Best Petite Women’s Golf Clubs 2023

You can be a rookie and still be able to tell the difference between a sport like golf and other contact sports such as basketball, football, etc. However, you have to be a certain level of experienced golfer indeed to tell that just because golf involves no contact doesn’t mean it requires zero strength to play.

But the difficulty that is swinging just right to prevent common errors like fading or slicing the ball is made much, much easier when you have properly fitted golf clubs. And when you talk about fit, the first thing, among many other things of course, that comes to mind is height. Hence, these best Petite women’s golf clubs.

Generally, Petite size and Standard size have a difference of 1 inch in shaft length. And even this 1-inch difference really matters when you’re shorter than the average height of women golfers (so that would be below 5’7”).

So let’s get to know all of those clubs that are easy and light to swing as well as carry, so you can use all your strength to simply just launch the golf ball farther and farther without minimizing your potential.

1. Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • Very forgiving golf clubs maximize clubhead speed
  • Slow-swing-friendly graphite shafts
  • Visually appealing set with sturdy stand bag
  • Even though lightweight, the clubs can last for many years

Aspire XD1 Petite Size is a complete golf club set every short female player who has used it is bound to praise. And many have I seen on the turf so easily swinging these clubs because of their lightweight materials, especially the graphite shafts that are also quite fitting for slow swingers.

The combination of golf clubs, all of which are equipped with lightweight graphite shafts, is also quite helpful in that every shot, every situation turns into an accelerated, powerful strike.

Even if you find yourself playing on an intermediate, hence difficult golf course, the oversized clubheads on the woods and irons bring forth so much forgiveness you’ll never see your mis-hit interfering with your performance or potential.

2. Aspire PRO-X Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid, 7-SW, putter, cart bag, headcovers.

  • Woods, hybrids, and irons are hugely forgiving
  • Well-optimized CG for distance/launch consistency
  • Clubface is more robust to add speed and forgiveness
  • Super-light graphite shafts with feel-improving Tour Pride grips
  • Great quality cart bag with lots of pockets
  • Putter isn’t the most durable or high-performing

Aspire PRO-X ‘Petite’ is an upgrade to Aspire XD1 because it has more golf clubs included in the set and the whole scene just adheres more to intermediate players. So if you think that XD1 had a few important clubs missing, then choose its slightly more advanced sibling, the PRO-X package. And without having to pay a lot of money!

There’s no doubt that even these golf clubs are extremely forgiving because of many factors actually. The revolutionary speed-boosting aerodynamics infused into the weighted clubheads. The precisely located CG (center of gravity) that not only gives you a more consistent distance but also a consistently higher launch.

And you know that the clubs are highly forgiving when, no matter where on that clubface the ball comes in contact with, you still get a good shot and distance out of it, with a straight ball flight.

A thing like the grip is also kept in mind – these are Tour Pride grips that drastically change the whole feel of the golf clubs.

3. Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, putter, cart bag, headcovers.

  • Large sweet spot increases distance and trajectory
  • Low CG placement improves accuracy
  • Game improvement irons + high loft driver
  • Lightweight graphite shafts for slow swing speed
  • More greenside control with the sand wedge
  • Putter length can be a problem
  • Less forgiving blade wedges
  • Cart bag seems to be made cheaply

In comparison to higher-end brands, Wilson here presents a more affordable offering to Petite-sized ladies without diminishing even the tiniest aspect of quality. And Wilson SGI is also a beginner-friendly golf club set. So even if you’re under 5’4”, this would be perfect for you!

The lightweight graphite shafts with Ladies-flex would also be perfect for you. And the same can be said about the higher-lofted, oversized clubheads. But let’s go back to the shafts for a second – these shafts are very, very easy to swing, which works so well for slower-swing female golfers. Plus, soft grips are overlayed for secure, comfortable contact/pressure.

Now moving on to the clubheads, the high loft angle and large sweet spot on them both combine to speed up distance even when you hit off-center.

Irons also promote accuracy and stability. And why wouldn’t they when they have a cavity-back, perimeter-weighted design! However, the wedges have a more traditional blade shape. That may be less forgiving than the whole cavity-back structure but then blades give you additional feedback.

And finally, the nice weighted putter. Some petite ladies find it too long for their putting stance. But when it fits right, you’re sure to be sinking 8-feet to 10-feet distance putts the most easily.

