Where to Buy and Sell Used Golf Clubs?

It’s more common than you think – wanting to know where to buy and sell used golf clubs. The sport of golf is expensive after all, certainly not for the “common” man or woman. And especially when you’re an avid golfer who likes to play more frequently!

Not just brand new golf clubs but also golf balls, gloves, shoes, and other gear, along with tee times, add up the cost just like that. But you can minimize your spending on golf equipment while also upgrading it simply through the selling of your used or old clubs collecting dust and rust lying somewhere in your basement or garage.

Whether this practice, which does get you more money than you’d expect, is worth your time and effort or not is also something that will be discussed. So let’s begin right away then!

Should You Buy Used or New Golf Clubs?

You want a truthful answer? Well, in that case, there’s no one wrong or right answer to this frequently asked question in golf. The answer actually depends on YOU.

But regardless, allow me to mention that there’s a whole market of new, unused golf clubs that are sold at pretty affordable prices. Now, of course, don’t expect them to be manufactured by top brands in golf, such as TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, etc. But now even these reputable companies are offering some really amazing budget-friendly options. About time!

For example, some of the best budget golf drivers include models by well-known brands like Callaway, Cobra, Pinemeadow, and more. These are cheap, price-wise of course and not in terms of quality, and, at the same time, performance-driven too.

Another great example – inexpensive golf balls (TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, etc. are on the list).

Anyway, coming back to the main point, a complete golf club set that suits your skills, swing speed, playing technique, and other such criteria is the most important thing. What’s also quite common is upgrading your current set or replacing it cause you’ve simply just outgrown the existing golf clubs you own.

Hence, the need to purchase another set of clubs, but at a bargain price without compromising quality.

Advantages of Used Golf Clubs:

  • More affordable price tag, thus best for beginners and occasional golfers.
  • Budget-friendly golf clubs by renowned brands.
  • Less concerned about causing damage to the clubs.
  • A broader range of inexpensive golf clubs that suit YOUR setup.

Disadvantages of Used Golf Clubs:

  • The original lie angle of the golf club might have changed.
  • If the brand is both affordable and non-reputable, it could be a questionable purchase.
  • Higher chances of repairing the shaft or grip of the used club.
  • Secondhand golf clubs may not suit YOUR style or technique of playing.

How to Choose Used Golf Clubs – Rules for Buying Secondhand or Pre-Owned Golf Clubs!

No doubt about this buying process is both time-consuming and difficult. BUT the good news is that it’s not impossible to purchase golf clubs that have already been put to use and are now up for sale.

You do have plenty of options to choose from, so here’s how can sift through them without feeling overwhelmed/confused or ending up with a cheap or worthless golf club.

#1 Buy From A Trusted Source

The website you’re planning on purchasing those secondhand golf clubs from should be an authentic one. The World Wide Web can be a dark place indeed, so buyer beware is a must if you want to steer clear from internet scam deals, and unscrupulous behavior on your part.

So be very, very careful and always listen to your gut instincts at this point. If the deal seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. Take that into consideration.

You can also be more careful by choosing a trusted online shopping site. For example, you know eBay is reliable because of its Money Back guarantee service. This policy will and does protect you in case you happen to conduct a transaction with a bogus seller.

Just like this, make sure the website or dealer is reputable. You can and should also check its track record.

In my opinion, you know you’re playing it the safest if you pick an already trusted and popular site, such as eBay. And when in doubt, a quick, easy Google search provides you with the feedback you need to either go ahead with or stay away from a particular site. Keep in mind that the older the site, the more trustworthy and reliable it is.

#2 Don’t Purchase A Complete Set

Buying a full set of golf clubs? To be honest, why not do some mixing-and-matching type of purchase instead? You never know, this might just save more money!

There’s nothing wrong with buying woods, irons, and even a putter separately at different times. After all, not every golf club you own right now needs to be replaced immediately. So take it slow since this is likely to be a more cost-effective approach.

#3 Sell Your Worn-Out or Used Golf Clubs

Do not think, even for a second, that your used golf equipment, whatever it may be, has no value. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a huge market for secondhand golf gear, especially used golf clubs. So why not sell them if you think you need to upgrade to better ones!

