Best TaylorMade Golf Balls 2023

One of the most commonly spotted Tour brands is TaylorMade, right? The brand is highly celebrated for its drivers, irons, putters, and even golf balls. In fact, the best TaylorMade golf balls are known for their premium quality, high-velocity and low-drag performance, great durability, amazing greenside feel, and overall speed and distance of course.

Pro-level golfers are often spotted playing TaylorMade’s most premium golf balls – TP5 and TP5x. But then don’t let this lead you to believe that the brand doesn’t have more affordable offerings or that they don’t cater to beginner-level golfers and amateurs. There are plenty of choices TaylorMade has very thoughtfully set out for EVERY GOLFER!

1. TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls
  • 5-piece design for extra yards and optimized spin
  • Tour golf balls with tough urethane cover (better control)
  • Tour Flight Dimple promotes longer carry distance
  • More reactive core increases ball speed
  • Graphics can be distracting
  • Lining them up for putts is a bit tricky (no alignment aid)

Already mentioned in the introduction, TaylorMade’s premium golf ball models TP5 and TP5x are all about performance. Where the playability of TP5 is workable, that of TP5x is piercing. Then the wedge spin of TP5x is high, but TP5 is higher. Also, TP5x is high-launch and soft-feel while TP5 offers mid-launch and an even softer feel.

These are some of the most notable differences, the rest is much the same. Meaning both TaylorMade golf balls evolve the path to distance with their 5-layered construction. Tour-grade feedback and a game-changing low-drag, distance-boosting dimple pattern.

The fifth layer (High-Flex Material) was actually only recently added in 2019 for converting compression into more ball speed. There’s also the revolutionary Tour Flight Dimple Pattern that optimizes airflow during flight for improving aerodynamics, hence taking carry distances to their maximum potential. Tour-proven performance at its very core indeed.

But you can ask any Tour player which of the two is more focused on ball speed and distance and he/she will tell you that it’s TP5x. On the other hand, for enhanced greenside control and spin, it’s TP5 that these same players switch to from TP5x.

2. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls
  • 2-piece golf balls for greater compression and distance
  • Anti-slice, anti-hook ionomer cover
  • Low-drag aerodynamics generate faster ball flight
  • Side stamp alignment aid rolls the ball more accurately
  • They tend to get scuffed very easily

The best golf balls for distance here have to be TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls. These are surely top-rated for distance and distance alone. Made for speed, the balls cover extra yards off the tee just like that!

Well, of course, it’s not just like that, rather it’s because of the 2-piece construction, mid-compression, high-energy REACT Speed Core, and low-drag aerodynamic dimple pattern. The combination of 2-piece and mid-compression maximizes ball speed.

As for the REACT Speed Core, this allows for higher energy transfer to take place to cover more yards without messing with crucial factors like consistency and ball flight. And the 342 dimples lower drag, so the ball can go much straighter and even farther.

If TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x were bashed for the lack of alignment aid, TaylorMade Distance Plus is highly praised for it. This Plus alignment aid improves aiming accuracy and makes sure that the ball rolls on the intended line.

3. TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls
  • 2-piece golf balls perfect for beginners
  • REACT Speed Core made to boost distance off the tee
  • Soft, responsive feel (but only for short game)
  • Mid-compression suitable for average swing speed
  • Ionomer cover, hence a slightly firmer feel
  • Scuff marks form very easily

If you’re not in the mood or just don’t have that kind of budget to spend on premium, more expensive golf balls, then go for TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed. A dozen 2-piece, mid-compression golf balls below 20 bucks – now that’s something!

Even these ones by TaylorMade feature the high-energy REACT Speed Core. So just because it’s less expensive than “premium” doesn’t mean you don’t get Tour-level performance. Even with Rocketballz Speed, you gain more distance as well as more spin off the tee.

Agreed that the cover is ionomer (not the best in terms of soft feel) but at least ionomer covers, because of their slightly firmer feel itself, know how to minimize unwanted spin. Thus, reducing the chances of hooks and slices.

Now you pair that up with the mid-compression rating and high-energy core, and you have a set of golf balls perfect for mid to slow swing speeds. So it’s no surprise to know that they are also the best TaylorMade golf balls for high handicappers to mid handicappers too.

4. 2021 TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

2021 TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls
  • Distance-maximizing 2-piece construction
  • Low compression rating perfect for slow swing speeds
  • REACT core enhances distance (with driver and irons)
  • Low-drag aerodynamics promote faster ball speed
  • Cross-shaped alignment improves putter aiming
  • Launches too high if your swing speed is fast

Another model by TaylorMade specifically engineered for distance and speed. Once again, it’s all because of the REACT Speed Core and 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern. The latter reduces drag, so distance gets maximized as a result. As for the brand’s special REACT Speed Core, this is all about crushable off-the-tee distance with no let down in terms of feel.

