The 12 Longest Golf Balls 2023

Have you ever met a golfer who, in his/her sound frame of mind, has dismissed the importance of distance? There are very few golfers out there who wouldn’t actually prefer gaining those extra yards. Hence, the popularity of the longest golf balls in the industry. After all, these give you the added advantage, or upper hand if you will, you need most times.

Now I’m not trying to sabotage the reputation of Tour-calibre golf balls. It’s just that these types prioritize other factors more, such as feel, control, and spin. As for the distance type, this one’s unabashedly more concerned with how far and not how much spin or how much control.

And to tell you for a fact, it’s not only distance goals that are going to be inevitably accomplished. With the following golf balls, brands have also paid more attention to improving alignment, visibility, playability, feel, and even price.

1. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

  • 2-piece golf balls, hence larger core to maximize distance
  • Ionomer cover best at reducing unwanted sidespin
  • Aerodynamic dimple design for faster ball speed
  • Ultra-soft feel and very useful alignment aid
  • Grooves have no indents, so not much control

Yes, TaylorMade Distance+ is all about distance and speed. I think that’s what the low-drag, high-speed aerodynamics and REACT Speed Core were put in place for. The dimple pattern is so strategically infused with aerodynamics that performance is bound to receive a boost in terms of how far these golf balls travel.

Even the greenside feel is better because of the soft-feel ionomer cover. This kind of cover construction enhances durability too simply by increasing its resistance to shears and scuffs. What also contributes to this is the 2-piece design and low compression rating.

And the brand, after all, is TaylorMade, which means every aspect is covered. This includes the Plus Alignment Aid that boosts aiming accuracy and also gets the golf ball to roll on the intended line. In short, you can finally sink a larger number of putts.

2. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

  • High-energy, very reactive core for max speed
  • 2-piece design hits long distances
  • High flight and low spin (benefits long game)
  • Titleist quality, thus very, very durable
  • Not so cheap, unfortunately

Another set of 2-piece golf balls once again manufactured by one of the top brands in golf, Titleist. The 2-piece construction is proof that the balls were made for minimum spin and maximum distance off the tee.

What’s more is that Titleist uses some of the most advanced technologies. Such as the exclusive dimple pattern that takes the ball higher as well as longer. Now you can probably understand why, despite just being 2-piece golf balls, these are so expensive.

Another form of state-of-the-art technology incorporated by Titleist is LSX Core Fast. The core uses this particular technology for taking on an extremely reactive character. Plus, it’s got low-medium compression, which, once again, is perfect for gaining extra yards.

3. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

  • 2-piece golf balls maximize distance
  • Impact propulsion core boosts carry distance
  • Dimple pattern promotes straighter shots
  • Iothane cover – soft feel and very durable indeed
  • Lacks distance control, unfortunately

If Titleist seemed like an expensive choice, TaylorMade here comes to save the day. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is the best distance golf ball that seems like the perfect choice for budget-friendly buyers. The most ideal combination of distance and price is finally brought to life, thanks to TaylorMade!

They fly FAR, there’s no denying that. And I know this to be true because of the longer carry that is inevitable because of the impact propulsion core of these golf balls. Even the dimple pattern is great in that it promotes straighter shots.

It’s not a golf ball to be taken lightly because of the way it performs on the greens. And on the tee, you can produce the longest drives OF YOUR LIFE. Even off the irons, TaylorMade Noodle is pretty great!

4. Callaway Golf 2020 Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

  • 3-piece golf balls for distance and control
  • Aerodynamics also create a straight ball flight
  • Greenside feel and spin is quite good (soft cover)
  • Matte yellow color very easy to locate
  • Even though 3-piece, compression is low for high-speed players

A more recent choice I’ve come to regard as one of the longest golf balls for seniors, beginners, and basically slow-swingers. In no way should these even be considered to be inferior to some of the more veteran golf balls out there. First of all, you have to trust a brand like Callaway.

Second of all, there’s the 3-piece construction and 70 compression rating. These, together, prioritize distance as well as distance control. So both less skilled and more skilled players can benefit from the same golf ball.

