Best Women’s Golf Clubs That Feel Light & Easy to Swing

If you think all golfers, male and female, pretty much use the same kind of golf clubs, you have been looking at golf equipment all wrong. The best women’s golf clubs are actually designed for a smaller physique and slower swing speed. This makes these clubs shorter, lighter, and also more flexible indeed.

You have to be a taller AND fast-swing player to be able to use men’s golf clubs. Taller so the longer shaft length suits your height. And faster swing speed because golf clubs for men are usually built with a slightly heavier and stiffer shaft, which obviously you cannot combine with an under-average swing speed.

So let’s first get to know every top-rated and highly recommended complete golf club set that ladies find worth their money and attention.

Women’s Golf Clubs Sets – Top 11 Choices!

1. Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Packaged Sets (Our Top Picks)

STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

What you get: driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid, 7-iron and 9-iron, sand wedge, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

Women golfers who are also beginners are often, almost always spotted with Callaway Strata. It is the most value-driven, budget-friendly complete golf club set manufactured by a brand that is known for its premium quality equipment as well as its high-performing, revolutionary technologies. So a lot of that is a part of starter-level Strata too!

Mid-handicap and high-handicap female golfers are the perfect audiences here. The driver’s very large sweet spot, and this plethora of forgiveness is a part of the fairway woods too, will be the reason why your off-center shots won’t feel like mis-hits anymore.

And it’s also safe to say these golf clubs have a higher loft as well. The entire 11-piece set here promotes forgiveness in a way that beginners love!

You also get two hybrids, which are more workable long-iron substitutes. Just learning to use these hybrids in itself is a fun experience. And they’re really worth all that extra money since they surely know how to enhance your game.

Then comes the sand wedge, and this one’s an absolute delight because it’s what helps with getting out of problematic sand bunkers. But then there’s no pitching wedge. However, beginners always benefit from using the 9-iron, which is indeed included in this Callaway set, as a pitching wedge because of its 40-degree loft. The former, no doubt, is able to generate consistently solid contact with the ball.

So, as a golfing noob, you can achieve with your 9-iron, and even sand wedge in fact, what others do with a pitching wedge. The sand wedge (54 degrees), after all, has a loft angle only 4 degrees higher than a pitching wedge (50 degrees). Hence, SW is a more useful golf club.


  • Very forgiving, very easy-to-hit golf clubs
  • Flexible club shafts ideal for slower swing speeds
  • Higher lofts for more lift and longer distance
  • Mallet putter features more alignment markings
  • Light, durable stand bag with backpack-style straps


  • No pitching wedge included

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2. Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Club Package Sets

WILSON Women's Complete Golf Club Package Sets

What you get: driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, and 6-hybrid, 7-9 irons, sand wedge, putter, cart bag, and headcovers.

So what if regular golf club length does not fit you, it just means you choose either Petite (if you’re shorter than average) or Tall if you’re tall. In this case, however, these are the best Petite-sized golf clubs that are just the right level of lightweight for beginner and senior female golfers shorter than 5’4”.

The lightweight characteristics are the best part, no doubt about that. It’s all because of the graphite shafts added to the clubs. Then you also have all-weather, women-sized grips on these golf clubs.

When this lightweight design combines with, let’s say, the large sweet spot, low CG, and high loft of the driver, beginners are sure to see their ball flight soar. And greater distances are a part of that improvement. So is accuracy with the perimeter-weighted irons.

Once again, like the previous set, a pitching wedge is not included. Instead, you only get a sand wedge, which seems like an appropriate choice of a wedge for beginners since most of them can always resort to using their 9-irons for potential pitching-wedge shots.

And just by the way, this sand wedge features a wider sole and lower weighting that gives you, a novice golfer if that’s the case, more greenside control.


  • Large sweet spot, thus slow-swing-speed-matched
  • Perimeter weighting in clubs – easier to hit
  • Shot-making improves with a wide-soled sand wedge
  • High-quality, lightweight, ruggedly built cart bag


  • There’s no pitching wedge
  • Paint on the golf clubs prone to chipping off

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3. TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set

What you get: driver, 3-wood and 5-wood, 5-hybrid and 6-hybrid, 7-PW, SW, putter, cart bag, and headcovers.

Finally, a complete golf club set with a pitching wedge for all those approach shots that demand more distance and spin. Even when it comes to short-game shots, this pitching wedge knows very well how to produce a higher trajectory while also maximizing control and accuracy.

TaylorMade Kalea is quite a popular choice among women golfers who desire more and more speed. After all, TaylorMade’s exclusive Speed Pocket technology is a big deal in this case. What it basically is – more face flexibility (low in the clubface) to boost forgiveness and launch.

