The 9 Best TaylorMade Putters for 2023

Why is it that you just have to use a good putter? It’s very important that you do because it’s what helps you escape disasters on holes that are poorly played. Or even when it comes to converting well-struck shots into birdie putts. Your score on the scorecard is largely dependent on your putting performance indeed.

Now let me bring something already well-known to your attention – TaylorMade’s Ghost and Spider putters made such a noise when they were first launched (almost a decade ago). These putters, even though not as prominent as TaylorMade irons and TaylorMade drivers, are worth trying if you wish to upgrade your short game performance.

So here are some of the most highly recommended golf putters designed by TaylorMade!

1. TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Putter

  • High-MOI, mallet design – very forgiving
  • Vibration-absorbing PU foam enhances sound
  • Pure Roll insert increases topspin and forward roll
  • Long, white alignment line for distraction-free aiming
  • Rock-solid stability in terms of feel
  • SuperStroke grip, thus only minimal hand tension
  • Paint tends to come off easily

The very famous Spider putter by TaylorMade. It’s the Spider Tour model for Tour-level performance and Spider-level forgiveness. This means you don’t really have to be a pro to include this in your golf bag. So go ahead and welcome putting improvement into your game of golf and expect to cut down your strokes per round.

Its Pure Roll insert is the best part actually because of what it’s capable of doing for you – increasing topspin and also increasing forward roll to maximize distance control.

Another thing that’s well appreciated is that the center white sightline jumps off the black. So you can improve your aiming simply by actually getting the putts to roll on-line. To be honest, the price does seem a bit too extravagant but then this much-needed help with putting precision matters A LOT.

2. TaylorMade 2018 Spider Interactive Putter

  • The face-balanced design keeps the putter square
  • Putting experience includes real-time stroke analytics
  • Pure Roll insert for max topspin and consistent roll
  • No SuperStroke grip, only training grip
  • Not much feedback from users

This is the Double Bend Hosel design (Small Slant Hosel, Plumbers Neck Hosel, and Center Shaft Hosel also available – the other TaylorMade Spider neck options).

But then, why the Double Bend Hosel? Because with double bend, the head of the putter is placed behind your hands and this encourages a more face-balanced setting for producing straighter strokes. Hence, perfect for the straight back, straight through putting stroke.

As for Spider Interactive, this TaylorMade putter is all about BLAST power. If I had to explain this, I’d say that BLAST captures automatically real-time, valuable stroke analytics and then syncs all that data to your phone via the app. This means you now get to analyze, reform, and eventually master the way you conduct your putting performance.

Even this TaylorMade invention features Pure Roll insert with 45-degree grooves for elevating topspin along with generating a smoother forward roll for required distance control.

3. TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Black Copper Collection Putters

  • Toe-hang putter perfect for arcing strokes
  • Pure Roll insert produces more topspin
  • Soft feel and smooth, solid putting
  • Dark, rustic finish and hand-polished copper accents
  • Sole weights are adjustable for optimal, balanced head weight
  • Blade putter – not forgiving, not easy to line up

A whole lot of putter goodness comes from this TaylorMade TP Black Copper Collection Putter. The best part here is that it rolls, feels, and looks like a premium golf putter. And that’s surely backed up without a super-costly price tag! So if you’re a golfer into both looks and performance, you know which TaylorMade putter is made for you.

As for the key technology, first let me inform you that this one’s a toe-hang (blade) putter type. Expect for face-balanced Mullen 2, all other putters from this range have a full toe-hang design. The current Ardmore 3 style, since it’s toe-hang, is more suited for you if your putting stroke consists of or is in need of greater face rotation.

Players who often miss the putt toward the right prefer toe-hang because it contributes greatly when it comes to closing the face during impact (since you seem to leave the face open).

On top of that, the 45-degree grooves (Pure Roll insert indeed) improve forward roll on the green. And this polymer insert also gives you a soft feel.

