Best Toddler Golf Clubs 2023

1 in 4 children is the most likely to play the game if even one parent is a golfer. National Golf Foundation did a research and this is what they found out. On the other hand, for a child whose both parents or either one does not play golf, the odds of this child developing an interest in the sport are stacked quite high.

Irrespective of any of those facts, now there are almost a whopping 3 million toddler or junior American golfers in the age group 6-17 years. And around 30-40 percent of these convert into loyal lifelong customers. So why wouldn’t there be the best toddler golf clubs!

Back in the days, when kids wanted to golf, their parents would, here it goes, “cut down” their worn-out or out-of-date golf clubs. Oh, the things we do for love!!! Love of our offspring, not clubs for sure! But why do that when there are enough options for actual junior-sized golf club sets across all age ranges!

So anyway, now there are junior/toddler-specific golf clubs that aren’t stiff or heavy to swing. Just scroll down to get to know these Jr. category clubs!

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set
Best Set for Toddlers, Older kids, AND Teens
Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

3-6 years or 9-12 years or something in between, there’s a set for various age groups, and a complete beginner-friendly set with high-MOI driver, perimeter-weighted irons, forgiving mallet putter, and stand bag.

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Golf Wedge
Individual Clubs for Boys 3-5 Years
Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Golf Wedge

Driver, hybrid, wedge, or putter, buy the individual club of your choice and no matter what you pick, expect high launch, light and flexible shaft, and great value.

ASPIRE Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set
Mini-sized Version for 3-4 Years Old Girls/Boys
ASPIRE Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set

Smaller, lighter golf clubs for boys and girls 3-4 years old, Aspire Junior Plus features Progressive Flex shafts to match the different age groups.

Ray Cook Manta Ray Junior 5-Piece Set
Best Left-Handed Golf Set
Ray Cook Manta Ray Junior 5-Piece Set

A real set of high-quality metal clubs with a driver, wedge, and putter toddlers (3-5 years old) love to use – complete set works for left-hand orientation as well.

iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set
3-8 Years Old
iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set

Adjustable club length, 15 golf balls, and more than just one clubhead – a golf toy set that’s both functional and durable.

Meland Kids Golf Club Set
3-6 Years Old
Meland Kids Golf Club Set

A bright-colored toy set that’s age-appropriate and almost takes no effort to set up – with 4 golf clubs, 8 golf balls, and more.

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set
1-2 Years Old
Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

Toddlers even 2 years old just love pushing/pulling the cart bag around and just like the golf bag, even the 2 clubs and 3 balls are made using heavy-duty and not wimpy plastic.

Toyvelt Kids Golf Club Set
3 Years and Up
Toyvelt Kids Golf Club Set

Very light, very portable, very tiny toy golf clubs and balls that fit perfectly into the cart bag on wheels.

Exercise N Play Kids Golf Clubs Toy Set
3 and 5 Years Old
Exercise N Play Kids Golf Clubs Toy Set

Lightweight metal shafts (easy to swing) and sturdy plastic heads for a low-impact, injury-free golfing session for toddlers.

Blasland Kids Golf Toys Set
2 Years and Up
Blasland Kids Golf Toys Set

Easy-to-assemble golf toy set for toddlers above the age of 4 years – it’s well-made and the 1 club with 2 different clubheads really helps with picking up golf mechanics.

Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set
3-20 Years Old
Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set

Not exactly toy, thanks to aluminum shafts, and not exactly real either, thanks to plastic heads yet very adjustable clubs with ergonomic grip grooves.

Loyo Kids Golf Clubs Set
4-6 Years Old.
Loyo Kids Golf Clubs Set

Mini plastic set with golf ball storage base, feeder, putting cup, etc. – all of which is easy to assemble and kid-friendly.

1. Tour Edge HL-Junior Complete Golf Set

  • Complete golf club set available in different age ranges
  • High-MOI driver for high-flying, long shots
  • Easy-to-hit clubs in general, thanks to perimeter weighting
  • Forgiving mallet putter and stand bag (w/ shoulder straps)
  • Super-lightweight and easy to swing – perfect beginner set
  • Driver head prone to breaking off

This HL-Junior Complete Golf Set (with stand bag included) is available in different age ranges. So there’s 3-6 years, 5-8 years, 7-10 years, 11-14 years, and 9-12 years. What I chose to review is the first option, which means this one’s the most suitable for toddlers between the ages of 3 and 6.

So, as you can imagine, these golf clubs are very lightweight and, as a result, very easy to swing. The high MOI driver is built so those little juniors can launch their shots higher the most easily, which means longer distances off the tee.