#4 Check the Cost of Shipping

The shipping costs may be too much or not that expensive, it differs from one site to another. But it’s not uncommon for bargains to get costlier after adding the charges of shipping. So don’t forget to factor in this particular cost before you make a final decision.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Used Golf Clubs – Buy and Sell Golf Clubs Online

The process of both selling and buying used golf clubs has definitely become much more straightforward and faster even. Thanks to the internet and the many golfers now choosing to sell online!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female golfer, you can now acquire secondhand clubs and even sell your own used equipment on the following websites…

1. Craigslist

The options presented on this popular American classified advertisement website are, quite ironically, limited. Certainly not for you if you’re looking for any “specific” golf club. On Craigslist, you mostly find older models of clubs, which means older, inexpensive ones.

So is it worth your effort and time? Totally! You might just come across the particular pre-owned version of the golf club you’ve been searching for. Or a decent full set that’s modestly priced!

2. Global Golf

For inexpensive golf clubs, the inventory of Global Golf is pretty impressive. Their huge selection (almost 125k old golf clubs) can be browsed. To top it off, the company also offers a FLAT shipping rate. But the navigation part is a bit unsatisfactory because the design of the site seems slightly clunky.

I would also like to add that it looks like Global Golf gets its clubs from the brands themselves. This means the listing consists of more of the manufacturers’ older models and less of used golf clubs at the best price.

3. 3balls.com

Another source that lists a wide range of golf clubs, as many as around 40,000 for sale. And these options you can navigate very easily.

Furthermore, promotions are always a part of the experience, which means yet another opportunity to save additional bucks.

4. Local Golf Retailers

PGA Tour Superstore and Dicks Sporting Goods – these are two of the best retailers for golf gear where used clubs, which are actually ‘demo’ or test clubs often used by potential buyers at the store, are found in abundance.

So what’s wrong with these “demo” golf clubs? Nothing whatsoever! It’s just that they’ve been used for testing at the retail store.

5. Public Golf Courses

Your local golf course may just have some old golf club sets on sale. The chances of public courses selling these kinds of old or used golf clubs are higher if they do club repairs or have a driving range.

You can simply just Google the nearest public golf courses or “used golf clubs near me.” I highly recommend you call first and speak to the PGA professional available at the time. Ask him/her if secondhand clubs are up for grabs and then decide if you should actually go and get them.

6. eBay

By far, the biggest marketplace for buying and selling not just golf clubs but just about everything! The catch to it? It’s the only one I assure you – that you also have to pay the fees or charges associated with conducting these kinds of transactions on the website, plus the expensive shipping cost.

Now I don’t need to tell you that eBay isn’t a golf-specific company, right? But then their collection of handed-down golf clubs (over 400k) is unbelievable. You’re most likely to find a club or clubs that most accurately fit your game – eBay used golf clubs are like that!

7. Facebook Marketplace

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never bought or sold anything on this social media platform, Facebook Marketplace has some really amazing deals, for golf and non-golf products.

The inventory or selection may be narrow but there is a chance you’ll stumble upon a social media influencer selling his/her spouse’s golf clubs at a very cheap cost.

8. Sideline Swap

Be it baseball, football, hockey, golf, or even snowboarding, all kinds of sports equipment are listed here. Needless to say, comparatively speaking, Sideline Swap is a more recent concept than eBay. But the user and customer experience have been nothing but positive so far.

As for the golf category, you can buy and sell golf clubs, balls, bags, grips, shafts, shoes, headcovers, and more.

9. Play It Again Sports

Even though the local business of this company is nowhere to be found anymore, their online presence still exists. And they’ve got quite a hefty collection of used golf clubs you can purchase without paying a lot for shipping.

10. 2ndswing.com

In comparison to eBay, Global Golf, or even 3balls, the range of golf clubs of 2nd Swing is surely more limited. And I also noticed that their “on-sale” offer, that applies to almost everything, is a bit misleading in terms of value.

Regardless, any site which sells the phenomenal Big Bertha model by Callaway for less than $20 is one that demands attention.

11. GolfWRX Buy and Sell Forum

GolfWRX, no doubt, is the world’s best and largest online community for golfers. And this is where you can also sell and buy your golf gear freely and safely. So if you’re looking for used golf clubs for sale by owner directly, this forum platform seems like the right place for that.

12. NextGenGolf

Another online golf community that makes available plenty of resources for buying and selling secondhand golf clubs. Moreover, it began as a community/platform that handed out golf memberships to students at a very affordable cost.

