How to Hit a 6-Iron Guide

How to Hit a 6-Iron Guide – The Science Behind This Mid Iron

The problem is that maybe you’re struggling with the 6-iron. By the way, if you’re a mid-handicap golfer, it’s only common, so don’t feel so bad about it. The 6-iron is a longer golf club, after all, with a lower loft than mid-length to short irons. Hence, it can be tricky to …

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8-Iron Golf Club Guide

Complete 8-Iron Golf Club Guide – How to Maximize Its Potential?

The 8-iron in golf is one of the most dependable clubs, especially when you’re thinking about upgrading your greenside performance. It is a highly versatile golf club that many players use for a variety of shots and from a variety of positions. To put it simply, the 8-iron is perfect for improving …

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Best TaylorMade Drivers

Best TaylorMade Drivers 2023

Top Picks Buying Guides Our Reviews FAQs Related Reviews The most innovative technology is to be found in the best TaylorMade drivers, almost every one of them. This has been the case for many decades now and still, the top brand continues to awe us, serious and recreational golfers, in many ways. …

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Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set Reviews

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set Review 2023

Golf is an old sport that millions of people have enjoyed and continue to enjoy to this day. But one of the problems many beginner golfers face is finding the right set of clubs when they start their golf journey. There are tons of club sets and brands on the market, not …

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9-Iron Golf Clubs

The 9-Iron: What Is It and When Should I Use One?

A big part of playing a round of golf is the right technique. With the right technique, you’ll be able to swing the club just right, hit the ball in the ideal spot, and have it land right on the spot you want it to. But another thing that golfers need to …

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Best 5 Wood Golf Clubs

The Best 5 Wood Golf Clubs to Improve Your Golfing Distance!

The best 5 wood golf clubs are used for added distance. With this golf club, you can hit the ball from even more places around the course, thus hitting even more distance. It’s a good addition to your golf bag, but just like making any other purchase, it’s difficult to choose among …

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Best Women’s Golf Clubs Set

Best Women’s Golf Clubs Set 2023

Top Picks Our Reviews Buying Guides FAQs Related Reviews Women’s golf clubs are specifically designed to facilitate consistent “sweet spot” contact and allow players to concentrate on enhancing their golfing skills. A prime example is the women’s driver, which features a large clubhead, a deep and low center of gravity (CG) weighting, …

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Best Golf Club Sets - 10 Packaged Sets That Allow You to Hit Better

Best Golf Club Sets – 10 Best Packaged Sets 2023

Men’s Sets Women’s Sets Juniors Sets For Beginner For Tall Players Buying Guides Our Reviews One can spot not only pro golfers but people from all walks of life on golf courses around the world. And while it’s a given that not every one of them prefers or can afford to purchase …

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Best Lob Wedge

Best Golf Lob Wedges 2023

The modern golf industry has made it so much easier for all kinds of players to buy the most fitting golf clubs, and this includes wedges like the best lob wedge. Choosing lob wedges in comparison to picking something more generic like the best golf drivers of all time can be slightly …

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