This means you’re actually dealing with an extremely forgiving, anti-slice driver perfect for beginners.

Just the use of lighter FS2S titanium for the clubface instead of traditional titanium is enough to convince you of how much Callaway wanted to promote max forgiveness and speed with Mavrik Max.

Is Callaway Better Than TaylorMade?

Callaway has designed their drivers with the most advanced technologies. After all, the brand was the first to use A.I. to create Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face (both are leading forces for faster ball speed).

These Callaway drivers, no doubt, are a lot more forgiving plus, at the same time, they launch higher very easily too. For example, Callaway Epic Max LS Driver, even though a low-spin driver, still offers a good amount of forgiveness.

But then that doesn’t take away from the fact that TaylorMade drivers are also quite popular for speed and distance gains. Even TaylorMade uses technology along the same lines as Callaway.

So, to be honest, it’s all about what brand you start off with when you get into the game of golf. And then after that, it’s just your loyalty that makes you pick one over the other.

Closing Thoughts

As is established loud and clear that Callaway drivers cater to both less skilled, entry-level golfers and the more advanced players, and those in between of course. That’s precisely why top brands come up with so many models in the same lineup.

For instance, the Callaway Mavrik series consists of Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and Mavrik Subzero. And then there’s the Epic lineup as well – Epic Speed, Epic Max, and Epic Max LS.

You just have to pick your Callaway driver depending on your swing speed and handicap level. But this much can be said that Callaway drivers meet the demand of beginners and those looking for Tour-grade performance.

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