Most Expensive Golf Balls

Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Balls in 2021

You’d be fooling yourself if you actually thought that golf is every man or woman’s game. This particular sport has always appealed more to the wealthy. Because golf, in no way, is a cheap sport or even hobby to get into. Take these most expensive golf balls in the world as a …

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Best Women's Golf Clubs Sets

Best Women’s Golf Clubs That Feel Light & Easy to Swing

If you think all golfers, male and female, pretty much use the same kind of golf clubs, you have been looking at golf equipment all wrong. The best women’s golf clubs are actually designed for a smaller physique and slower swing speed. This makes these clubs shorter, lighter, and also more flexible …

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Petite Women's Golf Clubs

Best Petite Women’s Golf Clubs for Those Below Average Height

You can be a rookie and still be able to tell the difference between a sport like golf and other contact sports such as basketball, football, etc. However, you have to be a certain level of experienced golfer indeed to tell that just because golf involves no contact doesn’t mean it requires …

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Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men That Fit Golfers Over 6-Feet Tall

They say life’s too short, but you’re clearly not! Probably not the funniest joke you may have heard today. Nevertheless, it stands true that you are indeed not an average-height golfer. What does average mean here? For male golfers, the average height is 5’9”. So if you happen to be taller than …

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Best Portable Golf Launch Monitors

Best Portable Golf Launch Monitors for the Money (2021 Reviews)

Launch monitors, and there’s no doubt about it, have truly changed how golfers get custom fitted these days. The onset of this particular technology/gadget has transformed the way players also practice. And when you’re using one of the best portable golf launch monitors, you get access to a sea of information and …

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Best Golf Ball Cleaner and Washers

Best Golf Ball Cleaner and Washer in 2021

Dirt on golf balls often gets dismissed as a part of playing the game. While that may be true, but neglecting to clean mucky golf balls means you’re messing with its performance abilities. And how do you imagine that happens? Well, dirt, mud, etc. stick to the surface, and naturally these unwanted, …

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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners – Great Starter Golf Club Sets!

It’s an important step to choose the best golf clubs for beginners. Because they have to be designed a certain way! Believe me, you’ll have plenty of time for using the latest, most advanced golf gear. And when you do, that is when you have really honed your golfing skills, techniques, and …

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Hybrid Golf Clubs for Seniors

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for Seniors in 2021

It’s only inferential that the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors allow the ball to launcher higher and then to increase its carry distance as well, even when your swing speed is NOT in its prime. Pretty much the same applies to other golf clubs devised for seniors, like these lightweight irons. …

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