Best Golf Drivers for Distance 2023

Who doesn’t want to be a proud owner of one of the best golf drivers for distance! Even Tour players do, let alone average, amateur, or beginner golfers!

On that note, the expression – bombing off the tee right down the middle – is something you may have heard on the golf course. But when are you actually going to use that very expression to describe YOUR golf drives? I think that time has come right about now!

With these top-rated distance-oriented drivers, you can hit farther and farther more and more effortlessly. And not just that, the masterfully-engineered, top-notch quality drivers here also deliver straighter drives. Plus, almost every model is also equipped with huge amounts of forgiveness and a certain level of adjustability to suit YOUR style of play.

Why Is Distance So Crucial? And When to Use A Driver for Distance?

There’s no debating that distance holds a greater position than accuracy in golf. Of course, the latter has a place of its own in the game of golf but the former, PGA Tour standings are proof, is more important indeed as far as reducing your scores is concerned.

Hitting longer tee shots equals a shorter distance to be gained (with approach shots) into those greens, which implies that your next shot (the second one) is bound to be easier in comparison to when you hit shorter drives. But then I’m not downplaying the importance of achieving a straight ball flight as well – you have to drive that ball straight no matter what!

This is where modern, more technologically advanced drivers come in. They boost all things important – forgiveness, ball speed, adjustability, and lots more. These types of golf drivers are crafted for distance while also being suitable for your swing speed and able to generate more consistent, straighter drives.

You use a driver on par-5 and par-4 holes of course. I, along with many other Tour-level players, also prefer to use the driver from the ground for reaching those long par-5 holes with just two shots. Since these shots, in no way, are easy to play, the use of a driver here is not exactly advocated for other golfers.

Choosing the Longest Driver – Factors to Consider As Follows

1. Head Size

The max. legal limit of clubhead size is 460cc. And that’s what you’ll find on drivers built for distance. When the size or volume of head is so big, the degree to which mis-hit forgiveness is imparted also increases by default. This, needless to say, takes the form of a larger sweet spot and higher MOI.

With an enlarged clubhead as such, extra confidence during address becomes a part and parcel of your driving experience. But then, doesn’t the oversized head increase the weight of the club? Speaking of which…

2. Weight

The weight of your golf driver is a highly specialized aspect, which actually differs from one driver to the next. And you choose the most suitable weight based on factors like your swing speed, pattern or path, angle of attack, etc.

Now there are adjustable weights that you can move around in order to customize your golf club more to your skills, preferences, and liking. The goal here is to program the weight to best suit your particular swing and distinctive position. This includes how much weight and where this weight is positioned.

For example, shifting the mass or center of gravity of the clubhead toward the back automatically gives you a higher ball flight. On the other hand, pushing the CG toward the front (i.e. closer to the clubface) produces a lower ball flight.

3. Shaft

Since we’re talking about weight, we might as well also talk about shaft material since it determines how light or heavy your golf club is to swing.

Graphite shafts in drivers are the most common simply because their lightweight, easy-to-swing (thus, slow-swing-speed-friendly) characteristics are ideal for bombing off the tee. Read all about the graphite vs. steel shafts comparison.

Moving on to driver length… based on the standard length of golf clubs, driver shaft length is typically 45 inches for men and 44 inches for women. Going longer will surely boost clubhead speed but at the cost of reducing consistency. As for a properly fitted shaft length, this results in more precision and reliability off that tee.

Now, what about shaft flex? The general norm – the slower the swing speed, the more flexible (whippier) the shaft should be to promote a faster swing speed and longer distances. Hence the following guidelines…

  • Swing speed under 75 mph – Ladies flex shaft (L)
  • Swing speed between 75 mph and 85 mph – Senior flex shaft (A)
  • Swing speed between 85 mph and 95 mph – Regular flex shaft (R)
  • Swing speed between 95 mph and 110 mph – Stiff flex shaft (S)
  • Swing speed above 110 mph – Extra Stiff flex shaft (X)

4. Adjustability

Adjustability takes the form of loft angle and relocating the center of gravity either backward or forward. A change in loft angle affects launch (higher loft angle = higher trajectory) while shifting weight or CG optimizes ball flight (fade-biased or draw-biased).

5. Loft Angle and Launch Angle

Achieving an optimal launch requires you to experiment with different loft angles on the driver. The loft is what determines how your golf ball or shot will launch, which is certainly going to affect both distance and overall performance.

But the general approach is to choose a higher-lofted driver for launching the ball higher more easily in order to increase distance (no wonder the top drivers for beginners and high handicappers and also the best drivers for seniors have a higher loft).

On the contrary, players with a faster swing speed go for less loft since they don’t struggle with launching the ball or driving it further.

6. Custom Fitting

Doesn’t really matter how skilled or experienced you are, your golf driver should FIT. And getting custom-fitted for the right shaft length/flex, loft and lie angle, and even clubhead size really matters when it comes to elongating your driving distance potential.

