Former Athlete Kelley Cahill – Who Is Jon Rahm’s Wife?

Now associated with Callaway, Jon Rahm, a PGA Tour player, has been and continues to be a part of the golfing world and news. And, surprisingly enough, so does his wife!

So who is Jon Rahm’s wife? How did they two meet? And what do they have in common?

Here’s everything you might want to know about this popular, rising Spanish golf star and his beautiful, athletic American wife…

27-year old Jon Rahm (born in ‘94) is the first Spanish golfer who emerged as the winner of the U.S. Open in 2021. The very first PGA Tour player from Spain!

Born in Spain but studied in America at the Arizona State University (through a golf scholarship of course), Jon Rahm has bagged 13 professional wins (including European and PGA Tour titles) in his entire career as a professional golfer, which is not surprising (yet it’s impressive indeed) given that at ASU, he won as many as 11 college-level golf tournaments (just behind Phil Mickelson, who won 16 at the same level).

And during his junior years at uni, Rahm took part in the PGA Tour Phoenix Open and secured the fifth position.

Jon Rahm occupied #1 place in the category of World Amateur Golf Ranking. And he did so for 60 whole weeks (a record in itself)! And then later became the #1 player in the Official World Golf Ranking. The win at the U.S. Open in June 2021 was his very first major professional title.

Fun fact – Jon Rahm is an ardent supporter of the Basque-based Athletic Bilbao soccer team. He’s actually a close friend of Aritz Aduriz, the legendary striker of Athletic Bilbao.

Jon Rahm’s Family

Father from Basque and mother from Madrid, Jon Rahm’s parents are obviously Spanish too. But their surname, Rahm, actually comes from Swiss ancestors. They moved to Spain during the early part of the 19th century.

Rahm’s grandfather’s name is Sabin and he used to be a delegate for the Spanish football team Athletic Bilbao. He worked as a delegate until he turned 80! And he only recently died in the year 2018. This is where all the enthusiastic support for Athletic Bilbao comes from!

As a kid, Jon Rahm was very restless (a good reason to join sports!). And of course, he played football as well before he finally turned to golf.

And where does Jon Rahm live now? As of now, he lives in Arizona, Scottsdale, with his wife and son. Speaking of whom…

Enough About Jon Rahm, Time to Talk About His Lovely Wife!

Kelley Cahill, Jon Rahm’s wife, is from Oregon, so she’s American and not Spanish. Her father’s name is Rob and her mother’s name is Nancy. And the parents also live in Arizona, Scottsdale. Kelley Cahill’s brother Marty is also married and has children.

How old is Kelley Cahill? Born in 1994, the same as Jon Rahm! And she too studied at Arizona State University where she took part in plenty of sports competitions herself – javelin throw, track and field, tennis, and boxing.

Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill Are College Sweethearts!

They attended the same university, so their relationship goes way back.

Kelley Cahill competed on the college-level track and field team. She was a javelin thrower and a highly qualified tennis player as well. She played tennis in high school too!

So it’s safe to say that both personalities are quite competitive, even with one another. This one time both played a game of tennis against each other where their fierce performance level and competitiveness got the better of them (Kelley actually got upset, that’s how competitive!). And they haven’t played a single tennis match ever since!

Once Rahm and Cahill graduated from Arizona State University, they moved in with one another and stayed together for 2 years. Soon after, they tied the knot, which happened in the month of December in 2019. And the marriage was held in Spain, Bilbao (close to Jon Rahm’s hometown).

Not many know that Jon Rahm actually designed the wedding ring for Kelley Cahill. He got in touch with his friend’s spouse, a jeweler, to help create the design of the wedding ring of his beautiful wife-to-be – a crown-like design with an engraving, and diamond of course.

He wanted the whole gesture to seem more personal and, at the same time, he knew what Kelley Cahill wanted her wedding ring to look like.

It surely was their dream wedding! Rahm posted on his Instagram feed that his wedding day was the best day of his life because he actually was lucky enough to get married to his college sweetheart (“my better half” he called her) in his hometown.

He was honored to get married to her at the Basilica de Begoña – a place very close to the hearts of the whole Rahm family. Kelley Cahill wore a gorgeous strapless gown and Jon Rahm looked so very handsome in a smart blue-colored suit.

And a year after being married (November 2020), they announced the coming of their first kid. The baby was supposed to be born during the Masters tournament. Jon Rahm even made a joke about people betting on him for the tournament saying that they might actually win as he’s most likely to just leave during his round of golf.

But the baby, a son who they decided to name Kepa, came a week prior to the Masters. A 7.2-pound, healthy junior Rahm! And senior Rahm, after all, did play in the Masters tournament.

No denying that Cahill has supported Rahm’s career from the beginning. She was there at all his DP World and PGA Tours. And she was also present when he won his first major title, the U.S. Open in June 2021.

Kelley Cahill doesn’t like to share much about her personal life on media (she’s active on Twitter only). But Jon Rahm’s presence on Instagram gives his fans regular doses of his important achievements and also a little glimpse into his family life.

Is Jon Rahm’s Wife American?

Kelley Cahill, Jon Rahm’s wife, is American. She’s from Oregon.

How Tall Is Jon Rahm’s Wife?

Kelley Cahill’s height is 5’7” (170 centimeters).

How Did She Meet Jon Rahm?

Both Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill studied at Arizona State University, where they first met and fell in love eventually. So they’ve been with each other since college, college sweethearts indeed.

How Old Is Jon Rahm’s Wife?

Just like Jon Rahm, she was also born in 1994.

What Is Jon Rahm’s Swing Speed?

Jon Rahm’s swing speed with the driver is 118 mph.

Why Is Jon Rahm’s Swing So Short?

Limited stability and mobility in the right ankle caused by his left leg being 1.5 centimeters longer than the right one. This is the primary reason why Rahm has such a short swing (which developed during his early years of golfing). And this very short swing has certainly paved the way for his success as one of the best golfers in the world.

How Does Jon Rahm Hit With So Much Power?

All that immense power in Jon Rahm’s swing comes from a proper golf setup and his upper body. This Spanish-born golfer has hypermobile joints during wrists flexion. And the result of that takes the form of generating a lot of power and creating a shallow ‘downswing’ angle of attack.

And That’s About It!

Getting to know a little off-the-course information about our favorite golfers is always fun. And when the background they come from and the family they currently have are also interesting, fun facts, then why not indulge a bit!

Kelley Cahill, Jon Rahm’s wife, is a very fascinating personality for sure. Studied and even played competitive sports herself at Arizona State University, just like Jon Rahm, she got married to him in 2019 and now they have a baby boy together called Kepa!

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