Irons are stainless steel with perimeter weighting (accuracy, higher ball flight, and mis-hit forgiveness) and oversized heads (massive hitting area). And then there’s the graphite shaft, once again, for a more lightweight, flexible, and easier time with the clubs for when he/she is taking golf lessons, so this makes the learning process both fun and productive.

Even the mallet-style putter is such a great idea for young golfers since it’s a more forgiving choice than the blade design.

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2. Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs

  • High-launch golf clubs – easy to handle/swing
  • Very flexible, lightweight composite shaft
  • Clubheads are bigger and well-made
  • No shortcomings worth noting

These are the most famous Orlimar ATS Junior Boy’s Golf Clubs (and you can choose which individual club you wish to buy – driver or hybrid or wedge or putter).

To be more specific, and just to be clear, I’m reviewing the wedge, which is also lightweight. All thanks to the flexible composite material shaft (installed on ALL Orlimar ATS Junior clubs). Because of it, launching higher around or toward the green becomes so much easier.

Little boys have no trouble swinging this shaft, or the shaft of the driver, hybrid, or putter. They all mimic the adult version of golf clubs really well, plus there’s the high-quality construction too.

And if you choose the driver, even then its oversized clubhead for more forgiveness and lightweight shaft for an easier swing do not disappoint. And just look at the price for a second. For the price, the value, quality, and ease of use provided by Orlimar with these toddler golf clubs age 3-5 cannot be beaten.

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3. Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set

  • Smaller, lighter golf clubs for toddlers
  • Slightly bigger, heavier golf clubs for older kids and teens
  • Graphite shafts help gain extra speed and distance
  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Stand bag (w/ dual straps) and headcovers included
  • The set doesn’t have a hybrid

This is a full golf club set with a stand bag and headcovers and all!

Obviously, the golf bag is lightweight and so are the clubs with their graphite shafts. The latter for sure helps those as little as 3-4 years old to pick up clubhead speed. So if your toddler wants to have fun and learn a little bit about how to play golf right, Aspire Junior Plus is the way to go.

Every one of these golf clubs for 4 year old here is scaled down in terms of weight and size. And this includes the driver, wood, iron, and putter. Even the stand bag is light to carry with enough dividers and pockets for proper organization. And if he/she outgrows this size, there are several other age ranges too.

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4. Ray Cook Golf Manta Ray 5 Piece Junior Set

  • Top-notch quality of left-hand golf clubs
  • Bit large clubheads, so mis-hits don’t matter
  • Easy-alignment, high-value putter
  • Lightweight, durable stand bag w/ plenty of pockets
  • No complaints as such

This is the left-hand orientation of the 5-piece golf club junior set by Ray Cook Golf (right-hand orientation is available too). They’re the best left handed toddler golf clubs age 3-5 years mainly because of the high-lofted driver, oversized wedge, and easy-alignment putter.

The high loft of the driver results in longer drives, even for those 3-5 years old. As for the oversized wedge, toddlers don’t really need to hit the center of the sweet spot to get their shots to travel like the ones by adults and pros do. Maximum mis-hit forgiveness is a given that means.

And then there’s the putter that’s super easy to align, which means sinking more putts once again like a pro!

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1. iPlay, iLearn Kids Golf Toys Set

  • Lightweight golf club, clubheads, and balls
  • 3 clubheads, so they can learn how to swing each
  • 1 extra base plate included
  • Very high quality and durable
  • Too small, thus only for those below 6-8 years of age

It’s amazing when a baby golf set like this doesn’t need batteries to function. Plus, you get 15 plastic golf balls as well, along with a golf club, 3 clubheads (1 putter, 2 driver heads – right and left), and a ball-to-tee trainer.

Perfect for kids between the ages of 3 and 8 years, this plastic-built kit doesn’t chip or crack prematurely. And the fact that 2 types of driver heads are included means your little one gets to practice different swings.

Overall, these are pretty durable, easy and quick to place together, and come with an adjustable length (perfect for the growth stage). You also get a bag, which is great for storage.

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2. Meland Kids Golf Club Set

  • Bright-colored toy set for girls and boys
  • Equipped with easy-to-drag, flexible wheels
  • Very short length perfect for 2-year-olds
  • Good quality and sturdy construction
  • Club length too short for taller toddlers

This Meland Kids Golf Club Set is designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 years, but even those 2 years old can have fun with it. Rest assured, the 4 golf clubs, 8 golf balls, and 2 bases/holes are right-sized for tiny little hands. Hitting practice shots is easy and fun!