Speaking of which, thanks to ionomer cover, the greenside feel is decent. But then ionomer cover is more praised for its exceptional shear and scuff resistance and great durability and not so much for a soft feel.

Then the part about TaylorMade Distance+ being equipped with alignment aid is also worth noting. After all, this side stamp makes sure that you aim more accurately. And that means sinking more putts!

5. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls
  • 2-piece golf balls – larger core, more distance
  • Soft-feel, very durable iothane cover
  • Compression rating is ultra-low to suit slow swing speeds
  • Impact Propulsion Core increases carry distance
  • 342 dimple design creates straighter ball flight
  • Peels and scuffs easily

Almost every kind of golfer can choose TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls. And you know what, why buy expensive Titleist Pro V1 when you can spend much less and then not even feel bad each time your ball gets lost in the woods or water. And please also note here that Noodle is no joke in terms of distance or quality.

On that tee, these golf balls produce the longest drives. And on the greens, you get an enhanced soft feel. It’s surprising, to be honest, how affordably priced they are considering they’re designed by high-end TaylorMade.

The very thing that makes these golf balls Noodle LONG and SOFT is the combination of super-low compression rating of 34 and iothane cover. And then you also have the 342 dimple pattern that minimizes drag strategically to maximize distance and for better spin control of course. They’re actually perfect golf balls for beginner and amateur golfers.

6. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls
  • 3-piece golf balls for more distance AND control
  • Dual-Distance core – less long game spin, more short game spin
  • 322 dimple pattern also boosts speed
  • Chips/scuffs easily

Why should only slow-swing golfers have all the fun, right? TaylorMade has reserved some of that fun even for mid-level players. So now let me review the best TaylorMade golf balls for mid handicappers – TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls. The 3-piece construction is what makes them such a suitable choice for mid-range golfers.

The 3-piece design takes care of lowering spin and increasing distance off the tee, no doubt about that. At the same time, 3-piece TaylorMade Project (a) also has a softer, larger core for eliminating from your driver and iron play all that unwanted spin that often leads to hooks and slices.

Even the compression rating is fit for a moderate swing speed and mid-level handicap.

7. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls
  • Vibrant-colored golf balls for better visibility
  • REACT core and 2-piece design maximize distance
  • Low compression rating ideal for slow swing speed
  • Soft-feel ionomer cover
  • Glare-free, UV-resistant paint
  • Only for slow-speed women golfers

Best TaylorMade golf balls for women – Kalea. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls have got great feedback from women precisely because of the low compression rating, 2-piece construction, and also the soft cover. And the fact that they’re affordable too makes a really unforgettable impression.

This once again uses the brand’s high-energy REACTIV core for maximizing distance. So there’s no need for you, even with your slow swing speed, to hit the ball all that hard. Provided your gameplay consists of not only easy-to-hit golf balls but also golf clubs that are very lightweight and easy to swing.

Back to TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls, these also feature 342 dimples, which means reduced drag to maintain trajectory, velocity, and distance. And lastly, these golf balls have been coated with UV-resistant paint for reducing sun glare.

8. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball
  • Ultra-low compression for softer feel and greater distance
  • Very high shear-resistance of urethane cover
  • Urethane cover also increases greenside spin
  • Ball flight is strong even when it’s windy (3-piece benefits)
  • Not made for low-handicap golfers

These 3-piece golf balls are sort of balanced off with an ultra-low compression rating to be a suitable choice for all those times when adding distance to your long game is a must.

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls are not 2-piece but 3-piece simply because the firmer additional layer around the soft, low-compression inner core increases speed off the tee while also keeping the spin low.

As for greenside performance, cast urethane for the cover really helps with that. It makes for better gripping of the wedge grooves with the ball in order to increase greenside spin. So low long-game spin and high short-game spin. Tour Response golf balls indeed.

But then why buy TaylorMade Tour Response and not TaylorMade TP5? For the simple reason that the former, you know because of its 3-piece construction, high launch, and softer feel, is more geared even toward average, mid-handicap players. Whereas TP5’s 5-layered design is more suitable for golfers with a lower handicap.

9. TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade RBZ Soft Dozen Golf Balls
  • 3-piece golf balls for slow to average swing speeds
  • High-energy REACT core enhances distance
  • Soft-feel ionomer cover (more greenside responsiveness)
  • Launches too high if your swing speed is fast
  • Distance control with irons is missing

In this TaylorMade RBZ Golf Balls review, you don’t take time to find out just how beginner-friendly these golf balls are because of their low compression, low-drag and high-launch aerodynamics, soft-feel ionomer cover, and high-energy REACT core. These are all traits we’ve already come across in almost every golf ball manufactured by the brand.