Compared to Callaway Supersoft (also reviewed later), which has an ultra-low compression and 2-piece construction that work the best only for the slowest swing speeds, Callaway Superhot features an additional layer and a higher compression rating to fit a more wide range of golfers (and that implies more versatility for sure!).

By more versatility, I mean that Callaway Superhot can give you low long game spin and still stop wherever you want it to near those greens. And you just don’t need to doubt its distance-maximizing potential – distance goals are met one round after another because of the optimal-lift, low-drag aerodynamic design.

5. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

  • Speed-enhanced casing layer with power core
  • Reduced cover thickness retains control and spin
  • 3-piece construction best for full shot control
  • Soft urethane cover compatible with fast clubhead speed
  • High compression, so not meant for slow swingers

A better-suited choice for mid to high swing players, Titleist Pro V1 is proud of its 3-piece construction that not just goes LONG and STRAIGHT but goes long and straight with a decent amount of control. Ask any low-handicap golfer, and they’ll tell you just how amazing Pro V1 is when it comes to hitting long with control.

The higher compression rating (90) and 3-piece construction, quite unfortunately, means slow-swing golfers will not be able to benefit here. But then a design like this is proof that even better skilled and/or low-handicap players give importance to distance as much as precision and feel.

Plenty of short game control, which comes from the soft feel of Titleist Pro V1. So these golf balls stop even on your full swing shots and also on short chip shots.

6. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

  • 4-piece golf balls best for advanced players
  • Better short game control and spin with urethane cover
  • UV-resistant coating and highly durable dimple design
  • DO NOT choose if your swing speed is slow
  • Premium quality, hence premium price

Another great choice for intermediate to more seasoned players, Vice Pro Plus certainly gives Titleist Pro V1 a run for its money. First of all, these golf balls are best known for their exceptional distance. Even as an average-swing golfer, you can compress the ball very easily.

The extra casing layer is the very thing that makes this a distance-boosting golf ball. Softer urethane is added for obvious advantages that better players always expect – higher spin on iron shots as well as wedge shots.

And these are 4-piece golf balls for distance. The 4-piece design itself means more layers, which, when compressed, make the ball travel longer distances. And then the high spin on irons goes without saying precisely because of this 4-piece construction.

7. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

  • 2-piece golf balls for slower swing speed
  • Ultra-low compression carries even mis-hits longer
  • HEX Aerodynamics also increase carry distance
  • Trigonometry cover enhances greenside control and spin
  • Not equipped to handle mid-to-high swing speeds

How can I leave out Callaway Supersoft when I’m reviewing golf balls that go the longest! With its ultra-low compression and 2-piece construction, these golf balls maximize distance even and especially when your swing speed is below average. After all, Callaway’s HEX dimple pattern is included, which reduces drag and increases lift to boost carry distance.

Ionomer cover, on top of that, provides very impressive greenside control and feel. So you gain those extra yardages without having to cut the cord with control and feel.

As a slow-speed player, achieving consistency may also be a huge struggle for you. Enter Callaway Supersoft with its ability to generate a straight ball flight the most consistently. And don’t expect anything less admirable from your iron shots and short game as well.

8. MG Senior Golf Balls

  • Hotter clubface feel plus sound
  • Adds extra yards without any sidespin
  • Iron shots and putts feel solid
  • Non-conforming golf balls for distance
  • Not the best green-holding power

So much depends on the golf balls you use as a senior golfer. Wouldn’t you agree? If yes, then how about these MG Senior Golf Balls, which, without the slightest hesitation in my conviction, I believe are the most suitable for golfers over 50 years of age.

You’d be surprised at how far the brand claims their golf balls go, even with irons. You could be 75 years old and still not feel embarrassed to play with younger fellows hitting from longer tees. So, at such times, these golf balls keep your round of golf moving. The extra distance is such a relief indeed.

Expect to drop 3-4 strokes at least from your every game. And yeah, just so you know, these are non-conforming golf balls. They’re only made so that senior golfers who play for the sheer fun and excitement of golf can do so without feeling like something is amiss because of their lack of speed and strength due to old age.

9. Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

  • Super-reactive core for longer distances
  • Surlyn cover, hence so very durable
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern offers control
  • Illegal or non-conforming distance golf balls
  • Do not expect much from greenside feel

We love Bandit, even though these Maximum Distance Golf Balls are illegal or non-conforming, because they just know how to travel great distances. If they could, the golf balls would take a whole round across the globe. Now that was a bit of an exaggeration indeed, but at least now you get the point.

The exclusive dimple pattern and Surlyn cover combine to boost distance. And that’s the best part about them. That they can add extra yards (20 to 25 yards easily)!

The core is high-energy for allowing more energy to transfer to the ball at impact. So it’s time to stop complaining about distance holding you back!

10. Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

  • Soft-feel golf balls for exceptional distance control
  • Fast core launches higher to boost distance
  • Triple Track technology improves alignment
  • Not the softest compared to Chrome Soft

Some golfers prefer Callaway Chrome Soft since those golf balls give you a good amount of control AND feel, along with distance of course. On the other hand, Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls have a slightly firmer feel. Nevertheless, these are still quite popular among those who demand a faster ball speed.

No complaints here regarding the feel of Callaway golf balls off the driver, irons, as well as the putter. In comparison to brands like TaylorMade and even Titleist, ERC Soft is an equally competitive choice. Long off that tee with a solid ball flight!

11. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

  • Brightly colored golf balls best for visibility
  • Power core bores through the wind
  • Ionomer cover reduces unwanted sidespin
  • Stop and Spin greenside control
  • Distinct, more accurate putting line
  • Made for slightly higher-speed golfers

Vivid is what Vivid does – and that is improve visibility. If your golf balls are going to go long, they better be easy to track. And colored golf balls are so much better in that regard.

These are 3-piece golf balls suitable for the average golfer. The mid-compression is also a good choice for mid-level players (although 90 compression is more geared toward a faster swing speed).

But the ionomer cover makes up for that by producing less spin off the tee. Therefore, your chances of hooking or slicing your shots, as a comparatively slower-speed player, are hugely minimized.

But, ultimately, it’s the matte finish and bright vivid color that has increased the sale of Volvik Vivid Golf Balls. And also the fact that their power core delivers explosive distances!

12. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

  • 2-piece golf balls that maximize distance
  • Low driver spin promotes straighter shots
  • Delta Dimple pattern also helps with extra yards
  • Low compression hits higher even on mis-hits
  • They scuff very easily

If there are any two specific Bridgestone models that produce straight distance, they have to be E6 Soft (current pick) and E6 Speed. Both are really good, but then which one is better? The reason I chose to review E6 Soft is that these golf balls are better in terms of feel.

Compared to just about any 2-piece golf balls out there, Bridgestone E6 Soft gives you good distance along with very little sidespin. In fact, these are the best for holding the line even when the wind is not in your favor.

But you shouldn’t be expecting all that much as far as boosting distance is concerned (as they’re not Titleist Pro V1 after all). Nonetheless, for the lower price you pay, which makes them much more affordable than Pro V1, E6 Soft is a steal for high handicappers and slow-swing golfers.

What Do Longest or Distance Golf Balls Have In Common

2-Piece Construction

Nobody can deny that 2-piece golf balls are the most correct choice for when you want to maximize distance. And it’s because the surface is more resilient. See the thing is that the more layers the ball has, the softer it is. And the softer the golf ball, the less distance you get.

Now you understand why distance-boosting golf balls are mostly 2-piece? Meaning just the cover on the outside and the inner core.

Not that 3-piece golf balls are not used for producing longer distances; they’re just not as long as their 2-piece counterparts.

Low Compression

A low compression rating of the core (between 70 and 80) is better suited for slow swing speeds (85 mph or below). Because higher compression (i.e. minimum deformation at impact as opposed to low compression’s maximum deformation effect) requires a faster swing speed to get the golf ball to fly longer and straighter. Ultimately, it’s when you reach the ball’s core that the most amount of distance is generated.

So if you’re a slow-swing player, which is mostly why you’re looking for golf balls that prioritize distance in the first place, go for low compression. This also gets the ball to launch higher the most easily, and that further increases the carry distance.