4. Precise M5 Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 21-degree hybrid, 5-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • Large 460cc driver head maximizes distance
  • Well-balanced weight for easy swing
  • Female-friendly lightweight graphite shafts
  • Very light stand bag with many pockets
  • Stand bag pink doesn’t match golf clubs’ pink
  • Not a very durable bag

Do I need Petite golf clubs? Wait, did I say Petite or Pretty? Well, either way, this Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Set fits both ways. You can also get it in the Tall +1” size if the Petite -1” size is not the right fit for you, that would mean you’re taller than the average height of female golfers.

Also, Precise M5 is a great starter set for those who are not sure about how many times they’re going to head to the course, so they don’t want to spend a fortune on their equipment. Makes complete sense! And listen, these golf clubs, despite the inexpensive price tag, look pretty well-made.

Moving on to performance, the offset clubheads say everything that needs to be said about how forgiving and easy to swing these clubs really are. So no more struggling with getting the golf ball high up in the air. That becomes quite an effortless task to achieve!

Ladies-flex and lightweight graphite complement the whole women-friendly experience. In my opinion, Precise M5 is actually a very basic set crafted for those who are just starting to build their interest in the game. I mean even the putter says so in its own way because of its excellent aiming mechanism.

5. Ram Golf EZ3 Ladies Petite Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 21-degree hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • Correct mis-hits with the larger sweet spot
  • Lightweight graphite shafts promote a faster swing
  • Hit longer, straighter, higher with cavity-back irons
  • Mallet putter also reduces negative effects of mis-hits
  • Rubber grip material and a stand bag included
  • Just okay quality, not the best

When you have golf clubs that fit your body shape and height, no matter how ‘petite’ you are, your game is destined to improve. And when these golf clubs are commendable in terms of quality, even better! Enter Ram Golf EZ3 Ladies Petite Golf Clubs Set.

All the clubs, including the 5 irons and putter, fit even a 5’2” female golfer. Shorter women getting into the game of golf have two fewer things to worry about. First worry – they won’t find a set that fits. Problem solved!

And the second concern could be that they may not be able to swing their golf clubs as easily – another problem solved indeed because of the lightweight, forgiving components incorporated into each club here.

460cc driver means what? An oversized clubhead with a bigger sweet spot to keep your mis-hits from damaging your shots. And please let’s not underestimate the level of clubhead speed that lightweight graphite shafts can add.

Cavity-back irons, hence also very forgiving. And then there’s the mallet putter. If you happen to know about the different types of putters, then you know this high-MOI putter is just what you need for improving longer-putt performance.

6. Precise M3 Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 21-degree hybrid, 7-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • Woods give you max. forgiveness for max. distance
  • Aerodynamic design makes up for the lack of speed
  • Very forgiving irons for straighter shots
  • Stand bag – backpack-style convenient, light carry
  • None except it’s only and only for beginners

Another beginner Petite women’s golf club set by Precise, M3 comes with 2 more irons than M5 reviewed earlier. The rest is pretty much the same – lightweight graphite shafts, aerodynamic clubhead design, ultra-forgiving irons, and a very functional stand bag.

Precise knows how to deliver the PRECISE combination of forgiveness and distance straight out the box. The aerodynamic shaping, in particular, is the best part as it’s exactly what allows your every shot, even your off-center strike, to fly higher, straighter, and longer.

Ladies-flex graphite shafts are added to make the swinging part of the process easier for slow-swing, short women. And even the stand bag is quite convenient to use with its solid grab handle and generous storage space. There’s a backpack-style, padded carry strap too.

And if Petite is too short, then get Regular size because that’s an option as well.

7. Precise AMG Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 21-degree hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • A large sweet spot, hence fewer mis-hits
  • Lightweight graphite with Ladies-flex
  • Stand bag with backpack-style dual-strap
  • Highly wear-resistant clubs, despite the low price
  • They’re very average-looking

Okay so here’s the deal – Precise M5 offers 5-PW, Precise M3 has 7-PW, and now Precise AMG gives you 6-PW. So you see how there’s a whole separate golf club set with your choice of irons for Petite-sized female golfers. Once again, an excellent starter set that also goes easy on the wallet!

Every beginner-friendly, distance-boosting club included here serves you well. And this applies to how many ever times you miss the center. In fact, even when you miss the ball entirely and the golf club hits the turf pretty hard, there are no signs of wear and tear or damage. This means Precise AMG can take a beating indeed.

