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Tom Hoge is one of the most successful golfers in the world, with a net worth of $6 million as of 2022. He first started playing professionally in 2011, when he joined the Canadian Tour Players Cup and eventually made his way over to the Tour from 2012–2014.

Tom then joined PGA Tour in 2015, where he achieved two second place finishes at the BMW Charity Pro-Am (2013) and Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship (2015). He finally achieved his breakthrough victory in February 2022 at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am where he won the final round (68 golf score – 2 strokes over Jordan Spieth).

Tom Hoge has made an incredible climb to success and stands out as an inspiration for young golfers all across the world!

Tom Hoge Biography

Tom Hoge was born on 25th May 1989 in Statesville, North Carolina. He moved with his parents Chuck and Rhonda Hoge and siblings Charlie and Elli to Fargo, North Dakota when he was still a child.

Professional golfing began for him in 2015 when he joined the PGA Tour. Tom Hoge has had some impressive accomplishments in his career so far. His biggest achievement was coming in 3rd place at the tournament individual portion of the 2009 NCAA Golf Championship while playing college golf at Texas Christian University.

Tom Hoge also won the Price Cutter Charity Championship on the Tour in 2016 and has multiple top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour. In addition, he won several North Dakota and Minnesota golf championships during his teenage years.

Tom Hoge – Career

Tom Hoge is an American professional golfer who has achieved great success and recognition in his career. After graduating college in 2011, Tom began playing professionally on the Canadian Tour. His dedication for the game resulted in a win at the 2011 Canadian Tour Players Cup.

Tom then moved on to compete on the Tour from 2012 to 2014, where his biggest achievement was coming second at the BMW Charity Pro (in 2013).

In 2015, Tom made his way onto the PGA Tour and held an admirable lead alongside Tiger Woods at the Wyndham Championship – Tom further secured his PGA spot by acquiring the second position at the Nationwide Children Charity tournament.

After proving himself as a Tour-level player, Tom finally stepped into high gear and grabbed his first 54-hole lead in 2018 at the Sony Open in Hawaii – resulting in a 3rd place finish.

And then finally, after 203 attempts Tom brought his career (and fans) to new heights during a sensational revival at AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am 2022. He won the tournament by two strokes over Jordan Spieth and claimed his first PGA victory.

Tom Hoge – Net Worth

Tom Hoge has a net worth estimated at $6 million, which includes his career earnings as well as money earned through brand deals and sponsors. His current partners include the business advisors Eide Bailley, Car Grill, and the resale company Winmark.

Tom Hoge took up brand partnerships from very early on in his professional career, following in the footsteps of several PGA pros to establish himself as an entity worth partnering with. As a consequence, he still continues to benefit through lucrative deals and sponsorships.

Who Is Tom Hoge’s Wife?

Tom Hoge’s wife, Kelly, is just as passionate about golf as Tom.

Tom and Kelly originally met through the junior and amateur golf tournaments in Minnesota. In 2017, Tom married Kelly in a beautiful ceremony at Marco Island, Florida. After their marriage Tom and Kelly decided to take a golf trip to Pebble Beach in July 2021. Tom admitted it was one of the most memorable vacations they had taken together since they first met.

Before Tom, Kelly played college golf at Montana State and continues to play until today. Tom and Kelly’s love for the sport of golf has turned them into a powerhouse couple on and off the course.

Tom Hoge – Height & Weight

Standing at a towering 6’1” and weighing 175 lbs, it’s no surprise that Tom Hoge became one of PGA Tour’s top golfers. Born on May 25th 1989, this seasoned pro has all the physical traits to succeed in golf – impressive height for added shot variability as well as strength for handling increased swing speeds with dexterity.

With an admirable physique perfectly suited for professional play, there is little doubt about why Tom Hoge enjoys success at every turn. His physical stature and strength, which he has honed remarkably over the years, quite literally helps him stand above others.

How Many Children Does Tom Hoge Have?

Tom Hoge and his wife Kelly have not yet had children. They are both very active in the golfing community and enjoy spending time with their many nieces and nephews. They often take them to events and share photos of them on social media.  But the couple plans to have children of their own in the future.

Tom Hoge – Social Media Accounts

Tom Hoge is an inspirational figure as a professional golfer. He proudly shares his triumphs with over 10 thousand Instagram followers and Twitter fans alike. His posts include updates from recent tournaments that he’s won as well as glimpses into how much love and appreciation he has for his wife – making him someone to learn from both on and off the golf course.

Follow @TomHogeGolf to find out why so many find this golfing and social media star nothing short of inspiring!

Tom Hoge Interesting Facts

1. Tom Hoge is a huge fan of the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs – so much so that he wears TCU colors on the golf course!

2. Despite his success in golfing, Tom still cherishes his accounting major. He believes it helped him develop an analytical approach to his game and stay grounded in difficult times. 

3. Tom is a self-proclaimed foodie, often posting pictures of himself enjoying different local dishes from around the country on his Instagram account. 

4. Tom Hoge’s favorite golf course is Pebble Beach Golf Links. 

5. Tom and his wife Kelly enjoy skiing on their days off. 

6. Tom’s favorite ice cream flavor is salted caramel! 


Tom Hoge is a professional golfer with immense talent, an incredible work ethic, and unwavering passion for the game. Throughout his career, he has managed to establish himself as one of the top golfers in the world while also racking up multiple successful brand deals and sponsorships.

Tom’s success is even more impressive when you factor in his height and weight, giving him a physical edge over others on the turf. He is also an avid social media user – sharing his successes with eager followers. Tom Hoge is definitely one to watch in professional golfing!

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