Dimple Pattern

It’s beneficial as far as increasing distance is concerned for golf balls to have the best dimple pattern. One infused with aerodynamics!

What happens with dimples is that they push the golf ball further and further simply by minimizing drag. And how this drag is minimized – air is allowed to smoothly flow around the surface of the ball.

Dimples also increase launch. When the air moves faster in the top, lower pressure is created. And that elevates lift. And with a higher lift or launch, more distance carry is inevitable.

But as long as you’re choosing brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone, etc., you really don’t have to worry about the dimple pattern or aerodynamics.

Low Long Game Spin

With distance-maximizing golf balls, a low spin off the tee is the most favorable. Because with low spin, the golf ball rolls once it has hit the ground.

Moreover, creating a straighter flight path is also possible through the low spin. The only drawback is that low spin golf balls are not able to produce enough stopping power on your pitch and chip shots.

Soft Feel

It sounds and feels about right when hard-feel golf balls are used by more skilled players. In that case, you can make this type of more-backspin-generating golf ball travel farther. So a harder or firmer feel creates more distance.

But then controlling it isn’t the easiest. Hence, softer-feel golf balls that you can control the most effortlessly if you happen to be lacking in that area.

Urethane Cover

Since urethane covers are firm/hard, they’re the better choice for adding extra yardages. On the other hand, Surlyn has a softer feel that has more to do with workability and feel rather than distance.

To make matters slightly worse, Surlyn cover golf balls just cannot produce the greenside spin you might need. But then Surlyn has better wear resistance.

Due to these very reasons, and never mind the better durability, for the most part, premium or Tour-caliber golf balls are made using urethane. For the simple fact that they give you both distance and the required short game spin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Should Be Using the Longest Golf Balls?

Considering that the longest golf balls are 2-piece golf balls, they have proven to be the best for high handicap and beginner golfers who have a slower swing speed i.e. 85 mph or less.

At the same time, if you’re only just learning to make solid, proper contact, then the low compression (for the most part) of such distance golf balls can really preserve ball speed even on off-center shots, so you can still hit higher.

What Makes Golf Balls Gain Extra Yards?

To be more specific, the answer includes a combination of 2-piece construction and low compression rating. Only when there are fewer layers, mostly just cover and core of the 2-piece design, as well as a lower compression can the golf ball fly further.

Do Hard or Soft Golf Ball Travel Longer?

In the majority of cases, you get a softer feel from low compression golf balls, which are more suitable for generating greater distances. So you see that it’s not only the feel of the ball that counts. On the other hand, a firmer feel with higher compression is better suited for faster-speed Tour players.

Are There Illegal Golf Balls That Go Further?

It’s all about the compression rating when that is ultra-low, the golf ball is sure to travel the longest (and this is a kind of an unfair advantage, hence illegal). With less compression at impact, higher energy transfer takes place. And that compels the ball to find a lot more fairways with low spin.

What is the Longest Illegal Golf Ball?

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls are the best non-conforming options if you want to hit your longest drives. To optimize performance these balls feature a super reactive core that enables maximum energy transfer. Along with aerodynamic-infused dimples, once again, for explosive distance. These also maximize greenside playability by the way.

What Should Senior Golfers Consider When Buying Distance Golf Balls?

Low compression, and nothing else! The majority of low compression golf balls also have a soft core. Therefore, lift and launch are pushed to their limits, which gets your shots generated by a slower swing speed to cover a great deal of extra distance.

And We’re Done!

If you want more of something (in this case, distance), then you have to be willing to steer away from your average equipment. Golf balls for distance are one such kind of niche that gets your ball flight to take on a straighter and longer path, doesn’t matter then if your swing speed is below average.

As long as you’re choosing one of the top brands, you shouldn’t be questioning things like quality, wear resistance, spin, feel, control, and overall efficacy.

Just keep in mind that some of these golf balls will match while some won’t. And this is absolutely normal. You have to be patient and, more importantly, you have to take into account matters like the type of construction, compression rating, cover, etc.

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