It’s a HUGE success if you ask me for each time your junior version is in the “sports” mood. The durable plastic construction lasts for a very long time and the whole set is quick and easy to assemble. Hours and hours of fun both indoors and outdoors is in the cards with this one!

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3. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

  • Perfect for toddlers who love to play putt-putt golf
  • Pulling the cart around is fun
  • Includes 2 clubs, 3 balls, and an all-surface putting hole
  • Very sturdy and durable even with more frequent use
  • Not the easiest to assemble (screwdriver work required)

Just take a look at the plastic cart bag – it holds the plastic putter, plastic driver, and 3 plastic golf balls. These toy golf clubs can hit just about any ball, even apples and oranges your kid or grandkid is in the mood to smash.

The entire heavy-duty plastic construction holds up really well. And the fact that toddlers can wheel the bag around makes the experience even more fun for them!

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4. Toyvelt Kids Golf Club Set

  • Extra-lightweight, portable clubs, balls, and bag
  • Pulling/pushing the cart bag is easy (w/ adjustable handle)
  • Bright colors attract attention
  • Made of hard, sturdy plastic
  • Clubheads have to be screwed on

The 4 golf clubs are extra-lightweight and made using non-toxic plastic – both of which ensure safety. So toddlers 3 years and above can pass their time and develop an interest in golf without any danger.

The whole kit – 4 clubs, 4 balls, another 6 special balls, and even the practice holes – is bright-colored to grab the attention of kiddos.

The length of the golf sticks seems perfect for even 2-year-olds. You just have to screw on the head onto the shaft and that’s about it. And there are multiple color combinations to try as well.

The bag is also a very colorful, fun, and practical addition. The 3 balls fit into it perfectly and remain safe and secure when the bag is being pushed and pulled around.

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5. EP EXERCISE N PLAY Deluxe Happy Young Golfer Sports Kit

  • Sturdy metal shafts with durable plastic heads
  • Sized for kids, hence easy to swing, grip, hold, etc.
  • Portable, mini golf bag included
  • 2 removable holes with pluggable flags
  • Assembly (with screws and all) is a bit bothersome

First of all, let me just mention loud and clear that these toy golf clubs for toddlers look adorable. Believe me, any to-be golfer between the ages of 3 and 5 years will be happy and excited to receive this complete set as a gift.

Made of very light aluminum, the shafts are just the easiest to swing. As for the bag, it offers enough width to accommodate the clubs, balls, and tees. The perfect and safe scaled-down version of adult, heavy golf clubs!

The kit includes detachable poles made of solid, sturdy metal. And the same can be said about the plastic clubheads – solid and sturdy indeed yet safe and lightweight. No trouble with the size either because it’s appropriately designed for the smaller hands of toddlers.

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6. Loyo Kids Golf Cubs Set

  • Lightweight, portable for putt-putt golf
  • 2 different clubheads – iron and wood
  • Adjustable length and easy to put together
  • Comes with 15 golf balls
  • Cheap plastic connects the head to shaft

Introduce your sports-oriented son or daughter to this easy and quick to join together golf clubs set by Loyo. It’s best for both outdoor and indoor use. But the most enticing part is how perfectly well the ball sets up each time. So if you want to encourage those first few signs of a love interest toward golf, do it the right way with this mini plastic golf toy set.

The adjustability of the club is quite a lifesaver in terms of how you can change the length as your toddler grows. And, no denying, this golf club, even though made of plastic (but the stick or shaft is metal), is quite sturdy. I also liked the open storage bottom for practical purposes of course.

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7. Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set

  • Adjustable driver, iron, and putter w/ balls and tees
  • Heavy-duty plastic (heads), high-quality aluminum (shafts)
  • Twist and lock adjustments make the clubs fit better
  • The travel bag has a shoulder strap and storage pockets
  • Ergonomic hand grooves teach how to grip properly
  • Sub-par quality of golf bag
  • Expect damage with rough use

There’s an adjustable driver, an adjustable putter, and an adjustable iron. And all of them are outfitted with an ergonomic grip that encourages correct hand positioning. So by the time the toddler grows into his/her teens, they will have naturally acquired the talent to grip real golf clubs the right way.

In the meanwhile, why not let them have some fun with a toy set instead of wasting money on a real, expensive set of golf clubs they cannot play. The high-quality aluminum shafts and dense plastic heads are superb because they’re both functional and durable. I mean as long as an older sibling or adult golfer isn’t swinging, durability is quite impressive.

