56-Degree Wedge: A Comprehensive Guide (Bounce, Distance, Loft & More)

Are you frustrated with hitting sand shots and chips around the green? If yes, then the golf club you should be looking for and that’s also easier to control and can help you reduce the number of inaccurate, difficult-to-control shots is the 56-degree wedge. Look no further than the 56-degree wedge!

The 56-degree wedge is a very important club in every golfer’s bag, but it often gets overlooked, especially by beginners and amateur players. With its versatile range and ability to add spin, the 56-degree wedge can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to finishing par or bogey on a number of difficult holes

This golfing wonder is a staple of Tour pros and weekend golfers alike. With its higher loft, increased bounce, and capacity to boost accuracy, the 56-degree wedge can be your knight shining armor (for both men and women).

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you exactly how to use a 56-degree wedge effectively so that even novice golfers can gain confidence in their short game. So read on for some expert advice!

What is a 56-Degree Golf Wedge?

56-Degree Wedge

A 56-degree golf wedge, more commonly referred to as a sand wedge, is a specialized golfing tool in many ways. The wedge was first introduced by the legendary Gene Sarazen back in 1930s.

The average weight of this particular golf wedge is two and half pounds. This means you can finally eliminate worries related to deep digs or hard impacts – it’s sure to deal with the tightest shots around greens right off the bat.

What sets apart the 56-degree sand wedge from the others is that, unlike other golf clubs equipped with varied loft angles, it comes fitted with the highest loft angle possible. Thus, making it a reliable companion during all stages of play on the course – from the tee to the greens!

How Much Bounce on a 56 Degree Wedge?

Bounce is an important factor to consider when buying a 56-degree wedge. It’s the angle formed between the leading edge and the turf. It determines how much of the golf club’s sole makes contact with the ground.

A 56-degree wedge typically has a bounce angle between 8 degrees and 14 degrees, which helps you to hit shots around the green more easily.

How Far Should You Hit a 56 Degree Wedge?

A golfer’s skill level affects the distance their 56-degree wedge can cover. For new golfers, this club makes way for shots ranging between 60 yards and 80 yards, while those more experienced may touch a distance of up to 110 yards, or even 120 yards!

Professional players regularly launch them 115–120+ meters with impressive accuracy and power. With enough practice and lessons your performance is most likely to improve and you’ll be able to predict how far each shot will travel when using your reliable 56-degree wedge.

Average Length of 56-Degree Golf Wedges

Many golfers opt to use a 56-degree wedge and that’s plainy because it’s ideal for mid-distance shots with plenty of control. The standard length for this golf club is 35.25 inches (89.54cm). Although women’s wedges are slightly shorter at 34.25 inches (86 cm), just as women’s golf clubs are shorter with more lightweight and flexible shafts than men’s. (Understanding golf club length)

So if you’re looking for additional distance from your swing, choosing a golf wedge made from graphite would be a better option – its extended shaft measures in at 35 .75 inches (90–81cm).

What is 56-Degree Wedge Used For?

The 56-degree wedge can be used to hit sand shots, chips, and pitches around the green. It is also an excellent and very useful golf club for hitting out of deep rough or bunkers, as it has more loft than other wedges.

Unlike irons or hybrid clubs, you don’t need to take a full swing with a 56-degree wedge; instead, you can hit with a half or three-quarter swing to get the ball up in the air and on target.

When To Use a 56 Degree Wedge?

The 56-degree wedge should be used when you need to hit a shot that requires a high trajectory to make the golf ball land softly on the green.

It’s perfect for shots from sand traps, deep rough, or any other tricky lies where you need extra loft and spin to get the ball close to the hole.

  • Sand Trap Exits

The 56-degree wedge comes in handy when golfers want to get out of those troublesome bunkers! With excellent loft, superior bounce, and a design that helps you move through even difficult sand lies with minimal effort, this golf wedge will get you back in your happy spot on the green before you know it.

So the next time bunker trouble strikes, simply grab hold of your 56-degree wedge and be ready to celebrate your victory soon after.

When faced with a lie in the rough, a 56-degree wedge can be used to chip effectively. The 56-degree angle i.e. high loft has the ability, by default, to lift the golf ball up and out of thick grass, hence allowing it to land softly on the green.

To perform this shot correctly, you should use a controlled half swing – pick your target and hit across the golf ball, making sure your clubface is square to the target. This certainly produces the desired result, which takes the form of a shot that lands softly near the pin.

