Who Is Collin Morikawa’s Girlfriend?

2021 was the year for American Tour-level golfer Collin Morikawa. He won not just The Open Championship title but also secured the World Golf Championship along with the DP World Tour Championship and Race to Dubai title.

And if you think that was it, you’re highly mistaken. He made news off the golf course as well by proposing to his girlfriend. So who is Collin Morikawa’s girlfriend? Let’s find out all about her and their relationship!

Collin Morikawa And His Girlfriend, Katherine Zhu

Morikawa attended the University of California while Katherine Zhu went to Pepperdine University located in Malibu. Even though they didn’t study at the same university, they met each other during college (to be more precise, in 2017). A very talented golfer herself, Zhu was a part of her uni’s golf team for 4 years.

After his victory at the PGA Championship, Collin Morikawa said the sweetest things about his long-time girlfriend Katherine Zhu. How lucky he is to have her by his side and how it was only after she came into his life that he started winning during his college years.

Morikawa talked about how Zhu, since she too played golf at uni-level, understands the toll the sport can take on you, along with understanding his good days, bad days, etc. He went so far as to admit that a life where you have a loved one to dine with instead of just eating alone in a hotel room is so much better and nicer.

This 25-year-old golfer turned pro in the year 2019. And the couple got engaged only two years after that, i.e. in 2021. “I am very lucky to have her” – this has been repeated time and again by Collin Morikawa.

So Who Is Katherine Zhu?

What do we know about Katherine Zhu, Collin Morikawa’s fiancée?

We know that she comes from Vancouver. We know that Mike Chu, her father, was a very gifted and champion tennis player. We know that she played tennis just like a pro before focusing all her attention on golf.

She actually finished her high school (Zhuji Hailiang Private High School) in China. And then, in order to study at Pepperdine University, moved to North America (where she majored in International Management).

She had strong reasons to choose this school. The first and foremost reason for her was Coach Gibbs. She believed that only a good coach can produce a good player. The second reason, needless to say, was the location of Pepperdine University – Malibu. So that means just the weather one needs to practice and play golf!

And the final reason had to do with the exceptional reputation of the university itself in the departments of athletics and academics.

So it goes without saying that Katherine Zhu was a remarkable golfer. She was a part of her uni’s golf team (collegiate-level golf) for 4 years. Throughout this time, her average golf score was 76.54. And she also won many WGCA-All American honors as well.

And guess who her favorite golfer is? Tiger Woods!

Another very interesting fact about Katherine Zhu is that she knows how to play the flute.

More About Their Life Together!

Playing golf at the college level is something that both Morikawa and Zhu did. And it was this very shared interest in the game of golf that brought them together. They instantly hit it off!

Katherine Zhu loves everything about golf, that’s for sure – from its basic golf setup and golf alignment to the complicated yet foundational golf swing sequence. And the same can be said about PGA Tour winner Collin Morikawa. And they love each other as much as they love the sport!

Zhu is very frequently spotted caddying for Morikawa during his PGA Tour competitions. She says that golf has taught her some of life’s most useful lessons – to stay strong when things get tough and to also respect those around her. Golf has surely created many opportunities for this 26-year-old, which she realizes and says that she’ll even cherish all her life.

The couple, when asked to share a little something about their relationship, admit to having instantly clicked when they first met back in college. Morikawa says that he won his very first college-level tournament the week after he met Zhu for the first time.

And both admit that they have a very competitive relationship where neither one lets the other win on that golf course. Katherine Zhu beats Collin Morikawa most of the time in chipping competitions, which certainly makes the latter a better golfer. So they’re always competing and both love that about each other.

On off-season weeks, Morikawa likes to have Zhu around because then she always brings her wedge with her and they end up doing something fun!

Katherine Zhu On Instagram!

Thousands and thousands of followers on Instagram, Katherine Zhu surely knows how to gain success off the golf course as well. On her Instagram page, she’s always sharing cute, adorable posts about their lovely relationship. Her gorgeous selfies and bikini shots are also a delight to look at.

And when she’s not posting this content and about golf, she’s snapped baking delicious treats, fostering dogs, and more.

Also a part of Katherine Zhu’s Instagram presence are the wonderful pictures she shares when she and Collin Morikawa go on dates. Or when he’s playing tournaments in different cities, when they’re both going on countryside adventures, when they’re spending the day at a sunny beach, etc.

Where Did Collin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu Meet?

The two met during their college years, although Katherine Zhu went to Pepperdine University in Malibu and Collin Morikawa attended the University of California.

Despite studying at separate universities, they happened to cross paths (because of their shared interest in golf) and hit it off instantly!

How Old Is Katherine Zhu?

Katherine Zhu, Collin Morikawa’s fiancée, was born in Vancouver, Canada in January 1996. So as of 2022, she’s 25 years old until her birthday, which is on the 13th of January.

Is Katherine Zhu A Golfer?

She played golf at the collegiate level for 4 years when she attended Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Throughout those university years, her average golf score was 76.54. And Katherine Zhu was also awarded many WGCA-All American honors.

That’s All There Is to Know!

Her boyfriend is the PGA Tour superstar. But Katherine Zhu is an exceptional golfer herself. So what if she’s not PGA-level or LPGA-level!

Zhu was an excellent player back in college (Pepperdine University in Malibu) where she was on the golf team for 4 years. And now she still continues to play golf and even competes with her fiancé Collin Morikawa. Aside from traveling with him to attend all his competitions!

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