Getting incredibly high launch and long distance is automatically weaved into the whole fabric of Kalea. On top of that, the shafts are ultra-lightweight and of premium quality. The active tip and softer flex of the shaft get you to square the clubface at impact to increase clubhead speed.

Even the putter is of premium quality. It’s the extremely solid Spider Putter with Pure Roll Insert.

In my opinion, if you have that kind of money to spend, then choosing TaylorMade Kalea is going to be a very wise decision.


  • Large 460cc driver for amplified forgiveness
  • Speed Pocket brings in face flex for higher launch
  • Softer-flex, ultra-light shafts max out clubhead speed
  • Premium Spider putter creates more stability at impact
  • Lightweight cart bag with full-length club dividers


  • No stand on the bag
  • Paint chipping off too easily might be a problem

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4. Cobra Golf 2020 Women’s Airspeed Complete Set

Cobra Golf 2020 Women's Airspeed Complete Set

What you get: driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-PW, SW, putter, cart bag, and headcovers.

Alongside Callaway and TaylorMade, there’s also Cobra that has been manufacturing golf clubs for a really, really long time. And their Airspeed set is designed to be so much lighter than all of the previous creations. You get a complete golf club assortment with woods and hybrids that help you with tough lies and the most difficult situations.

And how that happens, first of all, is these woods and hybrids have an offset design. What this really means is that the leading edge is slightly bent to place it behind the shaft. And this re-positioning gives you a little more time to square that clubface to produce a higher ball flight.

Maximizing speed with Airspeed is so effortlessly possible with its carbon crown, which also improves accuracy by the way. And let’s not forget that offset in golf clubs actually means just the opportunity you need for straightening your slice-prone shots.

Moving on to the irons, wedges, and putter, expect no setbacks as a slow-swing player. That’s all that needs to be rightfully said. Irons are perimeter-weighted (straighter, higher shots), both essential wedges are included (beginner-friendly), and mallet-style putter takes center-stage (very, very forgiving).


  • Offset technology is extremely helpful for anti-slice
  • Perimeter weighting on irons perfect for less skilled golfers
  • Mallet putter for the best greenside control and feel
  • Cart bag with accessible compartments


  • Cart bag, so no stand
  • Not the most long-lasting black coat/paint

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5. Precise M5 Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

What you get: driver, 3-wood, 21-degree hybrid, 5-PW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

Available in Petite size and Tall size, Precise M5 caters to the needs of every slow-swing female golfer out there. Even intermediates appreciate the technology these golf clubs are equipped with. That’s the magic oversized clubheads weave into the whole Precise experience.

These oversized clubheads are found in woods and hybrids. So go ahead and feel okay about not hitting the center because the whole lot of forgiveness that those oversized clubheads with their enhanced sweet spots drag into being is sure to cure all your mis-hits.

The hybrid, naturally, is the best in case you happen to be a slow-swing player, hence cannot tackle long irons. So those long irons are replaced with this 21-degree hybrid.

5-9 irons are also graphite shafted by the way, not steel shafted. More lightweight graphite means more slow-swing-speed-friendly. I’m certain, and this is coming from a Tour Senior professional who has played all configurations and in all situations, that missing shots or even losing balance when swinging golf clubs is just not possible with Precise M5.


  • Oversized clubheads = more forgiving clubs
  • Heel-biased weight improves swing balance and distance
  • Shot-optimized, graphite-shaft irons
  • Well-made golf clubs with spacious stand bag


  • Bag and clubs don’t share the same pink
  • Made for only slow-swing golfers
  • No sand wedge

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6. Wilson Golf Ladies Profile SGI Complete Set

Wilson Golf- Ladies Profile SGI Complete Set with Cart Bag

What you get: driver, wood, hybrid, 6-PW, SW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

It’s an entirely beginner-level set with just the number of golf clubs included – 3 woods, 4 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter. More than enough clubs for someone new to the game of golf! Plus, there’s the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship as well.

The oversized, high-lofted driver sets the bar pretty high when it comes to gaining the upper hand in terms of distance. The hybrid also does the same simply by taking the golf ball higher and higher. The low-profile structure of these clubs allows them to get under the ball more smoothly to achieve the height you, on your own, cannot yet achieve.

Since graphite shafts are installed, swinging every golf club is easy even if your swing speed is slower than average. Apart from shaft material, you also have the shaft flex, grip size, loft angles, and even bag shape/size that are the perfect fit for women-specific physical characteristics and beginner golfers.