Moreover, shaft adjustability allows the clubs to be useful in terms of a more customized fit. So it’s a pretty great beginner set between TOY and REAL.

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8. Blasland Kids Golf Toys Set

  • Quality plastic, adjustable toy clubs
  • 15 balls and 2 different clubheads included
  • Setting it up and disassembly take hardly any time
  • Metal shafts are more long-lasting, unlike plastic ones
  • Ball-to-tee trainer has to be adjusted after every whack

Toys are supposed to be fun, and this fun includes the ease with which you can assemble the pieces as well. So how about some training golf clubs and balls that are easy and quick to set up and also use? Even a 3-year-old should not have a difficult time golfing!

You get 15 golf balls, which is perfect because that means the ones that somehow get misplaced will not make their absence felt all that much. Plus, these would also make for some great time on that driving range with your kid.

And the 15 balls along with the 1 club, 2 clubheads, 1 ball-to-tee trainer, etc. are all made using durable plastic.

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When’s the Best Age to Start Playing the Game?

We’re living in the 21st century now, which means getting kids to develop an interest in golf from early on is much easier.

And of course, it goes without saying that each child progresses in his/her own manner. Some turn out to have a natural knack toward the sport, much like Tiger Woods. So gripping the golf club, taking a proper stance, and being able to swing better than most at such a young age are traits that can be found and even honed in children.

On the other hand, there are those who take many years for understanding the basics even. And that’s more common among toddlers and junior golfers. So all the more reason to not rush them into anything. Simply allow them to take their own time to grasp the etiquette.

Otherwise, rushing them is only going to be counterproductive, along with inviting unnecessary trouble like getting accidentally smacked with a club or hurting someone else by mistake. Hence, everything in its own place and time.

As for answering the question – what’s the best age to start playing golf – that would be 5-6 years old. It’s only natural for kids at this age to grow fond of social activities like golf with their school friends.

But don’t expect a 5-year old to play 9 holes. It’s just that by the age 5-6, children reach a certain level of maturity where it’s more likely that they will be able to learn with attention spans capable enough to last through an entire session of a golf lesson.

What Age Is the Best for Playing REAL Golf Clubs?

It’s completely okay for toddlers between the ages of 3 and 6 to pick up ‘real’ golf clubs provided they’re well supervised and taught. But in terms of strength, kids at that age are physically capable of launching the ball as well as getting a decent amount of feedback from the clubs.

As long as the golf clubs are junior-specific, so that would mean super-light with a larger hitting surface, oversized head, higher shaft flex, etc., children aged 3-6 can buy their first set of real golf clubs. Just make sure to purchase kiddie gloves too for preventing blisters.

Two Different Types of Golf Clubs Available for Toddlers

Toy Sets

Made using, as you may be able to guess every easily, plastic, these toy or introductory toddler golf club sets are certainly more manageable and safer to use. The only downside, unfortunately, is that they don’t provide the feel and results of the ones I’m going to talk about next.

Real Sets

After all, these are actual golf clubs, just the miniature-sized version of the best golf clubs for grownups. This means lightweight graphite shafts, thin grips, oversized clubheads, etc.

How to Choose These Mini-Sized Golf Clubs for Toddlers

1. Firstly, Just Get the Basics

If the kid’s only 2 years old, then why bother buying anything other than just the essentials! More often than not, toddlers hardly ever use more advanced golf clubs, such as wedges. So no need to waste money on a complete set since most of those clubs in the set are only going to rot in your storeroom or garage.

Just some woods and irons along with a putter are more than enough for navigating through the course and learning the basics of the game (with the different golf clubs of course).

2. Weight

Heavy automatically means more durable but then children cannot swing heavy clubs at all. And it’s really better if they don’t as well.

Something a little less demanding works in their favor instead. Something lightweight that doesn’t require too much power or force to use. This brings lightweight graphite shafts of real golf clubs into the picture. Perfect for toddlers between 3-5 years old!

3. Age Compatibility

A toddler golf set is compatible for those between 3 and 8 years of age, at least in most scenarios. But it’s still advisable to check age compatibility just to be sure. However, there are a few of these sets that are also fit for 2-year-olds (obviously, with extra supervision).

4. Construction Material

If it’s a toy set, the material used should be ABS or plastic. This kind is undoubtedly the most durable of the lot.

As for real golf clubs, these are all metal-made (hence, solid, reliable, long-lasting construction).

5. Height

Your first thought, if you’re not a golfer yourself, is to measure the full height (head to toe) of the toddler when buying clubs. But that’s NOT the right way. The correct approach is measuring from the grip to the ground. Because not every total height means every person, kid or adult, has the same length of legs, right?

