Best Cheap Golf Balls 2023

It’s only a golf ball after all, right? So why spend all that money on something white, round-shaped, and just sits on the turf! Well, if you’re a smart golfer, you know how silly it sounds to dismiss a golf ball based on how it LOOKS. But then if you’re a golfer buying on a budget or a beginner/occasional golfer, then you’ll be aiming at the best cheap golf balls.

Whatever the case, golf balls do have an impact on how you play. Well-built and also the more affordable ones feature a 2-piece or 3-piece construction with a cover usually made of Surlyn, better for distance and durability. On the other hand, urethane cover is more commonly found on premium, expensive golf balls for that extra short game spin.

So then let’s get to the bottom of the price tier and look at some worthy and really inexpensive golf balls that will surely benefit your game.

Top-Rated Cheap Golf Balls

1. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls (Best for a Mid Handicap)

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

If you’re a mid handicapper, you should be expecting a whole lot from TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls. They generate good carry, and this comes without any unwanted sidespin (unlike premium golf balls). The feel is nice and soft, much like a mid-range golf ball. Can’t beat the price then, that’s for sure!

If you think that it’s only the low price that makes TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft the best golf balls for mid handicappers and average golfers, you’re certainly mistaken. These golf balls are deemed highly likable across all boards because of the soft and, more importantly, durable iothane cover. That’ll last for quite a few rounds of golf!

All in all, these 2-piece, low-compression golf balls give you longer carry distances the most effortlessly. And why wouldn’t they do that when TaylorMade has infused into them its exclusive Impact Propulsion Core, so they fly straighter and travel closer to your target.


  • 2-piece golf balls for long and penetrating distance
  • HEX aerodynamics reduce drag to increase lift
  • Carry distance boost with Impact Propulsion Core
  • Iothane cover durable enough for many rounds of golf


  • If it matters, they come only in white

2. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls (Best for spin control around the green)

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Soft enough Titleist TruFeel is actually quite perfect for achieving greenside spin control. Firstly, yes it’s true that Titleist also has a budget-friendly or inexpensive offering, which is amazing because then you don’t need to worry about quality and performance. And secondly, it’s because of the TruFlex cover plus the dimple pattern here that spin control is maximized into the green.

The TruFlex cover is all about a soft feel. Then you also get the TruTouch core and TruFit aerodynamics. The core and aerodynamics are for longer and longer distances one just cannot expect from cheap-priced golf balls. But then the manufacturer is Titleist, so you have to amp up your expectations.

They have a 2-piece construction and low compression rating, which means a better fit for slow-swing golfers. But it’s the factor of spin control that takes center stage with TruFeel. Even the TruTouch core technology, a larger core by the way, works toward producing more spin by absorbing more force you transfer into the ball.


  • 2-piece golf balls made to gain greater distances
  • TruTouch (larger) core also maximizes distance and spin
  • Soft-feel TruFlex cover with TruFit aerodynamics
  • Round-shaped 376 dimples lower drag (straighter flight)
  • Red side stamp alignment great for putting


  • The cover has a slightly heavier feel
  • Compression not low enough to forgive mis-hits

3. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (Best for high visibility)

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Why buy and who should buy high visibility golf balls? Well, beginners in the game of golf benefit the most from the most visible golf ball color. Now that could be pink, yellow, or in this case orange (all colors are glossy, hence easier to locate).

These highly-visible Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are easy to spot, both in flight and when you’re trying to locate them on the ground.

Most important of all, the price tag is quite cheap, so you can actually purchase 2-3 packs at one go. 15 golf balls per pack are much cheaper than what you pay for Titleist TruFeel.

Now let’s talk about how they perform. Well, the 2-piece construction is perfect for beginners. It’s what makes these golf balls so fit for average golfing skills. What also fits into this scene is the dimple pattern (352 count and symmetrical). It just knows how to minimize drag, which translates into extra yards with your driver or wedges.

And mind you, Nitro Ultimate Distance is USGA-approved. Not like non-conforming Bandit Maximum Distance, which is still a part of this list of the longest golf balls.


  • Titanium core golf balls for explosive distance
  • 2-piece construction means you can hit LONG
  • Dimple symmetry + aerodynamics create longer shots
  • Surlyn cover highly resistant to cuts, abrasions, etc.
  • Available in highly visible, glossy colors


  • High compression, thus not for slow swing speeds

4. Callaway 2021 Warbird Golf Balls (Best for a Mid-to-High Handicap)

2021 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

If your golf handicap is in between high and mid, it implies that you started as a rookie but are now slowly and steadily getting better at the game. So, at this point, consider buying inexpensive Callaway Warbird. If its achievements could talk, they would be screaming DISTANCE, DISTANCE, DISTANCE!!!

These 2-piece golf balls are specifically designed for distance seekers. Delivering extra yardages by launching higher is in the job description of Warbird. After all, the core is softer and larger, so it’s able to generate higher energy for creating more speed.

What with its soft ionomer cover and all, ‘feel’ off the tee and even greenside control come off as genuine and favorable. Even the hexagon-shaped 332 dimple pattern helps in that it pushes the golf ball to take on a straighter flight. You have to think of Warbird as a bird just soaring through that sky and cutting through that wind, much like an eagle.


  • Ionomer cover golf balls for great greenside control
  • HEX aerodynamics increase lift and hang time
  • High-energy, speed-boosting extra-large rubber core
  • The 2-piece design maximizes distance and durability


  • High compression, so not for slow-swing golfers

5. Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack (Cheapest Variety Pack of Golf Balls)

Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack

You get 2 Vice Drive, 2 Vice Pro, 2 Vice Pro Soft, 2 Vice Pro Plus, and 2 Vice Tour golf balls. So that’s a total of 10 high-quality golf balls at a bargain price!