  • Super-game-improvement set for speed and distance
  • Cavity-back irons tend to be more forgiving
  • High-loft, thus high-launch woods
  • Graphite shafts engineered to promote faster swing speed


  • None recorded so far

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7. Confidence Lady Power III Golf Club Set

Confidence LADY POWER III Golf Club Set & Stand Bag

What you get: driver, wood, 24-hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

These have been bought for and used by 12-year old girls as well who outgrow their Junior golf clubs. So you can imagine how lightweight they must be to both swing and carry.

Now it only makes sense why you don’t get ALL clubs – just 1 fairway wood (apart from the driver of course) and 1 hybrid. But then please keep in mind that the set includes enough number of golf clubs for beginner-level play.

The high-loft, oversized 460cc driver clubhead considers adding forgiveness a very serious thing. As it should be because then how else can you, as a slower-swing player, achieve your desired distance gains?

Moreover, cavity-back irons are included. And with this cavity-back structure, your shots are bound to go straighter, higher, and longer.

The golf clubs are very thoughtfully fitted with all-weather grips and lightweight graphite, more flexible Ladies-flex shafts. Just the thing you need to help you learn!


  • Well-balanced, easy-to-swing golf clubs
  • Graphite shafts allow you to swing faster
  • High loft angles add more mis-hit correction
  • Irons have a cavity-back design for distance goals


  • Blade putter, thus not easy to line up
  • Bag’s standing feature is slightly flimsy

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8. Majek Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set

Majek Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set

What you get: all-hybrid set – 3-9 hybrids and pitching wedge.

Now here’s a selection of very forgiving hybrids for women who took a break from golf for some years and are now wanting to go back to the game. And of course, in such a scenario, you certainly can’t go back to using your 20 or 30-year-old golf clubs. So you have to buy a new set of clubs, and that new also better be affordable. Enter Majek’s senior-friendly all-hybrid set for women.

Each hybrid, without the slightest hesitation I’m saying this, is the easiest, most comfortable to hit. It’s like you didn’t take that break at all! And this naturally happens when most of the weight is placed behind the club’s sweet spot. And when cavity-back is the model used for construction.

With the deeper cavity, the accuracy of even your mis-hits is certainly going to improve. And speaking of off-center shots, they also travel with a greater clubhead speed since aerodynamic clubhead shaping is a part of the hybrid collection.

No need to mention that lightweight graphite shafts are used (perfect for those with arthritis). But I do feel the need to mention that alignment is also made super-easy and glare-free for you. In a way, these golf clubs are a no-hassle deal for your slower speed, more sensitive bones, and poor eyesight.


  • Hybrids let you hit better and more consistently
  • Ultra-forgiving, oversized clubheads maximize speed
  • Lower CG positioning for higher, easier launch
  • Fast-swing-promoting graphite shafts


  • Not for low-handicap, fast-swing players
  • They chip quickly and badly

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9. Precise NX460 Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise NX460 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What you get: driver, wood, hybrid, 6-PW, SW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

Ask any novice golfer who has used Precise NX460 and she’ll tell you all good things about this complete golf club set. These clubs are often spotted at the practice/driving range when newbies are taking golf lessons. Your slow swing speed is then sure to benefit a great deal from the graphite shafts here.

Even carrying the whole set is no trouble at all. The stand bag is sturdy with individual compartments to hold the golf clubs, along with plenty of zippered pockets.

What is also quite practical with Precise is that they always give women golfers the chance to choose between Petite size and Standard size golf clubs. So if you’re below 5’3”, you can just as easily get the -1” shorter length i.e. Petite clubs for women.


  • Starter-level golf clubs for beginners/seniors
  • So much lighter to swing easily
  • Well-built stand bag with backpack-style carry


  • Clubheads tend to get damaged easily

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10. Aspire XD1 Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

What you get: driver, wood, hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

Aspire XD1 is not a golf club set that has received mixed or confusing feedback. It’s abundantly clear that these golf clubs are perfect for those who cannot afford or simply don’t wish to spend as much as $1,000 on a set.

And when an inexpensive option like this can make through rounds and rounds of golf along with driving range sessions, then all the more reason to stop and take notice.

Highly recommended for women new to the game, Aspire XD1 features flexible, lightweight shafts that push your slower swing speed to create a faster clubhead speed. Even the high loft of the driver helps you do that. Although it’s disappointing to know that this kind of much-needed assistance is not a part of the short game since there’s no sand wedge.

But if you’re willing to overlook that, you’re sure to love every bit of this beginner-friendly golf club set and its value and quality-focused price point.


