Best Kids Complete Golf Sets 2023

Buying the best kids golf clubs is often regarded as a waste of time. Because how likely are you to actually find a complete kiddie set that suits his/her smaller stature? And that also consists of clubs that are more lightweight and flexible to hit, so the little ones don’t feel demotivated or get cranky to play and even pursue golf! Well, you’d be surprised!

Junior golfers certainly deserve more attention and better equipment. No matter the age of the player, he/she should always purchase golf gear based on important factors like skill level. And of course, this goes without saying even more for junior golfers who seem to perform so much better with flexible, light, and properly sized clubs.

And you’re in luck because now there’s a whole range of full sets of golf clubs for juniors or to-be Ben Hogans and Lexi Thompsons!

Best Golf Clubs for Kids & Junior 2023

1. Precise Golf Co. X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids
  • Lightweight-to-swing graphite shafts
  • Woods’ loft maximizes launch, distance, and accuracy
  • Ergonomical, easy-use lift handle on stand bag
  • Mallet-style putter for solid contact
  • Beginner-level set, thus only a few clubs included

This complete set of junior golf clubs, 9-12 years of age is the size, consists of the most commonly used clubs – driver, hybrid, 6-iron and 7-iron (single piece), 9-iron and pitching wedge (single piece), and putter. Along with a stand bag, which is extremely lightweight to carry and it features an adjustable strap system.

The shaft is well-engineered for kiddie play since it’s made using lightweight graphite. And the construction is certainly the most fitting for generating long distances. Just what beginner-stage juniors need to learn golf fundamentals!

Plus, you can get the left-hand or right-hand orientation.

2. Golf Girl Junior Girls Golf Set V3

Golf Girl Junior Girls Golf Set V3 with Pink Clubs and Bag
  • Starter set with forgiving, distance-boosting golf clubs
  • Superb quality of clubs and stand bag
  • Pretty pink color
  • None so far

If you want your granddaughter, daughter, niece, etc. to spend more time playing outdoors, it’s time to get her this Golf Girl set. And, at the same time, if she’s fond of the color pink, then even better!

The whole set, suited for girls between 8 and 12 years of age (even those younger than 8 seem to be using these golf clubs quite comfortably), is perfectly sized for junior superstars. The stand bag that comes with it is also quite nice in terms of quality, plus it’s got the easy, convenient carry sling.

The oversized sweet spot of the driver (longer distance), cavity-back design of the irons (more ‘mis-hit’ forgiveness), and mallet design of the putter (boosts accuracy and consistency) are all beginner-friendly for sure!

3. Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set – Best for Lefties

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set
  • All golf clubs have a speed-boosting graphite shaft
  • Sturdy, strong yet lightweight stand bag
  • Large clubface across the set means solid ball contact
  • Consistent putting, thanks to alignment aid on putter
  • Very small set, just 4 clubs

Junior golf clubs age 4-7 – that would be these confidence-boosting Confidence Junior Golf Clubs. If your 4-year-old or 7-year-old wants to learn to play golf, here’s a set that includes perfectly sized and extremely durable clubs that, to be honest, are not so easy to come about nowadays. Particularly because they’re made for left-hand orientation!

A very simple yet complete set of junior-sized, lightweight graphite-shafted golf clubs. Also, super-light and super-forgiving to swing!

And kudos to the brand for also adding a premium-quality golf bag, which is outfitted with automatic pop-out stand legs and double shoulder straps.

4. Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Set – Best Upgrade Golf Club Set

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy's Golf Set with Bag
  • The best set for kids between 3 and 5 years
  • High loft on driver for longer ball carry
  • Perimeter-weighted irons prevent common mis-hits
  • Flexible, lightweight graphite shafts
  • More forgiving mallet putter
  • Two size options, thus can be tricky to buy

If your kid did well using those real or toy toddler-sized golf clubs, then now is the time to make the switch to Orlimar ATS clubs. Growing into them is not a problem at all. Meaning your junior golfer will be able to manage these golf clubs very well, and this is me trying to tell you that ball contact is definitely going to be solid.