  • Out of the Fairway

The 56-degree wedge is also great for those shots you want to hit right off the fairway. When you’re within 50 to 60 yards from the green, a 56-degree wedge can help get you closer to that green.

You’ll want to aim lower than normal with this particular golf club, grip it lightly, and take a half swing. Just make sure to use your wrists to help give you the extra power needed for this shot. Thus, you’ll be able to achieve that nice little pitch up onto the green and towards the pin!

  • Over A Tree

When faced with an obstacle like a tree or bush, the 56-degree wedge can be used very efficiently. It really knows how to get the ball over and onto the green.

To do this, you want to first hit slightly down on the golf ball – choose your target and take a half swing while keeping your wrists firm. This will give you enough power to add loft and make the ball travel up and over the tree.

  • On the Fringe

The 56-degree wedge can also be used when you’re faced with a shot from the fringe. This is perfect for when you’re just off the green and need to get close enough for a putt.

To make this shot, take a three-quarter swing – grip the wedge lightly and focus on using your wrists to give the ball that extra lift.

Tips for Using a 56 Degree Wedge

Now that you know what a 56-degree wedge is and how to use it, let’s look at a few tips and tricks on how to best use this club.

  • Keep the Loft: When using your 56-degree wedge, make sure to keep the loft of the club. This will help you get maximum lift and spin on the golf ball.
  • Don’t Overswing: Remember to never overswing with your 56-degree wedge. Half and three-quarter swings are all you need for this golf club, so don’t try to hit it like an iron, as that leads to shots that fly too far. Nick Faldo, one of the greatest golfers ever, once said that the secret to hitting a perfect iron shot is to never swing with more than 80% effort. This is because when you swing too hard, you risk losing control of the clubface. As a result, the golf ball may fly off in the wrong direction.
  • Play Your Golf Ball Closer to Your Back Foot: When using a 56-degree wedge, it’s important to make sure that the ball position is closer to your back foot. With that in its proper place, you get to establish a clean contact with the golf ball and ensure maximum loft on your shot.
  • Put More Weight On Your Front Foot: For starters, use your weight to your advantage by keeping the majority of it on your front foot during the golf swing. Only then will you be able to generate a shorter, more compact swing for this type of golf club.

Aim to keep about 60–70% of your weight on your front foot to ensure a successful strike and quality shot each time you pull out that wedge.

Using such a simple tip can improve the control and feel of your shots both near and far.

Which is Better 54 or 56 Degree Wedge?

The 56-degree wedge is the most versatile club in a player’s golf bag because of its high loft and ability to generate backspin on the ball. At 56 degrees, the club has a higher loft than the 54-degree wedge, thus producing shots that are hit higher, shorter, with a softer landing and increased ball spin.

The 56 degree wedge is ideal for shots out of the rough, high approach shots, and shots from the fringe. It can also be used for flop shots or to get over obstacles like trees and bushes.

As for the 54-degree wedge, on the other hand, it’s better suited for more open areas where you don’t need as much height but more control. It is also better for bunker shots since it can dig into the sand more easily.

A 56-degree wedge and a 60-degree wedge are musts in any golfer’s bag! The versatile, lofted 56 can help you hit out of the rough or off the fringe and generate spin for more control. On the other hand, with its higher loft angle, your 60 is great for delicate shots like bunker play or chipping where extra lift on the golf ball comes into play. With both wedges at your disposal, you’ll have all sorts of options to better tackle tricky green conditions – giving yourself an edge over par each time around!

Do I Need A 56 and 60 Degree Wedge?

A 56-degree wedge and 60-degree wedge are must-haves in any golfer’s bag. The versatility of the high loft of 56 degrees can help you hit out of the rough or off the fringe and generate spin for more control.

On the other hand, with an even higher 60-degree loft angle, you can hit delicate shots like bunker or chip shots where additional lift on the golf ball is needed.

With both wedges at your disposal, you’ll have all sorts of options to better tackle tricky green conditions, thus giving yourself an edge over par each time around!

Key Takeaways

  • The 56-degree wedge can be a real game changer for your golf game.
  • With the help of this club, you can get out of the sandpit, chip effectively from the rough and fringe, and hit some beautiful shots with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Just remember to keep the loft, practice your swings, and follow our tips for using 56-degree wedge and you’ll be on your way to conquering the course in no time!
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