  • Large 460cc driver is very forgiving on mis-hits
  • Lightweight graphite shafts designed for women
  • Game improvement irons and wedges
  • Sturdy stand bag also light to carry


  • Only pitching wedge, no sand wedge
  • Misaligned grips on some clubs

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11. Precise AMG Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise AMG Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What you get: driver, wood, hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, and headcovers.

Once again, Precise makes an appearance. The driver, even in this case, is big and thus extremely forgiving. So women golfers can launch their shots over 200 feet in the most carefree manner.

In fact, all golf clubs, including the fairway wood and irons, are very lightweight and forgiving. They each glide through with ease, and this is something that beginners and amateurs seem to appreciate above all else.

Get the Petite size if you’re shorter and stouter or the Regular size for your average height – the choice is all yours!

Moreover, the irons are capable of generating straighter shots. So it’s not just distance that is prioritized but ball flight and accuracy as well. I heard once when I was golfing with a few buddies of mine that Precise AMG irons perform better than some of TaylorMade’s higher-end irons that apparently cost a huge sum of money. A highly recommended set indeed.


  • Starter set with max. forgiveness in woods/hybrid/irons
  • The launch is higher and the ball flight straighter
  • High-quality stand bag and comfortable grips


  • Strictly for only less skilled players
  • The color looks a bit off

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Best Ladies Golf Clubs – It’s All About Knowing Exactly What You’re Looking For!

You May Want to Get Fitted / Measured First

Head to a proper golf equipment store to find out parameters such as your swing speed, spin rate, and launch angle. Because without these, you’re just aiming your darts in the dark.

Tell the professional fitter all about your style of play. This should include how much you golf, what your handicap is, what your shortcomings and strengths are, and things like that.

Generally speaking, female golfers are fitted for lighter clubs that feature perimeter weighting. The thing about perimeter-weighted golf clubs is that, since the clubhead weight is placed around its edges or perimeter and not in the center, they add more forgiveness and accuracy to off-center strikes while also generating a higher ball flight.

Also, weight positioned along the perimeter makes the clubs lighter, thus easier to swing.

As for getting measured for your golf clubs, that’s mainly the measurement of the distance between the ground and your wrists when gripping the club. This should determine the shaft length you’d be using. Because if that wrist-to-floor (WTF) measurement is less than 35 inches, then it means ditching standard-length golf clubs for the Petite size.

Lightweight, More Flexible Shafts Are Right Up Your Alley

It’s very common for women golfers to struggle with generating enough clubhead speed. But then, in such scenarios, the lighter the golf club, the easier that struggle becomes. Meaning with lightweight graphite shafts, you can square the clubface properly, thus generate more than enough swing and clubhead speed for a longer distance.

This means staying away from heavier steel shafts unless you already have an above-average swing speed.

Likewise, a more flexible shaft (Ladies-flex) also promotes faster speed and longer distance. As opposed to shafts that are stiffer (Stiff and Extra Stiff), hence they require a bit of an effort to swing and control. In the middle, there’s Regular-flex for average-speed players, male or female.

How Many Golf Clubs In A Set

Do you want a full 14-club set, which is the max. USGA-allowed limit? The thing is that if you’re a beginner, 14 golf clubs are a bit much as you won’t be needing all of them. At such times, 8-10 pieces do just the trick.

However, if you’re experienced (which might also mean that you play more frequently), a 12-piece or 14-piece set then is instead perfect for you.

Typically, here’s the most ideal set composition – driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter. Now let’s break it down…

  • Woods and Hybrids

Make sure the driver loft is above 11-12 degrees if you want to make the task of getting the golf ball airborne easier. With this extra loft on driver and woods, you also pave the way for distance gains.

As for hybrids, they are definitely so much lighter and easier to hit in comparison to long irons. Speaking of which…

  • Irons

Cavity-back irons all the way through!

Cavity-backs have perimeter weighting and we’ve already established earlier that golf clubs that are perimeter-weighted are more forgiving on off-center shots. So, once again, beginners and high handicappers alike have found a solution to most of their problems on course.

  • Wedges

Two wedges are better than one!

So that would be a pitching wedge (PW) and sand wedge (SW). The former allows you to achieve the required spin as well as punch your every shot deserves. AND it handles difficult lies. While a sand wedge is great for those monstrous sand traps.

  • Putter

What’s the deal with the putter?

Since it’s the very golf club you use on each hole in each round of golf, you better give it all the importance and attention it unquestionably is worthy of.

Generally, mallet putters work the best for golfers new to the game. And why that is – simply because these types of putters save strokes by boosting factors like balance and stability. With a mallet-style putter, you get additional alignment aid (in the form of extra or longer lines).

