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Jim Furyk will return to his roots, and the site of one of his toughest losses, when the U.S. Open is played next week at Oakmont Country Club. His family is from western Pennsylvania — his grandparents were mill workers — and he lived there briefly as ...

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The Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation

Created to help families and children in need, The Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to making our communities a better place. Based out of Jacksonville, the foundation is involved in many different projects across North Florida. Collaborating with other organizations such as the Wolfson’s Children Hospital, Blessings in a Backpack and Community PedsCare, The Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation helps to provide necessary funding to help our communities become healthier, stronger, and educationally enriched.

The Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation
Jim Furyk

About Jim Furyk

One of the PGA TOUR's most recognizable and talented golfers, Jim Furyk was born on May 12, 1970 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It seems like Furyk was born to play golf; his father Mike as an assistant pro at Edgmont Country club, and young Jim was raised into the game. Jim Furyk's only golf instruction came from his father; and many note that might account for his unusual—yet effective—swing. In addition to Edgmont Country Club, Mike Furyk also served as head pro at Uniontown Country Club.

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Don Cameron_FB

I bought a 30 minute lesson that Jim donated to Junior Achievement (Thank you Tabitha) as a Christmas present for my son Michael. The day before the lesson Jim calls me and expresses concern that 30... - Don Cameron

Johnny Miller_FB

8:00 am Saturday practice. Slide the lines, zig zag, loose ball drill, take the charge, and of course "everybody on the line." All Mowrey specials. I am getting tired just thinking about it. Good... - Johnny Miller

Susan Zeigler_FB

I met you at Bent Creek in Lancaster before you turned pro. My husband, Ziggy, wrote about you for the Lancaster newspaper from the time you were playing high school golf. He was the writer you chose... - Susan Zeigler

Jim Furyk Fan Zone
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