The perfect number of clubs for the beginner level – driver, hybrid, 7-iron, wedge, and putter. Then the graphite shafts on them boost distance potential. Even the golf bag included is solid in terms of weight, carry convenience/comfort, and storage.

5. Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Right Hand Golf Clubs Set with Bag
  • Shafts are ultra-light to swing faster
  • Driver is high-lofted for launching the ball higher
  • Irons are cavity-back, thus max. forgiveness
  • Easy-to-align putter
  • Quality stand bag (dual shoulder straps)

This should probably make it to the top list of one of the best junior golf club sets 9-12 years of age, for boys. Perfect for those who seem to be stuck in the middle of those cheap plastic clubs and the slightly advanced junior-adult combination sets.

With Ram Golf Junior G-Force, your little boy will surely stop missing the ball so often. Actually getting the golf ball airborne is something that’s certainly going to happen more frequently here.

And why not when this terrific starter-level set features lightweight shafts (to increase swing speed), higher lofts (for higher ball flight), and also that much-needed alignment aid or line on the putter (so even kids now can line up their putts straight)!

And you can choose between the 7-9 age or 10-12 age size!

6. MACGREGOR Golf DCT3000 Boys Girls Package Set

MACGREGOR Golf DCT3000 Boys Girls Junior Kids Childrens Golf Club Package Set
  • Complete set with junior flex shafts and stand bag
  • Perfect weight and length for junior golfers
  • Balanced putter – easy targeting, more consistency
  • No complaints

These golf clubs are just like what dad or mom use to play golf! Hear these very words from your kid, boy or girl! And that’s the whole charm of this affordable packaged set – its huge driver clubhead makes sure shots go LONG (once again, just like an adult golfer!).

The well-balanced weight (even of the mallet-style putter) is just perfect for junior players. The lower the age bracket (size), the fewer the golf clubs. For example, the ‘3-5 Years’ set includes a driver, 7-iron, and putter while the ‘6-8 Years’ package consists of additional iron.

Best Intermediate-Level Golf Club Sets

1. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set
  • Light graphite shafts, thus easier to hit
  • Hybrid and fairway wood options off the tee
  • Sand wedge and putter complete the set
  • Too pricey

Expect the same Callaway technologies in their XJ Junior Golf Set – one of the best junior golf clubs!

It’s a 7-piece set – driver, wood, hybrid, 7-iron and 9-iron, sand wedge, and putter – built to maximize important factors like carry distance and accuracy while minimizing slice-encouraging side spin.

The best part is the larger size of the clubheads, along with perimeter weighting. This type of combination is sure to make the clubs bountifully forgiving.

2. Cleveland Golf Junior Set

Cleveland Golf Junior Set
  • Easy-to-hit, confidence-boosting golf clubs
  • Cavity-back design perfect for beginners and intermediates
  • Graphite shafts on all clubs (slow-swing-speed-friendly)
  • Tricky to choose the correct size
  • Stand bag has only a single strap

‘Small’ 3-piece set, ‘Medium’ 6-piece set, and ‘Large’ 7-piece set for 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 age groups respectively. Cleveland here has designed a very smart-looking junior set that is also quite affordable in comparison to Callaway’s price above.

Every wood of Cleveland is super-easy to hit. And every Cleveland golf club, in general, knows how to frame the ball properly at address, which means even junior players can now hit their shots with confidence.

These are the kind of clubs juniors usually grow into!

3. Cobra King Junior Golf Set

Cobra King Junior Golf Set
  • Large clubheads (distance), increased loft angles (launch)
  • Perimeter weighting cures off-center strikes
  • Junior flex in the shafts
  • Premium stand bag with dual strap system
  • Blade putter, mostly used by Tour players
  • Heavier steel shafts, hence not the easiest to swing

This particular junior set, Cobra King, is not for those whose swing speed is below average. Simply because the shaft material here is stainless steel, which requires a faster swing speed. Rest all is a little more beginner-friendly though.

