Best Golf Irons for Beginners 2023 That Are Easy to Hit

Those new to golf naturally need to use equipment that’s better suited for progress, and irons are clearly a part of that. These best golf irons for beginners let you launch your shots higher despite the fact that you, on your own, can’t get the golf ball to become airborne all that quickly. This means beginner-friendly irons produce a longer carry distance as well.

But then what about these golf irons is so great for beginners? It’s the larger clubhead, among many other things which I’m going to talk about in the reviews and guide section. But mostly, the larger size of the irons is what makes them so much more forgiving than the rest.

So you, as a beginner, since you’re highly prone to hitting off-center, can still strike higher, straighter, and longer shots.

1. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Iron Set

  • Extremely forgiving and high-launching irons
  • Cap Back Design improves distance, feel, and sound
  • Sweet spot covers crucial impact points
  • No unwanted vibrations with ECHO Damping System
  • Very strong lofts, hence adjust wedge gaps accordingly

TaylorMade’s very first SIM MAX series (of irons and woods) came out in 2020 and then a year later came SIM 2 MAX. The upgrade, which is indeed the most recent collection of the brand’s irons and woods, consists of improved aesthetics for sure as well as less cavity-back but high forgiveness nonetheless.

There are plenty of things SIM MAX and SIM 2 MAX irons have in common. The most important similarity being the ball flight – it’s neutral. And as far as correcting mis-hits is concerned, beginners don’t have anything to complain about in that area.

The new multi-material design is actually ultra-light polymers and high-grade stainless steel. It’s this very Cap Back Design that helps the most when it comes to maximizing distance and feel. That and the ultra-low center of gravity placement too!

The clubface of SIM 2 MAX is also all-new with its fast, forgiving composition to boost performance. Then there are the common denominators, such as vibration-damping ECHO, speed-advancing Speed Pocket, and sidespin-minimizing Progressive Inverted Cone Technology.

Ball contact on every swing is solid even when you happen to mis-hit low on the clubface. After all, as I said, TaylorMade’s exclusive Speed Pocket technology is incorporated just for that. How it does this – face flexibility is maximized, so forgiveness and ball speed increase automatically.

2. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set

  • Game improvement irons for longer shots
  • Very forgiving hybrid technology infused into every club
  • Turbocharged clubface increases ball speed
  • Hollow construction feels less punishing on mis-hits
  • Getting the ball airborne is easy with HiBore Crown
  • Chunky appearance is not to everyone’s liking

There’s just something so special and unique about each clubhead of Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set that beginners have no option but to stop and take notice. Firstly, each head consists of high-strength steel, turbocharged clubface. And this face is deliberately made hotter and thinner just to increase ball speed and, ultimately, distance.

And the other thing is that there’s an improved HiBore Crown with low and deep weighting. Such is a highly forgiving structure that makes it so much easier for you to hit the golf ball high enough to be subjected to longer carry.

Cleveland has also placed progressive shaping into the mix. This means no hard time when it comes to transitioning from one iron to the next. So you can smoothly progress to the short irons from the hybrid-type long irons.

Slow swingers especially are going to love these Cleveland golf irons because of how easy they are to hit, how wonderfully they improve consistency, and how effortless it is to achieve a higher ball flight with them.

3. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

  • A.I. technology used for taking ball speed higher
  • More offset in the irons makes them more forgiving
  • Tungsten weighting and deeper CG help swing faster
  • Tiny, vibration-absorbing urethane microspheres enhance feel
  • Highly scuff-resistant, hence look brand new for very long
  • Not the most workable golf irons by Callaway

Just like the others, you can choose the lightweight, easy-to-swing graphite shaft with a Regular flex (other shaft materials and flex options are available too) for matching up these Big Bertha B21 Irons by Callaway with your slower swing speed.

But what really stands out here is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, Callaway has designed these beginner-friendly golf irons with Artificial Intelligence. But to achieve what exactly? The Flash Face Cup is designed with the help of A.I. to increase ball speed. And this type of ‘face architecture’ is indeed unique in every loft.

Ball flight becomes strong with Flash Face while extra forgiveness on off-center shots is made possible through tungsten weighting. The latter is actually a result of the re-positioning of the club weight (center of gravity), so you feel more clubhead weight during your swing. And that is something that assuredly works in the favor of beginner golfers.

Then you have the confidence-inspiring thick topline, wide sole, and generous offset. Callaway has not held back at all even in terms of providing a soft, buttery-smooth feel. The urethane microspheres of Big Bertha B21 absorb those unwanted, harsh vibrations that often ruin the soft feel of golf clubs. And this is done without affecting speed!

4. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

  • Very lightweight, high-launching irons inject speed
  • Hybrid-like, hollow construction makes them more forgiving
  • Perimeter weighting cures mis-hits and gets the ball higher
  • High-impact, thin clubface also enhances forgiveness
  • Progressive shaping, hence short irons are easier to control
  • Too lightweight for some

Except for the Turbocharged Face of Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, this Launcher HB model by the same brand is pretty much the same. Once again, what’s missing is the Turbocharged clubface (for more ball speed and distance) but the face is still made of high-strength steel, which also focuses mainly on producing explosive distance.