Lastly, the hand-polished finish and special plating create the highly desirable darker finish and copper accents that adorn the edges – a touch of traditional class with modern technology! And bonus points for the SuperStroke grip that adds consistency to your putting strokes.

4. TaylorMade Spider S Putter

  • Very forgiving on missed putts (mallet design)
  • Very solid, very comfortable grip
  • White True Path alignment helps with aiming point
  • Light aluminum and heavy tungsten blend creates more stability
  • Pure Roll grooves generate greater, smoother forward roll
  • Compared to its predecessor, not much has changed

Which Spider putter is right for me? And so begins the quest for getting you closer to the TaylorMade Spider putter that is the most suitable for YOUR putting stroke technique. This Standard L Neck putter, TaylorMade Spider S Putter, is more face-balanced, therefore fit for those with a more mechanical, straighter putting stroke.

This latest Spider S model consists of an improved alignment aid (TruPath alignment) at the top, along with a softer (although just slightly) face insert. The former is as wide as a golf ball to create a solid focal point to line up your putts and strike out at the center more consistently.

Since it’s a mallet-style putter, expect a generous amount of stability and forgiveness, which also contributes greatly to striking the golf ball more consistently.

Agreed that it looks a bit unusual, so you might take a while to get used to that. But irrespective of what the putter looks like, your putting is bound to improve and that’s why this mallet putter is often preferred over blade putters.

5. TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

  • Redesigned head reduces putter rotation
  • Y-shaped sightline highlights alignment/setup
  • Perimeter-weighted, thus forgiving on missed putts
  • Extra stability through re-engineered head mass
  • Copper color – not for every golfer

A Y-shape sightline, thicker insert, and smaller head – that’s what you see first with the Spider X Putter by TaylorMade. When the very first Spider putter was launched around a decade ago, the brand didn’t really bother about its looks as much as they wanted to focus more on competitive performance. But then there came Spider X for both!

Technological developments also advanced ever since the first, original Spider putter. And this means Spider X consists of alignment and stability (both of which improve putting performance) that have been pushed to their limits with the help of more impacts analyzed using the launch monitor.

Every Spider putter launched now or back then, features a high-MOI mallet design. And that automatically transfers higher speed to the ball and enhances stability at the point of impact. And TaylorMade Spider X is no exception.

And since it’s a newer model, you get a smaller head for more visual appeal. Along with a carbon-material core, which is much, much lighter than the older version to boost head stability. Old may be gold but sometimes new is also better!

6. TaylorMade Spider EX Putter Flowneck

  • Triple dot alignment keeps putter square at impact
  • Deep CG for greater control over ball roll
  • Pure Roll insert produces more forward, smoother roll
  • Tungsten-weighted, thus higher MOI for more stability
  • White paint is prone to coming off easily

Joining the TaylorMade Spider putter family is this Spider EX model with its Flowneck Hosel, which is a more traditional, longer hosel crafted for golfers whose putting stroke is slightly arcing.

What’s given, since this is a quintessential modern-day TaylorMade putter, is the white True Path alignment that takes over your eye-line. These three white dots also make it so much easier to line up your putts and keep the putter face square during impact.

The exceptionally forgiving properties of Spider EX are also as highly competitive as the new alignment system. So even if you don’t strike off the center, you can look forward to a more consistent, smoother roll. After all, it is a high-MOI mallet putter, hence extremely forgiving.

A softer feel is also mandatory with TaylorMade Spider EX because this too features the exclusive Pure Roll insert. The whole thing is well crafted and well-balanced to improve your every putting stroke the most effortlessly.

7. TaylorMade Spider SR Putter

  • Despite oversized (v. forgiving) head, it feels well-balanced
  • Stability—maximizing multi-material construction
  • White True Path alignment ensures square face at impact
  • Winged shape (Tour-inspired) equals high MOI (less twisting)
  • Pure Roll grooves for buttery smooth roll
  • Highest twist-resistance – not for every golfer

SR here stands for Stability Refined. And the refined stability of TaylorMade Spider SR Putter emanates from the winged shape that is Tour-inspired. There are two 50-gram cast-in steel sole weights placed into the club frame. In simpler terminology, these are back weights that increase MOI. And that, as a response, maximizes stability, feel, sound, and forgiveness.