7. Budget

To be honest, there’s no shortage of high-performance affordable drivers (some of these are actually manufactured by top brands like Callaway, Cobra, Pinemeadow, etc.). So it all depends on how much you’re willing or can afford to spend.

Premium models are obviously built with more advanced features and technologies. And then there are cheaper designs as well that beginner and amateur golfers have no problem using.

The price range, on the whole, is quite vast, which means there’s something (and something reliable no doubt) for everyone.

Best Golf Drivers for Distance

1. Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver – Top Choice

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver
  • Highly forgiving, high-launch driver
  • Adjustable loft angle and center of gravity (OptiFit hosel)
  • Mis-hits are negated, thanks to stabilizing Jailbreak
  • White spot line-ups support/improve alignment
  • Adjusting sliding weight for control requires practice
  • No headcover included despite the high cost

Epic Max by Callaway is one powerful golf club, a beast of a club for sure! It’s not a regular or everyday driver you know, rather Callaway 2021 Epic Max Driver is a modern-day invention set up with the brand’s game-changing Flash Face technology.

This Artificial Intelligence-created technology by the brand optimizes face thickness (within legal limits of course) to increase your distance by at least 10 mph. And this additional ball speed is supported by a more resilient and high-strength clubface – Epic Flash Face.

Then you also get Jailbreak technology that was a part of Callaway’s previous Epic drivers as well. What it does is, simply put, it makes the golf club more suitable for a wide variety of players. Even and especially those tormented by off-center strikes. So you can still get a whole lot of distance, direction, and stability through the A.I.-designed Jailbreak bars.

No doubt, Epic Max is a phenomenal driver with which shaping shots (meaning no more slicing the ball) is as much possible as improving distance drastically.

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver – Best Draw-Biased Driver

  • Draw-biased driver keeps the ball in play
  • Speed-oriented face with mis-hit forgiveness
  • Aerodynamic shaping further boosts distance
  • Feel and sound is a bit lacking

Presenting to you the best distance driver for beginners – TaylorMade M6 D-Type Driver. The draw-biased design, in particular, stands out in that it helps to generate a much straighter ball flight. Thanks to the more upright angle of lie, lighter shaft, and higher loft.

It has also been proven that this draw-biased construction, where the CG is placed closer to the heel, is much preferred by average golfers since it ensures a squared or closed face at impact. So if you’re new to the game of golf, you’ll be relieved to know that TaylorMade M6 works like a distance machine despite your weaknesses.

Its clubface – Speed Injected and beatified with TaylorMade’s grand Twist Face technology – is all about maximizing ball speed, thus distance is maximized too. The mere fact that distance AND forgiveness are a part of this driver is convincing enough, and so is the fact that these components are put into place by a renowned brand like TaylorMade.

3. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver – Most Forgiving Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver
  • Larger impact zone increases ball speed and distance
  • CG location increases MOI to correct distance
  • Bottom-focused weight for more solidly hit drives
  • Super-light hosel promotes easier, higher launch
  • Getting used to CG weight placement takes a while

Launcher Turbo Driver by Cleveland has distance embedded right into the name itself. ‘Launcher’ means nothing but distance technology, and that’s precisely what you get with this golf club that’s also outfitted with a much larger impact surface for greater mis-hit forgiveness.

The driver is lightweight to swing, hence suitable for golfers with a slower swing speed. You can add an extra 30 to 40 yards to your drives just like that, no matter how old or less experienced you are.

The fantastic sound that comes off this club as soon as it hits the golf ball is another very attractive characteristic. Along with the reasonable price, which, to be honest, is hard to beat.

4. PXG 2021 0211 Driver – Best Affordable Driver

PXG 2021 0211 Driver
  • Affordable, adjustable driver with high-speed face
  • Web-like rails in sole enhance the feel and sound
  • Back-weighting maximizes forgiveness
  • Graphite, thus easy-to-swing, lightweight shaft
  • Quality comparable to top, high-end models
  • None so far

You’ll value this one for its comparatively more inexpensive price tag and for its easy feel and ability to help you tee off longer distances. PXG 2021 0211 Driver is among the top distance contenders for one too many reasons.

Despite the budget-friendly cost, innovation doesn’t take a backseat with this driver or brand. The proof of which is the Railed Sole technology. It lowers the center of gravity of the golf club for producing that highly rewarding, solid feel and sound.

On top of that, the clubhead design is impressively versatile (and armed with innovative drag-minimizing turbulators) to generate longer distances. And you might obviously be glad to know that the lightweight hosel feature is adjustable. Meaning you can optimize trajectory based on your ball flight tendencies.

This combination of a cheaper price tag and accurate, easy/high-launch, and long drives is very rare to come by, I’ll admit that!

5. TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver – Best High-End Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver
  • Ball speed and forgiveness maximizing Speed Pocket
  • More weight in clubhead (low, deep) to add distance
  • Aerodynamic Inertia Generator promotes faster swing speed
  • No wrench included
  • Low-lofted with Stiff shaft flex options only

Not really surprising that a premium golf driver like this is manufactured by TaylorMade. Also not surprising is that this is the brand’s second selection I’m reviewing. TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver is so well-known for distance all because of its face construction.

TaylorMade went from using titanium to carbon for its Twist Face design. In this case, 60 carbon fiber layers (60X Carbon Twist Face) translate into marked-up distance irrespective of the playing condition. A larger yet still super-hot clubface!

And ball speed remains high even when off-center contact is made. Moreover, expect robust spin and launch as well, thanks to the clubhead-stabilizing Asymmetric Inertia Generator. You can also fine-tune trajectory (fade or draw) by sliding the 10-gram sole weight.

Everything, in my opinion, seems untarnished except that TaylorMade doesn’t include a wrench for adjustability.

6. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Driver – Best for Slow Swing Speeds

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Driver
  • Longest, faster Cobra driver with Speedback technology
  • Low CG placement for greater clubhead speed
  • Very stiff carbon crown also boosts distance
  • Lightweight, easy-to-swing UST Helium shaft
  • Look/color not the most attractive

If your swing speed is average or even below average, you finally get a driver you can actually HIT. And you can achieve these long distances without hitting far left or far right. Means longer AND straighter drives with Cobra F9 Speedback!

The super-light shaft as well (UST Helium) is another very suitable component for those with a slower swing speed.

Just be patient with the driver when you take it to the range for the first time. Those few shots might be a bit errant but once you take a breather and stop trying to terrorize the golf ball, you’ll see how driving longer yardages becomes easy and straight.

Apart from the improvement in ball speed attained through the redesigned sole and aerodynamic crown, even the feel and sound, in this case, are clearer. And that’s all because of the steady, well-balanced shaft.

7. Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max LS Driver – Best for Mid-Handicap to Low-Handicap Golfers

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max LS Driver
  • Low-spin driver with more workability
  • High-MOI design increases off-center forgiveness
  • A.I.-designed Jailbreak bars boost ball speed
  • Combination of draw bias and high launch
  • Only for fast-swing, confident golfers

Okay now who said that mid and low handicappers in golf don’t need a groundbreaking distance driver! Even more experienced golfers would like to have some assistance at their disposal for adding additional yards to their drives. So for them, this Callaway Rogue ST Max LS Driver (the latest 2022 model) is just perfect.

ST stands for strong trajectory and LS for low spin. This high-MOI golf driver produces just the kind of results a low to mid handicap golfer demands. The ball flight here is more neutral plus you, as a more skilled player, gain greater workability too.

Thanks to Tungsten Speed Cartridge, forgiveness on mis-hits increases. And thanks to Jailbreak Speed Frame, more speed is imparted all across the clubface.

Honestly, if you ask me, this is an extremely playable driver for impressively long distances plus the club has that much-preferred (by mid to low handicappers) compact, classic look and shape behind the golf ball.

8. Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver – Best Distance Driver with Adjustability

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver
  • More compact clubhead for better golfers
  • Front/back weight ports allow to tweak launch and spin
  • More connected feel (through Ridgeback) for greater energy/speed
  • Crown graphics with ‘T’ portion influence swing path
  • Slightly whippy shaft

The compact clubhead (445cc) of Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver combines perfectly with the deep clubface, hence yet another golf driver geared toward better players. But then you don’t need to pay a premium price for this one, which is great news.

This C722 model, just like E722, features Ridgeback technology. It takes the form of a spine that creates more power even in the extreme perimeters of the face to activate and unlock explosive ball speed and distance.

Combine that with the Carbon Wrap (26-percent more carbon fiber) sole plate to hear the most powerful and satisfying impact sound. And of course, excellent hosel adjustability is included, means you can optimize or manipulate spin rate and MOI level.

You’ve Reached the End, Now It’s Time to Decide!

If you’ve decided that your long game could use a good distance-oriented driver, then certain crucial factors ought to be taken into consideration at the time of buying. And lucky for you, I have discussed all of them in this article. So I hope that your search has become more streamlined and your options more narrowed down.

When choosing, you have to ask yourself what your priorities are. Meaning if distance is what matters the most above all else, opt for a low-spin driver. And if forgiveness is key, then a larger clubhead i.e. sweet spot seems more suitable to correct off-center shots.

As for improving accuracy, side with high MOI and maybe also adjustable weights that optimize flight and spin characteristics.

Hence, my aim here was to lay out all important factors and top, available alternatives for paving the way for you to generate longer, straighter drives the most effortlessly!

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