There’s the large driver head (straighter, longer shots), higher loft + lower CG (easier, higher launch), junior flex and grip, and a putter that improves roll and forgiveness (with alignment aid for more centered, straighter putts).

Regardless, in many ways actually, mainly because of the steel shaft and blade-style putter, this complete set is more intermediate than beginner.

4. Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set

Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set
  • Very lightweight golf clubs and bag
  • Graphite shafts, thus easier to swing
  • Accurate length for 5 to 8-year-olds
  • Unbalanced bag, clubs tip over

A good starter set for sure, this Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set you know is the most suitable for slow swing speeds because of the graphite shaft on all the clubs. Even the included bag is so easy and light to carry yet it offers lots of space for adding more golf clubs and/or accessories whenever the need arises.

The length of the clubs is accurate for ages between 5 and 8. Plus, the brand here offers the same set in different colors, in case the little one has a favorite!

5. Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set

Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children
  • Driver and irons are very forgiving (no mis-hits)
  • Perimeter-weighted and high-lofted to improve launch
  • Mallet putter for straighter putts
  • Dual (backpack-style) strap system on stand bag
  • The length might be short for taller golfers

Absolutely the perfect complete set for junior golfers who want to or should be using perfectly-sized, sturdy, and performance-boosting clubs. The whole package looks expensive but is actually quite affordable compared to brands like Callaway.

And you get multiple size options too by the way, which means there’s a set for almost every junior age group. Every golf club is lightweight, no matter which age bracket you select. Thanks to graphite shafts of course!

Plus, the larger sweet spots provide exceptional feel, feedback, and forgiveness. Along with maximizing swing speed and ball speed.

6. Top Flite Junior Boys Complete Golf Club Set

Top Flite Junior Boys Complete Golf Club Set
  • Aerodynamic driver hits the farthest
  • Wide sole on irons increase playability
  • Low CG across all clubs for higher launch
  • Not so commonly spotted

The final selection is this all-rounder set by Top Flite for junior boys. It looks like a more advanced or upgraded version, which sort of justifies the comparatively higher cost.

So who is this golf club set made for? These are junior golf clubs 9-12 years of age.

And what is included in the set? Driver and hybrid (both are equipped with aerodynamic technology for faster speed and longer distance and both have a low CG to optimize launch conditions), perimeter-weighted 7-iron and 9-iron (max. playability), and mallet-style putter (more forgiving than traditional blade).

It’s certainly a great choice for intermediate players in the process of developing better golfing skills.

Best Advanced-Level Golf Club Sets

1. Wilson Teen and Junior Complete Golf Club Set

WILSON Teen and Junior Complete Golf Club Package Sets
  • The top-quality construction of Wilson
  • Low CG increases launch angle and carry distance
  • The stand bag is comfortable to carry
  • A small set indeed, only 4 clubs

There’s left-hand orientation as well if you don’t use right-handed golf clubs. So you see how Wilson, as a top golf brand, makes sure that options are never limited, irrespective of whether you’re a junior or adult golfer.

Moving on, these teen golf clubs – set includes driver, iron, wedge, and putter – are optimally balanced in terms of weight. For instance, in the clubhead of the driver, the majority of the weight is placed lower, which makes it easier, so much easier to get the ball higher into the air to travel farther.

Another great example is the larger impact surface of the one short iron that is a part of this set. What this huge hittable clubface does is boost your performance level as a skilled golfer.

And lastly, just the fact that Wilson has incorporated Super Game Improvement technology means your performance is bound to get enhanced on the golf course.

2. DROC Dimond Series 13 Pieces Golf Clubs Set

DROC - Dimond Series Right Hand 13 Pieces Golf Clubs Set
  • Large 13-piece set tackles full-sized golf course
  • Oversized driver for max. mis-hit forgiveness
  • Woods and hybrid are also very easy to hit
  • All clubs are graphite-shafted for faster swing speed
  • Customer or user feedback is lacking
  • No golf bag included

The previous Wilson set only offers 4 golf clubs. So if that’s something you don’t like because a larger package is more fitting to your more skilled or advanced style of play, then this 13-piece golf club set by DROC is the ultimate option.