Plus, it’s the more lightweight option of the two (blade putters are heavier indeed).

The Factor of ‘Forgiveness’ Is Very Important for Amateur Golfers

When a golf club is extremely forgiving – what does that mean? It means the sweet spot is larger (fewer mis-hits) and the center of gravity (CG) is lower (higher launch).

So don’t make the rookie mistake of using too heavy, un-forgiving clubs. Instead, go for extremely light, therefore extremely forgiving golf clubs that are easier to swing, so they produce towering, straighter, longer shots even for those times when you make the common mistake of hitting off-center.

What’s the Golf Bag Like

Is it a cart bag, stand bag, or hybrid? What do you prefer?

With cart bags, you get more space. But they can be only used with a golf cart. Stand bags, on the contrary, are lighter and designed with carry straps for easy, comfortable transportability.

Then you have the hybrid version – a combination of cart and stand. This type of golf bag is suitable for both when you’re riding or walking. It’s basically a carry bag, just like cart, with pop-out legs, just like stand.

Always Choose A Good, Renowned Brand

But this hugely depends on how much golf you play. If the answer is frequently, then spending more money on Callaway ladies golf clubs (a high-end brand indeed) makes complete sense.

But if not, then too there are plenty of other brands available that may or may not be as popular as Callaway, Wilson, TaylorMade, Cobra, etc. but they’re still in the limelight for their more affordable, starter-level golf club sets.

Another very important note – if you intend on playing more, make sure the set is such that its golf clubs accommodate potential improvements in your swing, handicap, etc.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend

Once again, Callaway is definitely going to cost you more, BUT it’s also going to last for a much longer time in comparison to cheaper-priced golf clubs. And it’s most likely that if the club is higher priced, it also features some of the most advanced technologies. That means a more forgiving golf club.

But then there are golfers who just play recreationally/occasionally. So if you’re one of them, no point in spending so much money. Rather buy an inexpensive set that gets the job done quite decently without emptying your wallet.

If You Care About the Grip of the Golf Club (as you should!)

Because the grip size for women golfers is smaller. But then most of them choose the standard grip for men (perfect for long fingers).

What about grip texture? The whole point of the texture is to keep your hands from sliding. But then, at the same time, it can’t be too rough. Nor can it be too smooth either unless you’re okay with losing grip in case you happen to swing aggressively.

Golf Clubs for Women – FAQs

What Are the Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Beginners?

Golf clubs that are affordable and easy to swing are the best for beginners. For women golfers, these happen to be Callaway Strata. Very lightweight despite the large sweet spots, oversized clubheads, and things like that which promote a faster swing speed while also providing more forgiveness, control, and accuracy.

What Size Women’s Golf Clubs Do I Need?

The standard or regular size/length of golf clubs for female golfers is suitable for those between 5’5” and 5’9”. But then if your height is below 5’5”, you have to choose the Petite version of golf clubs. In fact, these are more lightweight and, as a result, much easier to swing.

How Much to Spend On Women Golf Clubs?

Depends on many factors here – what brand you choose, how often you play golf, etc.

Typically, a complete golf club set can be priced at $1,000-$1,200. But if you’re an average beginner golfer, you can still buy a pretty good set in the price range of $250-$350. And this applies to both women’s and men’s starter-level golf clubs.

Don’t forget that top, expensive equipment is often used by top-class players. And that only seems logical because these ‘top’ technologies do come in handy during professional, competitive play.

What’s the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Clubs?

The most important thing to know is golf clubs with more lightweight and flexible shafts i.e. graphite, Ladies-flex shafts are better suited for the comparatively shorter frame and slower swing speed of women golfers.

Men’s clubs, on the other hand, feature shafts with heavier steel and stiffer flex (Stiff or Extra Stiff) for their faster swing speeds. So the main differences revolve around the shaft (material, flex, AND length). Ladies golf clubs have a shorter shaft length (an inch shorter than men) and are also higher lofted for easier, higher launch.

It’s Safe to Say You’re A Know-It-All Now!

Getting better at the game is certainly no cakewalk, be it for a female or male golfer. But what really helps, in such scenarios, is using the right set of golf clubs. With a great starter set, you can actually reduce the learning curve while also generating fewer mis-hits and promoting a faster swing speed so you don’t just quit out of frustration.

For women, what works best is a lightweight graphite shaft, oversized clubhead, perimeter weighting, more flex in the shaft, and high loft. This way, it becomes so much easier to swing the golf club more successfully – that is for high-towering, straighter, longer shots.

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