Charlie Woods Bio – Tiger Wood’s Son Is A Rising Star In the Golfing World

It was the 2021 PNC Tournament that got Tiger Woods’ son Charlie Woods noticed. The father-son duo finished this 36-hole competition 2nd. And during the game, Team Woods attracted nothing but praises. So here’s everything you might want to know about Charlie Woods bio.

This includes when he was born, his professional career, and just how well he follows in the footsteps of his father, the PGA Tour champion Tiger Woods.

About Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods Bio - Age, Birthday, Family, & Net Worth
Image Source: PGA Tour
FULL NAMECharlie Axel Woods
DATE OF BIRTH8 February, 2009
AGE11 years old (in 2020)
FATHER/MOTHERTiger Woods/Elin Nordegren
NET WORTH$800 million (in the current year of 2022)

Tiger Woods’ son with his former wife Elin Nordegren, Charlie Woods was born in 2009 when the couple was still together. Born in America and even brought up there, he’s the younger brother of Sam Woods – their daughter who was born in 2007. Both Sam and Charlie Wood are often spotted golfing with papa Woods.

Childhood & Family

Charlie Woods’ parents, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, ended their marriage in 2010 but both seem to be on good terms since they decided to share joint custody of their kids. Communication between Tiger Woods and his ex-wife, the former admitted in an interview in 2016, is much better now than ever.

Not many know this but Charlie Woods has another sibling. His mother Elin Nordegren gave birth to another boy with Jordan Cameron, a former NFL star.

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Charlie Woods has inherited the Swedish side of his ethnicity from his Swedish mother. While from his father, Tiger Woods, he got that rich blend of African-American, Native American, Chinese, Dutch, and Thai heritage.

His Physical Characteristics – Weight and Height

When he was 11 years old, back in 2020, both his weight and height seemed almost average – 36kgs weight and 4 feet, 7 inches height. He is indeed going to take another decade to grow taller and bigger, just like his dad. Whereas from his mother, he gets his stunning blonde-colored hair and also appearance.

His Education and Professional Career

The offspring of celebrity parents, Charlie Woods has been kept away from the limelight. In that case, where or how is schooling was/is done is not known to the public or media. Whether he’s being home-schooled or attends a renowned educational institution nobody knows.

Just the same way no one had any idea how the parents got divorced. Nor was any information disclosed about how the parental duties were divided and who provided for the to-be golf superstar.

Charlie Woods is the heir indeed to the fortune earned and still being made by his parents, and he surely is going to only increase that number once he starts his professional career as a serious and legendary golfer.

Charlie Woods has proved that sons do take after their fathers. After all, he did win the Grand Slam title not once, not twice, but three times. The youngest junior golfer so far to have won the Grand Slam award and the second for bagging the title three times!

Like his father, even Charlie Woods started golfing at a very young age – only when he was 4 years old.

He participated in the Florida-based Hammock Creek Golf Club’s golfing events for kids. During the Palm City tournament itself, Charlie Woods ended up winning double junior tournaments. At this tournament (under the 11-year-old division for boys), he got the perfect score for a 9-hole game of golf – three-under 33 without three birdies and bogeys.

And it really doesn’t have to be stated that senior Woods had a part to play in this because, of course, Tiger Woods has done his best to uplift his son’s professional career as a golfer.

In fact, both have played several Florida-based tournaments together as well. One such event took place at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club located in Orlando. The father-son duo ended the PNC Championship game with a score of 62 in both rounds, and it was a 36-hole competition. This is what got the son into the limelight as an emerging, national golf personality (just like his father!).

As for Tiger Woods, this PGA Tour champion has been the PGA Player of the Year more than 10 times. At the same time, he’s also won multiple tournaments, championships, awards, etc. for breaking and setting golfing records. The American professional golfer has earned the following accolades…

  • 82 PGA Tour wins
  • 41 European Tour wins
  • 3 Japan Golf Tour wins
  • 2 Asian Tour wins
  • 3 PGA Tour of Australasia wins
  • 21 Amateur wins
  • And 17 other competitive titles

So you see where his son gets all that inspiration and DNA from!