Every club is designed keeping the size, skill-set, swing speed, etc. of junior golfers in mind. And you can see that with the high-lofted driver with its oversized, thus very forgiving, clubhead.

Other clubs include 2 fairway woods, 1 hybrid, 6 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter.

3. Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set

Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set
  • All golf clubs feel light and well-made
  • Both hybrids and irons are easy to hit
  • Backpack-style straps on golf bag
  • The length might be too short for some

One can do more than just swing these golf clubs well enough for hitting the ball off that tee! The excellent quality and well-balanced weight of the clubs are, to be honest, not very surprising because the manufacturer is none other than Precise Golf.

The shafts are both graphite and steel, hence you know it’s built for more advanced players, even if they belong to the junior category. Speaking of steel, the irons, even though weighty, aren’t so heavy that an average golfer won’t be able to use them.

As for the putter, it features a modern design with simple alignment markings. And lastly, the golf bag is very lightweight to carry, which is obviously more appropriate and comfortable for the comparatively smaller stature of junior golfers.

How to Select Junior Golf Clubs – Factors That Really Matter!

1. How Many Golf Clubs?

So how many clubs should be included in the set? According to the USGA rules, 14 is the limit of the number of golf clubs one is allowed to carry in the bag. But then juniors don’t need as many, not yet at least. Instead, for them, anywhere between 5 and 10 clubs are more than enough.

To start with, the set must include one driver, one wood, 1-2 irons, and one putter. As the kid becomes more skilled and grows older, more golf clubs can be added (extra wood, extra irons, and probably even a sand wedge). But, in the beginning, always start small and then add to that later.

2. Age / Height of Junior Golfer

Without taking into consideration this particular factor, the selection process will turn out to be very confusing and even annoying. Kiddie-sized golf clubs are available in different age ranges. And this range also includes the height of the junior player.

Brands, more often than not, mention in their description or on their packaging the skill level and height range for every golf club set. So make sure to check that in order to buy the correct club length (depending on the height).

3. Weight of Golf Clubs (graphite shafts are the lightest to swing)

When talking about club weight, it’s the shaft material that comes to mind first. To be more direct, graphite shafts are the best here. A graphite-shafted junior-size golf club is way lighter in comparison to normal clubs. And a lighter weight translates into the golf club being so much easier to swing.

Then as the kid gets older, switching to slightly heavier steel shafts (with less flexible, more stiff shaft flex as well) only makes sense to suit their more developed golfing skills.

4. Length of Golf Clubs

A set of golf clubs suitable for junior golfers within the age range of 5-8 is most unlikely to also fit those younger than 5 or older than 8. In fact, these same clubs may not even fit both the 5-year-old and the 8-year-old.

To tell you for a fact, golf clubs for kids are actually based on height, not so much on the length of the shaft. Although golf club length is a crucial factor when adults are buying their clubs. However, it’s not the same for junior players.

So here’s a ‘junior golfer height to club length’ chart just to give you an idea of the standard-ish lengths of the different types of golf clubs for kids…

2-4 years36 inches – 39 inches23 inches19 inches
3-5 years39 inches – 42 inches26 inches22 inches
4-6 years42 inches – 45 inches28 inches25 inches
5-7 years45 inches – 48 inches30 inches27 inches
6-8 years48 inches – 51 inches32 inches28 inches
6-8 years51 inches – 54 inches34 inches30 inches
8-10 years54 inches – 57 inches36 inches31 inches
9-11 years57 inches – 60 inches38 inches33 inches
10-12 years60 inches – 63 inches40 inches34 inches
11-13 years63 inches – 66 inches42 inches36 inches

5. Golf Bag & Accessories

The golf bag – is it a good, high-quality, durable bag (maybe even waterproof)? How about how lightweight it is to carry? The weight of the golf bag is indeed a deciding factor because you certainly don’t want your kid to be carrying (thus, complaining about) a lot of weight during play.

Speaking of carrying the golf bag, does it come with carry straps, how many? Backpack-style carry is the most convenient and comfortable, no doubt about that.