Spider SR differs from the other Spider putters in terms of alignment and looks. The former consists of arrow alignment, which works better as far as keeping the putter face square at impact is concerned.

As is to be expected, Pure Roll insert is added here as well. TaylorMade putters, no doubt, are now synonymous with soft-feel putters that produce consistent, smooth roll. Just what you need for maximizing short game distance control!

Putting strokes start to become smoother plus Spider SR feels so much better, more comfortable in the hands in comparison to any other putter out there. And that could be because of the winged back weights.

8. TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter Small Slant

  • Small Slant hosel minimizes face rotation
  • T-shaped alignment easy to square
  • SuperStroke grip’s premium appeal and consistency
  • Pure Roll insert enhances feel and increases topspin/roll
  • Sole weight is adjustable to customize distance control
  • Front-weighted, so it might feel different

Mallet putters are more preferred because of obvious benefits like more balance, maximum stability, more prominent features, additional alignment aid, and whatnot. But then there are enough golfers who choose blade over mallet, for whom there’s the TaylorMade FCG (Front Center of Gravity) Putter.

But even though this putter feels like a traditional blade, it still hands out mallet-like forgiveness. So you get the best of both worlds with Spider FCG.

Moving on to the hosel, you get three options (Small Slant, Single Bend, and L Neck). This one’s Small Slant (more offset), which is deemed perfect for producing a more upward strike. So if your natural putting stroke has more arc in it, choose TaylorMade Spider FCG Small Slant Putter – the best TaylorMade putter for beginners and high handicappers.

9. TaylorMade Truss Heel Putter

  • Classic-style blade putter
  • Triangle-shape hosel for greater stability
  • Truss hosel also improves consistency (even on mis-hits)
  • Pure Roll insert keeps the ball on the intended line
  • Sole weights adjustability customizes control/connection
  • Distance control is missing
  • Doesn’t help with squaring up the face

Ask Dustin Johnson and he’ll tell you how great TaylorMade Truss Heel Putter really is. Based on its high, Tour-grade performance, no wonder it’s one of the best TaylorMade putters 2021.

Where TaylorMade Spider Tour convinced even pro golfers to ditch blade-style putters, TaylorMade Truss Heel actually has the opposite effect on the very few who still remain loyal to the traditional blade design of putters.

And unlike other blades, this one’s not in the least bit unstable. It’s actually a very stable blade putter designed to bring about the fruition of your hard labors as a more experienced or skilled golfer.

The front-placed CG is perfect for those who prefer to release the putter at impact. Now if you would be using a high-MOI mallet putter instead, this release is most likely to get inhibited. And then you also have the different feel of Truss Heel since the head is supported in several places (multiple contact points).

Moreover, the head is also CNC-milled to give the putter a cleaner and sharper appearance, much like traditional, premium blades.

Lastly, in place of high MOI, TaylorMade Truss Heel produces more torsional stability. Both have the same end goal (which is extra stability), these are just two different methods of arriving at it.

Oh and by the way, you can get TaylorMade Truss Heel Putter in the mallet design as well. Plus, there’s the additional option of also choosing between center-shafted and heel-shafted (for both head shapes).

How to Choose A New TaylorMade Putter

Face-Balanced or Toe-Balanced

Now, this is directly related to your natural putting stroke.

If your putting stroke is straight back, straight through, then go with face-balanced putters since they minimize rotation to get the putter face to square up at impact.

If your putting stroke has a stronger arc, nothing is more suitable than a toe-hang putter as it maximizes rotation to get the golf club to free up throughout impact.

