Who Is Phil Mickelson’s Wife?

It’s only common for golf enthusiasts and fans to know more about the off-the-course life of their favorite players. And Phil Mickelson is definitely among the most celebrated golfers of all time. Even though he’s 51 years old now (born in 1970), we still want to watch him unfold his “magic” on that turf. He has been one of the best for over 30 years!

So who is Phil Mickelson’s wife? His other half has always been a constant presence throughout his professional career. How about then we too get to know a little bit about her!

About Phil Mickelson’s Wife, Amy!

Amy McBride was her name before she became Amy Mickelson. She was born two years after Phil Mickelson i.e. in 1972. And she went to Arizona State University. It was during her time there in 1992 that she met Mickelson for the first time.

Amy didn’t know at the time that Phil Mickelson was such a distinguished professional golfer. When he told her he was, minus the ‘distinguished’ part of course, she thought he worked at some golf course showroom or shop.

The very first date between Phil and Amy Mickelson took place on a tennis court, can you believe it? Around this time, Phil was actually a senior while Amy was a junior. She was also a cheerleader for NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Sadly, Amy Mickelson, in the year 2009, got diagnosed with breast cancer. This was the year when Phil Mickelson didn’t participate in the PGA Tour competition. Needless to say, he spent that time caring for her.

And then returned a year later in 2010. And it was in 2010 only that Phil Mickelson won the Green Jacket (for the third time) at the Masters tournament.

Amy Mickelson struggled with breast cancer for 11 months. At the end of which, she recovered completely and was back in good health. And that’s when she decided to do fund-raising for breast cancer research.

About Phil and Amy Mickelson – Their Relationship

They met way back in 1992 when both were studying at Arizona State University. Phil being a senior while Amy was a junior (who was also a part of the cheerleading squad of NBA’s Phoenix Suns). And she mistook his ‘professional golfer’ job designation as someone who just worked in a store at a golf course.

The couple tied the knot 4 years after they first met. So that means they became Phil and Amy Mickelson in 1996. And now they have 3 beautiful children together. The first one is Amanda (1999), then Sophie (2001), and the last one is Evan (2003).

Unfortunately, Amy Mickelson has had to go through some tough times because of her 11-month battle with breast cancer back in 2009. But she was soon back at the golf course by her husband’s side for the Masters competition in 2010.

Also, did you know that the pair established Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation in 2004? The goal here was to provide support to families and young individuals through a broad range of initiatives. The organization also helped in raising money for multiple military charities.

And soon, in 2019, The American Express PGA Tour game had The Mickelson Foundation listed as its host organization. Meaning Phil Mickelson now was on the same platform as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods to be the only PGA Tour golfers to host a professional, official event.

The very first tournament itself of The Mickelson Foundation raised $1 million, which went to the Coachella Valley charities.

About Amy Mickelson’s Cancer Battle

A proud member of Florida-based World Golf Hall of Fame, Phil Mickelson, who has won 45 PGA Tour titles (including 6 Major championships), got hitched to Amy McBride back in 1996. They have 3 kids together – Amanda, Sophia, and Evan. And together, they also started Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation as a way to support family and youth initiatives.

The couple realized how fortunate they were to have been brought up in loving, strong families. So they felt the need to give back and help others restore and strengthen their own families.

In 2009, Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought it for almost a year (with surgery and also chemotherapy) and came out the other side a winner in good health and cancer-free. And this pushed her to raise cancer awareness as well as money for breast cancer research, which she did through the PGA Tour.

Phil says that his wife has been nothing but a very loving and supportive partner to him. Mickelson decided to lay off the PGA Tour the year Amy was diagnosed with and battling cancer. Since the disease was detected early on, it was relatively easier to cure the condition and revert back to good health.

During this hard time, Phil Mickelson told ESPN that Amy always prioritized him and their family. And that now it was time for her health to take center-stage, so they can face and overcome the challenge together.

How Old Is Phil Mickelson?

Born in 1970, Phil Mickelson is now 51 years old. He turned pro in 1992 and since then, he surely has been America’s greatest golfer.

Mickelson held the #2 position in the Official World Golf Ranking many times. And even at 50, he managed to bag yet another PGA championship (setting a record of being the oldest player of the lot to secure a Major title).

How Old Is Phil Mickelson’s Wife?

Amy McBride (her original name), Phil Mickelson’s wife, was born in 1972.

The pair met in 1992 when both attended Arizona State University. And four years later, in 1996, they decided to get married.

How Many Kids Does Phil Mickelson Have?

Phil and Amy Mickelson have 3 children together. Amanda was born in 1999 (when Phil secured the second position at that year’s U.S. Open). Sophia came in 2001. And the last kid Evan was born in 2003.

What Happened to Phil Mickelson’s Wife?

Amy Mickelson had to fight her way out of a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. This 11-month fight against cancer involved undergoing surgery as well as chemotherapy. And during these 11 months, Phil Mickelson was by her side (for which he didn’t participate in the PGA Tour).

But both husband and wife soon returned to the golf course in 2010. The former won the Green Jacket, his third, at the Masters while the latter watched on, cheered, and celebrated.

Some Final Thoughts…

Phil Mickelson says his wife is the most dynamic, intelligent, and charismatic person he’s ever met. He admits that her support and energy mean the world to him. Just having her on the golf course watching him perform his best is one of the most memorable and cherished experiences of his life.

Phil and Amy Mickelson got married in 1996 and are still happily together with their 3 wonderful children – Amanda, Sophia, and Evan.

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