13. Secondhand Stores/Dealers

These general secondhand sports equipment shops do sell and buy pre-owned golf clubs. Just make sure that the price at which they’re selling is less in comparison to the clubs’ original retail price. Otherwise, you’ll end up overpaying. And remember that the cost of not everything available here can be haggled.

14. Original Brand (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer) Websites

Callaway’s Certified Pre-Owned Golf Clubs – this is the brand itself directly selling used clubs online. You either purchase the golf cub outright or there’s a trade-in kind of offer. And this, more often than not, is a secure purchase because warranties are also provided. After all, a brand like Callaway doesn’t want to tarnish its reputation, even with secondhand clubs.

And of course, the price of the products sold directly on the brand’s website is bound to be relatively higher than private dealers/sellers.

One more thing, only a few top brands put up pre-owned golf clubs for sale like this.

15. Amazon (last but not least for sure!)

Unquestionably, the answer to ‘where is the best place to sell used golf clubs?’ or even buy them is Amazon. Their wide selection, no denying, is such a delight to browse through. And Amazon offers both brand new golf gear as well as used golf equipment. It goes without saying of course that used is more inexpensive than new.

If you check out these packaged golf club sets, you’ll see how most products’ Amazon page offers new plus used options. The same applies when searching for the best ladies golf clubs, golf irons for beginners, or the best golf drivers of all time.

Moving On… Some Important FAQs

Are New or Used Golf Clubs Better?

If we’re talking about value for money, there’s no debating that old or used golf clubs are the better choice. You’re more likely to find that budget-friendly set of clubs in the ‘used’ version rather than new.

The trade-off, however, is losing a little bit of distance and/or producing too much sidespin (part and parcel of using older golf clubs).

How to Find A Good Secondhand Golf Club?

At local pro shops, golf warehouses, secondhand dealers, online resellers, or general online classified websites. Going to an actual physical store is much better for the simple reason that you can inspect/test the condition and quality of the equipment before you buy. Also, golf clubs are thoroughly checked before they’re bought FROM YOU.

Do I Need Used Golf Clubs?

If your budget is constrained, then saving money is a priority. Hence, acquiring the most affordable golf clubs instead of the latest releases becomes more important.

No denying that there are discounts and also highly affordable deals in the case of new clubs, especially if the manufacturer is not as well-known as Callaway. Although now even Callaway has a good selection of, for example, golf drivers where they offer both high-end and affordable choices.

Nonetheless, on the whole, purchasing new golf clubs is more expensive. But then think about the high performance, durability, and overall value brand new clubs have to offer, which, in the long run, seems like a less expensive deal than hand-me-downs.

Do Used Golf Clubs Have Any Value?

If what you mean is are they worth good money, the answer is YES. There’s a huge market for secondhand, pre-owned, or used golf clubs. And you might as well make something by actually selling your old clubs instead of them just rotting in the garage or basement.

However, the condition of your golf clubs will determine how much money you make.

Is There A Market for Used or Old Golf Clubs?

You can get anything between $10 and $20 for really old or vintage golf clubs. These same clubs were sold for around $40-$50 about 10 to 15 years back. Simply because the demand for them then was comparatively higher, particularly with international buyers.

Does Buying New Golf Clubs Really Matter?

If your existing or current golf clubs are battered, meaning they’ve seen better days, and have gone through some serious wear and tear, then purchasing brand new ones only makes sense. The latter is definitely going to upgrade your performance on the golf course.

For example, switching to golf irons for seniors after your swing speed and overall physical strength have decreased due to age is a smart decision to make if you really care about hitting longer, straighter, and more controlled shots more effortlessly.

What’s the Final Take Then?

Once again, there’s nothing wrong if you want to purchase used or secondhand golf clubs. It’s just that when buying such pre-owned clubs, you have to factor in many things. First of all, choose a reliable, trustworthy source and take into account the shipping cost as well.

Make sure you have more than just one option, which enables you to compare the same model on different platforms with different price tags. And beware of scams – when a deal seems too good to be true, then trust those instincts and walk away. There will be plenty of other options to select from.

You also have the option of visiting an actual physical store – a local pro shop or secondhand dealer – where you can test and inspect the used golf clubs before spending any money on them. Or you could just choose reputable online sellers such as eBay, Global Golf, or Amazon.

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