The low price implies low quality but that is not the case, even with the stand bag. So don’t believe what the price says. Just believe what the large clubhead size indicates – easier, higher launch for longer carry distance. Thus, highly recommended for amateur golfers!

8. Cobra Golf XL Speed Complete Golf Set

What’s included: driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood, 5-hybrid, 6-PW, SW, putter, cart bag, headcovers.

  • Well-balanced woods, even with larger clubheads
  • Heel-biased mass on clubs for distance
  • Irons are cavity-backs, thus they cure off-center shots
  • Putter quality and weight enhance its playability
  • Super-light bag with many compartments
  • No kickstand on the bag

Make the most of the new technology of Cobra XL Speed. After all, the set name itself has the word SPEED in it. Many golfers have actually replaced their old sets with this one. It’s also very common among short and stout women golfers.

You get more woods, more forgiving woods to stretch your carry distances the most effortlessly. The high-lofted driver with its oversized shaping as well as heel-focused weighting is perfect for hitting straighter, longer drives.

The inclusion of 3 fairway woods is surely refreshing. And the fact that each one of them also features heel-biased weighting and, on top of that, a shallow profile means more than just distance is well taken care of. I’m talking about better accuracy too from the fairway and off the tee!

As for the hybrid, this also is the best for beginners since they can’t use long irons because they’re just so difficult to hit. And then there are cavity-back irons with their perimeter weighting to improve distance and launch.

The quality is very much surprising if you’re used to seeing or hearing about only high-end golf clubs.

9. Majek Petite Senior Women’s Golf Clubs Set

What’s included: all-hybrid set (3-hybrid to 9-hybrid and PW).

  • Cavity-back hybrids increase accuracy on mis-hits
  • Aerodynamic clubheads for faster clubhead speed
  • Lower CG increases launch angle
  • Slow-swing-friendly graphite shafts
  • Glare-free alignment
  • No bag included

This Majek set may have not made it to our top list for beginners (whereas it should’ve for reasons I’m certainly going to discuss) but it does make an appearance on our top hybrid list for senior golfers. Since it’s an all-hybrid set, it’s clear why Majek was not a part of the former and why it automatically just had to make an appearance in the latter.

First of all, what’s so great about hybrids? The beauty of a hybrid golf club is that it combines only the best parts about using a long iron and fairway wood. The translation – golf ball gets airborne more easily and even higher. And including hybrids means filling those distance gaps between your woods and other irons.

So how about this Petite-size all-hybrid set? Every hybrid has its own individual loft angle to optimize trajectory. And all the golf clubs are perfectly fitted for your shorter-than-average height. The large sweet spot, aerodynamic shaping, low CG, lightweight graphite shaft – talk about being perfectly fitted indeed!

10. Womens Performance Golf Petite Golf Set for Ladies

What’s included – driver, 3-wood, 24-degree hybrid, 6-PW, putter, stand bag, headcovers.

  • Club length and grip size are for Petite ladies
  • Graphite shafts – easier to swing
  • Hybrids included instead of long irons
  • Large driver clubhead, thus women and beginner-friendly
  • Not the most popular, hence not so reliable

The last on the list is yet another very budget-friendly set for Petite ladies. And it too has an oversized driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. This means all woods are hard to miss, which takes your shots straighter and longer despite your slow swing speed or tendency to hit off-center.

Every clubhead has a technologically advanced design to accelerate distance while also increasing control. So it’s not like your shots are going longer in just about any direction; they travel farther and farther in the right direction.

Even your short game keeps from turning out to be a huge disappointment, all thanks to the putter’s easy alignment design.

Who Should Buy ‘Petite’ Size of Golf Clubs Anyway?

If you’re shorter than 5’3”, you need to be using shorter golf clubs i.e. Petite ladies golf clubs. Otherwise, you’re only going to hit erratic shots since your golf clubs are not properly fitted based on your height.

Do take into account the length of your arms too. If it’s not your height that’s the problem but you have disproportionally longer or shorter arms, then this could also lead to erratic shots. So the best thing to do is get yourself properly fitted for golf clubs with the help of a professional fitter.

What About ‘Petite’ Is Different From Standard Golf Clubs?

For one thing, Petite women golfers have a height below 5’4”. The starting point, more often than not, is 4’11”. This means you’re not fit for the standard length of golf clubs.