Like Father, Like Son

Tiger Woods himself was a child prodigy, wasn’t he? And his soon has certainly filled in those shoes very well, in his own unique way of course. Charlie Woods began golfing when he was just 4 years old. Although Tiger Woods got into the game at the age of 2 – his father Earl Woods was also quite an athletic personality.

As for Charlie Woods, he competed in his very first professional tournament in Florida. And at this event, he finished the round in the second position with a score of 55 for 9 holes. Aside from that, Charlie Woods has also won 2 PGA Junior Tour titles where his father was his caddie.

Tiger Woods, when interviewed about his son for GolfTV, said that Charlie Woods has shown serious interest in the game and has also started to understand the concept, even the competitive version of it.

About his son’s golf swing, Tiger Woods admits that he wished he were able to rotate his body like his son with the head turned in the right manner and all the positions performed the most seamlessly. However, papa bear says that those glory days seem to have passed for him. But now, because of and through his son, he’s getting to re-live them all over again.

His Social Media Presence

There’s no active social media account of Charlie Woods, but he does occasionally appear on the Instagram account of Tiger Woods (over 2 million followers) where he’s playing golf with his dad and sister.

The PNC Championship of 2020

I mentioned earlier, in passing, about the father-son duo participating in the 2020 PNC Championship and about how they attained a score of 62, which got Charlie Woods into the spotlight for the first time. That’s when he proved that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Held in Orlando, at the very famous Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, the PNC Championship is a very esteemed 36-hole golf competition. A part of which were, as a team, Tiger and Charlie Woods. Both wore matching red shirts!

During the round, Charlie, using just his shots, eagled the 3rd hole. Tees closer to adults – the media coverage reported to have seen him play from those tees. He drove that golf ball into the fairway and then shot 175 yards with his 5-wood onto the green and very close to the hole. Finally, he managed to sink the putt to secure the eagle.

This round played by father and son as a team was a very extraordinary and memorable game. They completed the 36-hole round of golf with a score of 62 and took up the 7th position.

Some Interesting & Lesser Known Facts About Charlie Woods

  • Did you know that his full name is actually Charlie Axel Woods?
  • His grandfather (Thomas Nordegren), on the maternal side, is a very popular radio journalist.
  • While his grandmother (Tiger Woods’ mother), Barbro Holmberg is a politician – a former asylum policy minister and Swedish migration minister.
  • Charlie Woods is a part of a mixed-culture family – the many ethnicities included are Swedish, Chinese, African-American, and more.
  • Born in February (8th of Feb, 2009), Aquarius is Charlie Woods’ zodiac sign.
  • He has naturally blonde hair.
  • Charlie Woods has a step-brother whose name is Arthur Nordegren Cameron. The latter is the son of Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods’ ex-wife) and former NFL star Jordan Cameron.
  • At such a young age, Charlie Woods has become quite popular for professional reasons, apart from being the son of the great golfing personality Tiger Woods.
  • Not to be found on any social media platforms, neither Charlie Woods nor the daughter Sam Woods is active in the digital world. But they often appear in Instagram pictures posted on their dad’s account, which has a following of over 2 million.
  • Charlie Woods won his first PGA Junior Tour golf tournament in 2020.


Does Charlie Woods play golf? Oh yes, he does! Not only plays but this junior golfer is also breaking records and achieving milestones, just like his dad when he was young!

Check out this YouTube video of Charlie Woods swinging a golf club when he was only 4 years old.

Charlie Woods plays like a pro on his own as well as when he teams up with his father – remember the PNC Tournament in 2021?

It’s all over the news that Charlie Woods got into the game at a very young age. In fact, he acquired the second position at the age of 7 when he participated in the U.S. Kids Golf tournament in Florida. With a score of 55 for 9 holes, now that’s quite an accomplishment!

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