Moving on to storage, is the golf bag spacious enough (yet compact and lightweight for mini-sized humans) to accommodate their 5-10 clubs along with golf balls, snacks, and other accessories?

And now, speaking of accessories, these could include headcovers (for hybrids, woods, etc.), ball marker, golf hat, towel, and a few more things.

6. Price of Golf Clubs

It’s very common for intermediate-level and beginner-level golf club sets for kids to be the least expensive – priced somewhere between $100 and $150 in most cases. The same applies to regular, budget-friendly drivers designed for grown-ups, mainly for newcomers and learners.

As for the more advanced sets for junior golfers, which are equipped with a greater number of clubs with optimal gapping between them, these cost more (also because of the incorporation of cutting-edge technology).

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Clubs for Kids (FAQs)

What Are the Smallest Golf Clubs for Kids?

These would be the most flexible and lightweight golf clubs that are made for kids within the 3-5 years age range. And a good example of this is the Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Set. Suitable for ages 3 to 5, these golf clubs (a set well put together for a beginner) feature flexible, light, and easy to swing shafts.

What Is the Age Range of Junior Golf Clubs?

Junior-sized golf clubs are divided into three categories – beginner-level (between 4 and 8 years), intermediate-level (between 8 and 12 years), and advanced-level (over 12 years of age).

Now if the kid is bigger or smaller in comparison to his/her normal age, you should probably take into account the club weight. Based on the body size then, you can stay away from golf clubs that are too light or too heavy.

How to Measure Kids for Golf Clubs?

It’s vital even for golf clubs for kids to be properly fitted. This includes getting the right shaft length, weight, grip size, and also shaft flex. And measuring kiddie golfers is as easy as checking their height.

For instance, if the child’s height (measured against the U.S. kids golf fitting chart) is 57 inches, then he/she quite perfectly fits into the 57-inch series of golf club sets offered by the brand.

Fitting clubs like this, meaning by height instead of age, is done because two golfers of the same age are not always of the same height as well.

How to Tell If Junior Golf Clubs Are Properly Fitted?

Now, this one’s very simple – just stand the driver on the floor or ground against the front body of the child. If the golf club end is between his/her chest and belly button, it surely fits.

How Many Golf Clubs to Buy for A Junior Golfer?

Typically, 5-10 golf clubs per set (and yes, this includes a putter too) are enough for a kiddie golfer – a driver, wood or hybrid, 1-2 irons, and putter of course.

But if he/she is older than 8 years, then maybe a few extra irons, one extra wood, and also a sand wedge. And if older than 12, it’s time to add even more irons as well as wedges.

Can You Cut Down or Trim Adult Golf Clubs for Juniors?

Regular-sized clubs are too stiff, too heavy, have the wrong kind of lie and loft angles, and even the shaft length is wrong for kids. And this is definitely the most effective way for ruining the game of golf for them.

Also, if you cut down a golf club, there will be less shaft for counteracting or neutralizing the clubhead weight.

Should I Get A Set or Individual Golf Clubs?

Packaged golf club sets are highly recommended for beginner and amateur golfers, of course I’m talking about grown-ups here. But then the same rule can be applied to kiddie golfers too. And for the same reason – that a set includes every club the player might need to make his/her round of golf easier.

Purchasing individual golf clubs, on the other hand, is not just a more expensive approach but it’s also quite confusing and difficult. Because only more advanced players, kids or adults, know what works for them more specifically (hence, they have certain demands that need to be met).

Are Junior-Sized Golf Clubs Worth Buying Then? – Final Verdict!

Encouraging your kid to play and develop a keen interest in golf means providing him/her with the right set of golf equipment. Especially clubs that are way more lightweight and flexible, thus way more comfortable, convenient, and easier to both swing and carry.

And there are quite a few reliable brands out there manufacturing not just super-light and super-easy to swing golf clubs but also extremely affordable, versatile, and valuable clubs.

The ultimate goal is to get kiddie golfers a complete set that’s going to bring out the best in them for both competitive play and fun, enjoyable rounds of golf.

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