Beginners often struggle with not just distance but height as well. Keeping that in mind, Cleveland has constructed their every Launcher HB iron (including the Turbocharged ones) to help improve your game. For example, the high-precision graphite shaft allows you to swing easily, which means the irons are the easiest to hit and control.

The hollow construction of the clubhead moves the weight of the club deeper (along the perimeter). For this reason, launching your iron shots higher also becomes easier.

And don’t even bother about mis-hits because the high MOI of this one delivers better ball speed as well as distance more consistently. So beginners can indeed count on the forgiveness of Cleveland Launcher HB.

Just the fact that the clubface flexes to a higher degree during impact is enough for beginners to have faith in Cleveland as that very thing transfers more energy from it to the golf ball for a longer carry distance. No doubt, you’re dealing with one of the most forgiving irons designed by Cleveland for beginners.

5. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Pro Iron Set

  • CORTECH clubface is very forgiving of mis-hits
  • Higher face flex at impact boosts ball speed
  • Extra sound ribs for a more solid feedback
  • Extreme perimeter weighting means easiest to hit
  • Only that the whole series is for better golfers

Surely these are really very good-looking golf irons that give their counterparts designed by top brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cleveland a run for their money. But then there is one letdown that no one can downplay, and that is the fact that Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal irons, in general, are better suited for low handicappers and more experienced players.

So then why did I decide to review JPX921 Hot Metal Pro in this article for beginners and high handicappers? Because of the seamless, thinned cup face. The clubface consists of thinned areas that revolve 360 degrees along the perimeter just so that all your off-center hits travel with max. ball speed.

Now pair that up with toe-biased perimeter weighting and you get more stability on your mis-hits. Even feedback and feel are a part of the whole beginner-friendly fun. All thanks to the brand’s designated Harmonic Impact Technology in the form of fine-tuned clubhead geometry.

Take just about any JPX921 Hot Metal Iron and you’ll benefit from its fastest ball speed with a straight flight path and easy-to-control landing angle.

6. Wilson Staff Launch Pad Golf Iron Set

  • Long irons with wide soles prevent chunking shots
  • Short irons have a more game improvement width
  • Hollow construction makes all clubs more forgiving
  • Overall lightweight to increase clubhead speed
  • None worth mentioning here

No golfer can use Wilson Staff Launch Pad and then not talk about its wide and progressive sole at the first chance they get, much like me. With a sole as well-engineered and even prominent as this, digging into the turf becomes less and less possible.

And this wider, hence more forgiving sole is what the longer irons are designed with while the shorter ones of the set have a more conventional sole width for a more traditional game improvement performance. So there’s no undermining that the longer irons are specifically crafted for solid ball strikes and increased distances more consistently.

But don’t expect your poor swing mechanics to sort themselves out automatically with Launch Pad. That’s just not possible with this or any other beginner-friendly golf iron. Rather what really happens is that the chances of your weaknesses affecting ball flight, distance, etc. get minimized. And this is why these irons are worth your money!

How to Choose The Best Irons for Beginners

1. Shaft Material – Graphite

Why is graphite the most suitable shaft material option for golfers who are new and have a high handicap? It’s because graphite is lightweight, so you don’t need to exert a lot of force/speed to swing the club. Plus, graphite also flexes more, which is perfect for that extra whip along with better responsiveness.

On the other hand, you have steel that is mostly chosen by pro-level players. You should select steel shafts only when your swing speed is fast enough to handle its stiffer, heavier design.

2. Shaft Flex – Regular or Senior (Depends on your swing speed)

  • Swing speed between 85 mph and 95 mph = Regular-flex shaft (R)
  • Otherwise, if it’s below 75 mph, then you get Ladies flex (L) while above 95 mph means your swing speed is fast enough to pair up with Stiff (S flex) or Extra Stiff (X flex).

In case you didn’t know, shaft flex is how much the shaft twists during your swing. For slow swingers, it’s best to go with a more flexible shaft. It gets the golf ball to launch higher more easily, even with your average or under-average swing speed.

3. Construction – Cast Irons

So there’s steel, which is the most commonly used. Then there’s carbon fiber that’s the next best alternative. And finally titanium, but this one’s too lightweight to be used for irons.

Moving on, in terms of construction, there’s cast and forged. The former is better for beginners in that it’s more affordable. Cast irons are made using liquid metal that is poured in order to get molded. Surprisingly, the feel of these types of golf irons can be compared to that of their forged sibling.

Speaking of forged, the construction consists of solid metal, so no melting and molding. These irons are shaped when extremely hot, which makes them softer and smoother. The whole process is quite meticulous. And that’s why forged irons have a more expensive price tag.