6. Grip Size

Even when some adults purchase golf clubs, they seem to have a major problem with the grip size. Because not every golfer finds bigger or oversized grips the best fit for them. And the same can be said for kiddie golf clubs as well.

The grip size perfect for a majority of junior golfers is 1/64 inches smaller in comparison to the standard grips. As for a mid-size grip, it’s 1/16 inches bigger than standard.

7. Portability

It’s simple – does the set come with a carry bag? Well, it really should if these kits have to be carried from one place to another.

Golf clubs are less likely to get misplaced, so much easier for toddlers to move the clubs, and just plain portability – some really convenient advantages that matter when playing golf at whatever age.

FAQs About Kiddie-Sized Golf Clubs

What Golf Clubs Should Toddlers Start With?

You may think cutting down actual, adult-sized golf clubs is good enough. But then you should also know that this grownup version of clubs is not designed to fit the smaller hands and stature of children. Hence, balance goes out the window.

Instead, toddlers need to play age-appropriate, kiddie-sized golf clubs. These, no doubt, are so much easier and more lightweight to swing. Thus, perfect for learning how to build a technique in the formative years of golfing.

Can 2-Year-Olds Play Golf?

You can certainly take your 2-year-old to the golf course to hit some balls with you. Introducing him/her to the sport at such an early age, or any age as a matter of fact, is totally okay and even common these days.

But then don’t expect your child at the age of 2 to learn or even be able to follow formal instructions. Because that usually happens when children develop longer attention spans, which is only possible when they reach 5-6 years of age. So that’s when those golf rules and even risks associated with the game will stick.

Can 3-Year-Olds Play Golf?

At the age of 3, what’s more important is to just let the toddler play golf for fun because, any which way, technical instructions will not get through to him/her. So it’s better for kids between the ages of 3-5 to only spend some quality time on the course hitting golf balls around and riding in carts.

​ Can 4-Year-Olds Play Golf?

4-year-olds can indeed play golf but they’re not as yet physically or mentally equipped to grasp the rules, techniques, and instructions of the game. The goal here instead should be to just build/nurture his/her interest in the sport rather than confuse and discourage them with formal lessons.

Can You Go Golfing With A Toddler?

You surely CAN! But will your toddler be patient enough to complete those 9 or 18 holes of golf? I don’t think so. Kids, any time before they turn 5-6, are not on that readiness level to take on a whole round of golf. But if your kid is, then go right ahead. Just be sure to give them a golf hat and carry some extra water or Gatorade.

Also, does your golf course have any age-related restrictions? Some do for the sake of safety or to keep a check on the tee times of senior golfers. Although there are “family-tee” days, so you can spend a fun day on the turf with your loved ones.

But if this option is not available to you, you can always choose putt-putt golf (fun for kids and, at the same time, you get to practice as well).

What Is the Appropriate Age for the First Set of Golf Clubs?

The first real set of golf clubs for kids is perfect for when the kid turns 3-4 years old. But then you have to make sure supervision is a part of the golfing experience here.

Toddlers, when they turn 3-4 years old, are strong enough to handle mini-sized golf clubs for launching golf balls. Obviously, this miniature version is smaller in size and lighter in weight than regular, adult-sized clubs. Hence, perfectly fitted for their smaller hands, smaller stature, and underdeveloped skills.

What Are the Best Golf Clubs for Older Kids and Teens?

For junior golfers above the age of 12 years, more advanced sets are welcome. These contain a greater number of golf clubs that the 12-13-year-old can grow into, unlike toddler-specific clubs that are lighter and shorter.

Based on how tall he/she is, you can actually purchase a complete set of beginner-friendly golf clubs for older kids and teens. They have 10 or 12 clubs, a golf bag, along with some other accessories such as headcovers.

Wrap-Up Thoughts…

It’s exciting buying golf clubs for your kid, right? And if you are a golfer already, then it’s even more exciting. But then you have to know when and how to go about teaching golf to your cub.

Rest assured, this article has a top selection of both ‘real’ golf clubs and toy sets. The former is designed by well-known golf brands like Orlimar, Aspire, Tour Edge, and Ray Cook.

These brands give you some of the best junior-sized golf clubs made using quality materials that are both lightweight to swing and strong enough to withstand being pounded into the ground without actually breaking.

It’s such a huge opportunity for kids to become a part of the game at such a young age. But what’s even more important is that they’re having a fun time. Never forget that!

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