Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?

Surely one of the most exceptional and gifted and also the most controversial golfers in the history of this game, Tiger Woods has accomplished more than his share of victories in golf. 82 PGA Tour wins, 41 European Tour wins, 3 PGA Tour of Australasia wins, 21 Amateur wins, and more. This includes a whopping 15 Major titles!

So this American PGA Tour player has only been rising up the ladder in the golfing arena. Although his personal life has certainly not followed the same trajectory. His love life has seen some serious ups and downs during his 6-year-long marriage with Elin Nordegren and even after their divorce in 2010.

So who is Tiger Woods’ girlfriend or wife now? His girlfriend (they’re not married but have been together since 2017) is Erica Herman.

Tiger Woods and His Girlfriend Erica Herman

Born in December 1975 in California, Tiger Woods, who is now 46 years old, is dating Erica Herman – born in February 1984 (37 years old) and a Florida native. They made their first official appearance together in 2017 during the Presidents Cup.

After ending his marriage with Elin Nordegren in 2010, with whom Tiger Woods has two kids, he was linked to Lindsey Vonn and Kristin Smith. As for him and Erica Herman, they started dating in 2017. The “player spouse” credential that she wore around her neck at the 2017 Presidents Cup in New Jersey is what made their brand new relationship at the time official to the media.

But Herman actually first met Woods during her undergrad years at uni. She attended the University of Central Florida (Orlando) where she pursued political science with the intention of becoming a lawyer. And during her college years, when she was also working at Blue Martini, she met Tiger Woods for the first time. But they got close to each other only after her graduation.

Then the PGA Tour champion launched his first very own restaurant (The Woods, in Florida). And Erica Herman took the position of General Manager there.

It was at this restaurant only that both Woods and Herman began dating. And it was here only that they also had to deal with a wrongful death lawsuit that was issued in 2019 against them by the parents of a bartender working at the restaurant.

Apparently, this 24-year-old bartender, after having been over-served booze, got into a fatal car wreck. But the charges were dropped eventually.

Then again in 2021, the couple had to go through yet another terrifying incident where Tiger Woods suffered some serious injuries after his SUV rolled over due to a car crash. So all hasn’t been “rosy” for Woods and Herman ever since they started dating.

Erica Herman Seems to Be A Very Supportive Partner for Woods!

Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend - Erica Herman

Herman has been nothing but a supportive girlfriend from the beginning. After Woods and Herman made their very first public/media appearance, the latter has been spotted at every one of the former’s major competitions and events. This obviously included the Masters in 2019 where Tiger Woods won his 15th Major title.

She was also with him when he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House in 2019. So Herman is surely highly supportive of his career. She travels with him frequently to attend his competitions around the globe.

Erica Herman is also quite close to the two children from his previous marriage with Erin Nordegren.

Charlie Woods and Sam Woods, both kids and Herman, along with Tiger Woods of course, were seen enjoying a quiet meal together back in 2020. This was supposed to be a formal “Champions Dinner” but was canceled due to the cancellation of the 2020 Masters tournament because of COVID-19.

His two children seem not to have a problem with Herman and Woods’ relationship. Even his ex-wife has been reported to get along with his live-in girlfriend Erica Herman. So you can tell that Herman is close to the family and they get along quite well.

Where Is Erica Herman From?

Originally, Erica Herman is from Florida, the Sunshine State, where Tiger Woods started his first restaurant called The Woods.

How Old Is Erica Herman?

As of 2022, Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ current girlfriend, who was born in February 1984, is now 37 years old. So the age difference between Woods and Herman is around 10 years. Tiger Woods was born in December 1975.

How Is Erica’s Relationship with Tiger’s Kids?

The couple keeps their personal lives to themselves, as they should be. Their relationship is a fairly quiet one but it’s quite obvious that Erica Herman is very friendly and close with Sam Woods and Charlie Woods, his two kids from ex-wife Erin Nordegren.

She is very supportive of her partner’s career and family life. Spotted together with the children at tournaments/events and also a part of family dinners – that’s the kind of comfortable relationship that has been established between Herman and the kids. She even gets along with Woods’ former wife.

Are Tiger Woods and Erica Herman Still Together?

Even though the two have seen more than their share of ups and downs ever since they started dating in 2017, Erica Herman and Tiger Woods are still together. And these ups and downs involve dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit issued against them in 2019 and Woods’ car crash in 2021.

Who Is Erica Herman? What Did She Do for A Living?

A former graduate of UCF (University of Central Florida), Herman studied political science and aspired to become a lawyer. She also worked, at the time, at Blue Martini where our PGA champion was a regular customer. But they didn’t get into a relationship back then.

It was in 2017 that Erica Herman and Tiger Woods began dating. The latter opened his very first restaurant called ‘The Woods’ in Florida and hired Herman to be his new establishment’s General Manager. And they soon started dating after that.

Final Note

Tiger Woods, one of the most popular and highest-paid athletes in America, has gone through A LOT in his life, not so much in his professional life as in his personal one. Got divorced in 2010, has two kids with his former wife (Erin Nordegren), and was rumored to have been involved with many affairs during and after his marriage.

Even physical injuries have been a part of his life. But he soon overcame those, and this includes his most recent car crash in 2021. And Erica Herman, his current girlfriend, has stood by him all along. Both have developed a very committed relationship where Herman seems to get along pretty well with his children and even his ex-wife.

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