4. Style – Cavity-Back Irons

Which type of golf irons is the most forgiving on off-center shots that mostly all beginners just cannot steer away from? That would be cavity-back irons.

So there’s a clubhead and behind that clubhead is a cavity. When this is what it looks like, equal weight is distributed along the perimeter or outside of the club. So maximum energy is not lost in case you don’t hit the sweet spot, which is bound to happen if you’re new to the sport.

Just for the sake of it let me still talk about muscle-back irons, or blades as they’re popularly known. Blade irons are minimal and sleek and their only motive is to place the majority of the mass behind the golf ball at impact; it’s the inverse effect of cavity-back.

With muscle-backs, shaping your shots (but only if your swing speed is faster) is smooth like butter. That’s why Tour golfers go for blades and beginners for cavity-back irons.

5. Clubhead Size – Large

What shouldn’t go unnoticed is the size of the clubhead. Golf clubs for beginners, in general, be it irons or drivers, are built with a larger-sized head. This is really helpful as it literally gives you more room (so the sweet spot is more spread out, which means less chances of missing the center) as well as inspires more confidence.

6. Center of Gravity (CG) Placement – Low

A huge chunk of forgiveness in a beginner-suited iron comes from its CG positioning. How the center of gravity or weight of the golf club is placed and balanced makes a major impact on how forgiving that club is.

On that note, make sure the CG is low (toward the clubhead bottom) and not high (toward the clubhead top). Because with low CG, launching the ball higher becomes easier.

7. Hybrids – Good or Bad?

Including hybrids actually depends on whether or not you struggle with long irons. Naturally, as a beginner this struggle is unavoidable. So in that case, hybrids as long-iron alternatives are a must because they are so much easier to hit and they boost confidence when it comes to iron play.

8. Custom Fit – Yes or No?

As long as you’re buying a standard golf club set that works for beginners, you don’t really need to bother yourself with custom fitting. Not unless you’re taller than 6’2” or shorter than 5’6”.

With custom fitting, your accurate measurements are taken based on your height (length from the wrist when gripping the club to the floor). But if your height is within those numbers mentioned above, then don’t waste money on getting custom-fitted as it does cost quite a lot.

9. Price – Depends On How Often You Golf

Are you planning on playing golf a few times a week or just occasionally? If it’s the latter, no sense in purchasing an expensive set of golf irons of course. But if you’re going to head to the course more frequently than that, then maybe consider buying something that costs more than $500-$600.

But it’s simply preposterous to spend over $1,000 if these golf clubs are just going to sit in your garage for months without being used.

Golf Irons for Beginners – FAQs

What Is the Most Important Thing In Golf Irons for Beginners?

As a beginner, what you’re supposed to be looking for in a set of irons is forgiveness. Hitting off that fairway is no easy task for ANY beginner to achieve. But then it becomes much, much easier if the golf clubs are extremely forgiving at this point.

With irons like these, getting the golf ball airborne while also keeping from slicing your shot is not such a harrowing goal to accomplish anymore. Beginner-friendly irons, with their extreme forgiveness, should be able to excuse or let pass even slight mis-hits in order to boost both distance and accuracy.

So look for a larger-sized clubhead and low center of gravity placement, to be more precise.

What Should I Look for In Golf Irons for High Handicappers?

High handicappers, more often than not, do really well with super game improvement irons or game improvement irons (much like beginners). But then a high-handicap golfer also prioritizes more feel and feedback, apart from more distance of course. At the same time, the irons should be highly forgiving too.

So your safest bet here would be choosing golf irons that feature a more conventional clubhead size but with game improvement advantages in the form of modern technologies.

Which Golf Iron Is the Easiest to Hit?

I don’t think there’s any other iron like the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo when it comes to easy play. These irons have a fully hollowed construction, hybrid-like progressive shaping, and HiBore Crown that all combine to give you the ultimate forgiveness you, as a beginner, deserve to build more confidence.

And of course, this sort of ergonomic design also makes the irons easier and more effortless to hold and hit, be it for approaching your shots or landing them near the green.

How Many Irons Are Included In A Set?

A traditional or standard golf iron set consists of 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, and pitching wedge. But then beginners don’t really need these long irons since they’re so challenging to hit. Instead, you should go for hybrids in place of long irons, which means your set then includes only 3-iron to 6-iron.

The End

Now I’m not saying that you’ve become a pro at selecting the most suitable golf irons for your beginner-level game. But I can say for certain that you are a huge step closer to knowing what actually works in your favor for your iron shots.

The golf industry has boomed so much over the recent years that confusion is almost unavoidable when trying to buy the right equipment. And what makes matters even more difficult is your “beginner” knowledge (which just means lack of expertise).

But then the only thing to keep in mind is that you use the most forgiving golf clubs, even irons. Their shaft material/flex, clubhead size, center of gravity placement, construction, and all other such crucial aspects should match up with your slow swing speed. Only then can you get a higher ball flight and, ultimately, a longer carry distance. With more accuracy and consistency!

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