Soft-Feel or Firm-Feel

Soft-feel putters work better on fast greens because they hand out more distance control. As opposed to putters with a firm feel, which is the most suitable for slow greens.

So what are the greens like at the golf course you frequent, faster or slower?

Putter Length

How long should your putter be depends on your height. The standard length of golf putters falls between 33 inches and 35 inches (for an average height of 5’9”). If you’re taller than 5’9”, then 35 inches. And if you’re shorter than 5’9”, then 33 inches. So 34 inches would be perfect for an exact 5’9” height.

Keep in mind that putter length is extremely important as it deals with your putting posture. The right length, for that matter, helps you get into the correct posture. And a correct posture means eyes positioned nicely and directly over your putt (top of the golf ball) during address.

Do not shy away from a custom professional fitting if you’re not sure about the right putter length for you.

Putter Looks

The whole idea of looks is not so much for vanity as it is for boosting your confidence on those tricky greens.

Large-sized mallet putters are designed with more prominent features and additional alignment aids/tools that really help when it comes to lining up your putts with better accuracy and precision.

And then on the other side, there are slim-line golf putters often chosen by golfers who desire more putting distance control.

Putter Price

TaylorMade’s line of putters touches a wide range of price points. So there are too costly putters as well as more affordable models. How much you spend actually depends on your budget constraints or the lack of it.

But the general notion is that you shouldn’t be spending more if you’re a beginner golfer. Nothing over $150 then if you simply cannot afford to buy a premium golf putter.

As for are putters really worth spending a ton of money on? The expensive lot is surely more advanced (and this means more forgiveness and stability on mis-hits, no doubt) than the basic models. However, be careful when choosing because many higher-end putters are only just a fancier version of the standard design.

TaylorMade Putters – FAQs

How Good Are TaylorMade Putters?

The charm of TaylorMade putters takes the form of a stable putting feel. And the whole thing is brought about by TaylorMade’s exclusive Pure Roll insert technology, which is a part of every single putter designed by the brand.

These Pure Roll 45-degree grooves make sure that the golf ball rolls, every single time, remarkably true. To be more specific, this means a smoother, more consistent forward roll, even when you cannot or fail to strike out at the center. That’s how forgiving and good TaylorMade putters really are.

Which TaylorMade Putter Works the Best for Me?

If you ask any golfer who has used the TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter, no matter his/her putting stroke or skill, they’ll tell you how suitable it was and still is for them. Because with Spider Tour, you get Tour-level performance with Spider-level forgiveness.

What makes the TaylorMade Spider Putter such a well-known choice is its incredibly forgiving high twist-resistance throughout impact. Plus, the now streamlined head of this very popular putter boosts stability at impact, which translates into easily sinking more putts.

What Is the Latest or Newest TaylorMade Putter?

It was in 2020 last that TaylorMade released its latest model – TaylorMade Spider S Putter. And by far, it’s the most forgiving of the lot (most forgiving Spider putter by TaylorMade).

So it’s safe to say that Spider S is actually the improved version of the original Spider putter that launched around a decade ago. And the former was built with a new True Path alignment for pinpoint precision.

Which Is the Heaviest TaylorMade Putter?

TaylorMade Spider S Putter has a head whose weight can be 350 grams (35-inch length), 357 grams (34-inch length), and 378 grams (33-inch length). TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter also has a conventional head weight of 355 grams.

And That’s A Wrap!

Putters designed by TaylorMade are surely worth your time, energy, and money, irrespective of how good you are as a golfer. The TaylorMade Spider lineup of putters in itself has been such a revelation in the whole golfing arena. Because these putters really know how to make that ball roll!

And the best part is that if you think the original Spider is not convincing enough, you have plenty of more recent, more advanced iterations (Spider S, Spider X, Spider EX, Spider SR, and Spider FCG). So if you don’t like the old, upgrade to the new!

And don’t forget that some of the best players in the world have used and still use TaylorMade putters – there’s Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, and more.

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