If you happen to stumble upon any TaylorMade golf ball comparison, you’ll find plenty of such similarities. And this is indicative of the fact that the brand designs its golf balls to release more energy. And that greater energy is utilized more efficiently, so the balls travel faster and longer.

The high-lift, low-drag aerodynamics here, in particular, produce a higher launch, which is exactly what allows the golf balls to cover longer distances.

And then you have the ionomer cover for the confidence-boosting soft feel that is required for all your shorter shots. But then this cover is not as soft as urethane, so be prepared for that.

Are TaylorMade Golf Balls Good?

If by good, you mean are they legal or Tour-qualified golf balls played by professionals, then YES, golf balls designed by TaylorMade are more than just good. Whatever the context, TaylorMade golf balls are all about high performance and for all kinds of golfers – beginners, amateurs, and Tour players.

The golf balls either have a urethane cover (softest cover – better distance control) or ionomer cover (less spin on driver and irons and very durable). These golf balls come in all types of construction as well. Meaning 2-piece for beginners, 3-piece for amateurs, and even 5-piece for more advanced golfers.

And let’s not also forget the dimple patterns (dimples always over 300) that TaylorMade uses for low-drag aerodynamics that ultimately maximize distance. And so does TaylorMade’s exclusive REACT core technology infused into each one of its golf balls, which produces high speed with low spin.

Why Use TaylorMade Golf Balls?

To be honest, any equipment manufactured by TaylorMade, one of the top brands in golf, has a competitive edge. This also includes putters designed by TaylorMade that can achieve a TRUE roll.

TaylorMade spends millions of dollars on R&D and coming up with new technologies consistently to elevate every golfers’ performance year after year, be it for Tournament play (TaylorMade Tour golf balls) or just a round of golf over the weekend with your buddies (TaylorMade Distance golf balls).

Top players like Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, and more have been spotted playing golf balls with the TaylorMade logo. So that’s enough to know that TaylorMade is a brand that can be trusted for its Tour performance as well as its distance and soft feel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Choose TaylorMade TP5 or TP5x?

Both of these TaylorMade creations – TP5 and TP5x – are highly acclaimed for their Tour performance. But there is a marked difference between the two. TP5 is more geared toward golfers who desire greater greenside spin while TP5x is just the golf ball one needs for gaining extra yards off the tee.

The thing is that TP5x has a slightly firmer cover that makes way for a higher trajectory and, as a result, greater distance but with less spin. So if maximizing ball speed and distance is a priority, go with TaylorMade TP5x. But if you’re lacking in short game performance, then choose TaylorMade TP5.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Golf Balls for High Handicappers?

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls are strong off the tee for all high-handicap golfers. They even feel good on the green with a good spin rate on wedges and irons.

What with the 2-piece construction, mid-compression rating, ionomer cover (less spin), and high-energy REACT core, these golf balls just know how to go long and fly straight even when your swing speed is slow.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers?

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls, simply because of their 3-layered construction, are the best for mid-handicap golfers. The 3-piece design performs the job of increasing distance without generating a lot of spin. Even the compression of these golf balls is well suited for a mid-level handicap.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Golf Balls for Beginners?

TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls have everything a beginner in the game of golf needs assistance with. A low compression rating for greater energy transfer during impact, so extra yards can be gained despite a below-average or slow swing speed.

Then you also have low-drag aerodynamics for a higher launch, thus maximizing distance becomes possible. Distance also receives a boost through the high-energy REACT core of TaylorMade.

Even the inclusion of an ionomer cover is a great beginner-friendly move by TaylorMade because the soft feel accompanied by this cover is perfect for boosting confidence for your shorter shots as well.

What Are the Best TaylorMade Golf Balls for Seniors?

Now it depends on your swing speed and handicap as a senior golfer.

Those with a slower swing speed should be using TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls because of their Impact Propulsion Core for longer carry. And also because the dimple pattern here promotes a straighter ball flight.

But if you’re a low-handicap player, then go with TaylorMade TP5. Its 5-piece construction is more suited for low handicappers. Plus, there’s the softer feel, seamless dimple pattern, and low compression that make up for your lack of speed. That means they know how to produce the ideal distance the most effectively.

The End

Even those who don’t use TaylorMade will agree that the brand really knows how to manufacture both Tour and Distance golf balls. Even their golf clubs are nothing short of phenomenal in terms of performance and quality.

TaylorMade golfs balls, no doubt, are highly competitive. They give popular options like Titleist Pro V1 as well a run for their money. And the best part is that you get both premium and more affordable selections to choose from.

Another great thing about TaylorMade is that they design golf balls for everyone. Meaning a broader range of golfers! This includes beginners, mid handicappers, Tour players, etc. Because there are 2-piece, 3-piece, and even 5-piece golf balls manufactured by TaylorMade. So you can easily choose depending on your skills and preferences.

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