The standard driver shaft length for women is 43 inches (an inch shorter than men’s). And then the standard Petite-size driver shaft length is 42 inches (an inch shorter than standard). In short, Petite is -1” than standard while Tall is +1” than standard.

When you’re shorter and stouter than the average height, it’s only natural for the swing to have a smaller arc. That explains the even more reduced clubhead speed (‘’even more” because the majority of female golfers already have a slower swing speed). At such times, the Petite fit can really make a big difference when it comes to adding clubhead speed.

Not only that but Petite golf clubs for women are also outfitted with Ladies-flex. A more flexible shaft here also boosts speed while making the club easier to swing.

Buying Golf Clubs Specifically Petite-Sized for Petite Women


The golf clubs reviewed in this post are all Petite-sized, right? Hence, perfectly fitted for female golfers below the average height – between 4 feet, 10 inches and 5 feet, 4 inches. So if you happen to be a Petite golfer, woman or man, choose the Petite size for better gameplay.


It doesn’t matter if you choose Petite or Regular size because most female players, unless they’re fast-swingers, prefer using a lightweight graphite shaft since it’s so much easier to swing for greater clubhead speed. Means you can actually hit farther with a graphite material shaft even if your swing speed is slow.

Petite ladies’ golf clubs come with this graphite shaft for the very same reason. In fact, even putters feature graphite, like the woods and irons.


The shaft material is graphite, thus the weight of the shaft is more in control when it comes to swinging fast to increase your clubhead speed.

Lighter golf clubs also consist of more flex in the shaft. Even a more flexible shaft (Ladies-flex) improves distance.

Set Composition

You have to have a golf club to cover every scenario in your round of golf. And this becomes even more important when there’s a lurking weakness. And by weakness, I also mean all that’s not considered to be normal or average. Such is the case with your Petite body type, which is often also accompanied by a slower swing speed.

In that case, hit two birds with one stone – the largest driver clubhead, that would be the largest legal limit of 460cc. Anything smaller than this and you don’t get the ‘forgiveness’ on mis-hits your game deserves. So a larger sweet spot is a must!

Even the fairway woods should be similarly designed. And irons have to be cavity-backed since a cavity-back structure, in comparison to blade irons, is more forgiving.

Then you have hybrids that act as the perfect long-iron substitutes. Keep in mind that sometimes even more experienced players struggle with their long irons. So as a beginner or just a slow-swing golfer, you’d better stay away from long irons entirely.

Carry extra wedges of course for minimizing the number of strokes around those greens. This should include a pitching wedge (PW) and sand wedge (SW).

Lastly, choose a mallet-style putter because, once again, blade is for golfers higher up on the ladder of golfing skills.


Price is not always a reflection of the quality of the golf clubs. Not many understand that clubs that are higher priced can be so because they’re manufactured by a top brand. Or because these golf clubs have been infused with quite advanced technologies that may or may not be entirely useful in your case.

For a starter-level Petite-size golf club set, you can pay as low as $300 and as high as $1,200. It actually all depends on how often you play and what your budget is like.

Petite, in a way, is a custom fit. So buying a SET of Petite-size golf clubs at even $500 is way more affordable than getting each club custom-fitted, which in total can cost you no less than $2,000.


When Should Women Golfers Choose Petite Golf Clubs?

When your height is between 4’10” and 5’4”, you should get shorter or Petite golf clubs. Otherwise, if you’re above 5’4”, you can easily use the standard or regular length of clubs.

What is the Petite Driver Length?

Women’s golf clubs, in general, are an inch shorter than men’s (44 inches). So ladies’ driver shaft length is then 43 inches. In that case, Petite ladies’ driver shaft length is an inch shorter than standard, so that would be 42 inches.

Can Petite Women Use Junior or Kids Golf Clubs?

Unless your vanity or ego doesn’t have a problem with it, you can ABSOLUTELY use golf clubs fitted for junior girls and boys. Plus, think about how much money you’ll be saving too!

Wrapping It Up…

We have a lot to be thankful for in this 21st century. And one of those things to be thankful for – options of golf club sizes for golfers. Petite is one of them of course! These minus-1” golf clubs are just what shorter female golfers need since more and more people are taking to golf. And the best part about such new inventions is that they’re also pretty affordable. So you get both effectiveness and affordability, and from good brands like Cobra, Precise, Aspire, etc.

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