Where 2-piece Vice Drive is more suited for low-to-mid speed golfers that prioritize long-game distance above all else, you also have 4-piece Vice Pro Plus for more skilled players as it features S2TG technology that focuses more on producing greater greenside spin.

Then Vice Pro Soft for mid-range golfers is also a part of the pack. And these 3-piece golf balls are superb for achieving optimal feel, spin, AND distance.

If you’re wondering if these golf balls are well-equipped to handle your game of golf, that answer lies in the fact that Vice golf balls actually outperform even top contenders like Titleist Pro V1, in terms of ball speed and distance. Each model here gives you outstanding off-the-tee distance with excellent greenside grabbing control.


  • An affordable assortment of golf balls, good for testing
  • Stability-boosting aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Speed-focused core achieves extra yards
  • Smooth feel and feedback around and on the green


  • Durability is not the best, unfortunately

6. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (Best for Distance)

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

More often than not, especially with top brands, distance golf balls are often easy on the wallet too. So you don’t have to spend more just because you want your drives to travel farther than ever before. Enter TaylorMade Distance Plus, which is also really affordable by the way. So increase your off-the-tee distance and also save money in the process!

The high speed emanates from the aerodynamic dimple pattern – it lowers drag to maximize lift and distance.

Another thing that’s high-speed is the REACT core that the brand has invented. This core also makes sure that your long-game spin is kept low, which means you have to be a hard hitter (i.e. have a faster swing speed) to produce a straighter ball flight.


  • 2-piece construction with an ultra-soft feel
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern maximizes speed
  • Plus alignment aid is great for putting
  • Extremely durable iothane cover


  • Not made for slow-swing golfers

7. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball (Best for Durability)

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Let me mention immediately that Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls have a Surlyn cover. And Surlyn cover golf balls benefits include the highest resistance to scuffs, cuts, abrasion, and other such potential damage. So these golf balls are great for not just maximizing distance but also being extremely durable.

In comparison to urethane, Surlyn is a lot harder and thus tougher. But then, unfortunately, this “toughness” or “firmness” gives you a low spin rate. And that means you should have a faster swing speed to compensate if you plan on buying Nitro Maximum Distance.

Rest all is pretty generic in terms of being suitable for the average golfer. Such as the 2-piece construction, titanium core, symmetrical dimple pattern, and affordable price of course.


  • 2-piece golf balls add more distance
  • Highly responsive core with soft-feel low compression
  • Aerodynamic dimple design takes shots higher
  • Cut-proof Surlyn cover with max. abrasion-resistance


  • Low spin due to Surlyn, so not for slow-speed golfers

8. Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls (Best for Average Golfers)

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

It’s obvious why Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls are the best golf balls for average golfers, at least 90-percent of them out there. And they are so without negatively affecting performance in any way. And of course, you can snag 2 dozen of these and pay only $25.99. This is a pack of 24 golf balls by the way!

These used to be 3-piece golf balls, which in itself made them the most suitable for average-level play. But now a layer has been subtracted, which means it has a 2-piece design (also very fitting for average and beginner golfers). But the rubber core with zero compression is the same – ball speed even on mis-hits is not lost indeed.

The shallower and flat-bottomed dimples (known as Pan-Head Dimples or PhD) give you a penetrating, stable ball flight. And you know, the low compression may be aimed at slow-swing golfers but a good amount of low handicappers also appreciate the construction and performance of these Wilson golf balls.


  • High-performance low-compression core
  • Low-drag dimple pattern (known as pan-head)
  • Soft-feel ionomer cover – excellent greenside control


  • Feels slightly heavy and clunky off the clubface

9. Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Balls (Best for Slow Swing Speeds and High Handicappers)

Srixon Soft Feel 12 Brite

So there’s Brite Orange (the one I’m reviewing), then there’s also Brite Red and Brite Green. Every bright color is really good when it comes to enhancing the visibility of these 2-piece golf balls.

They’re the best cheap golf balls for beginners because of this very 2-piece construction, along with the combination of a true, soft feel yet firm enough for flying smoothly and directly through the air.

The ionomer cover, on top of that, absorbs all force and transfers it to the FastLayer Core for boosting distance. And this happens even if your swing speed is slow or if you have a high handicap. Hence, the best golf balls for high handicappers as well.

The dimple pattern is capable of cutting through the wind in order to add extra speed to your every shot. And it’s completely alright if these cheaply priced golf balls are lost, although that doesn’t seem likely because of the high-visibility color and the fact that Speed Dimples ensure a straighter, on-target ball flight.

And one last thing though, the ionomer cover’s soft, thin quality is great for generating greater greenside spin. Plus, it feels so much softer on chips, pitches, and putts.


Soft-feel FastLayer Core – more ball speed

Low-drag Speed Dimple design for high launch

Bright, matte colors enhance visibility

Ionomer cover means very little unwanted sidespin


Scuffs easily with fast swing speeds

10. Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls (Best for Low Spin)

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

This one is a long-distance but low-spin golf ball for mid handicappers. Bridgestone e6 came before the brand’s now popular e12 golf balls. The former is more suited for golfers with a mid-level swing speed while the latter’s speedier mantle makes it a more Tour-grade option.

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls pair up really well with low driver spin, which is what contributes so greatly to producing longer distances without compromising the quintessential “feel” of the brand’s “e” series of golf balls.

Slow-swing-speed-friendly low compression also adds more off-the-tee distance. And so does the 2-piece construction of e6. Thus, easier to compress with only an inner core and outer cover – this translates into higher ball speed plus a soft feel.

And you really don’t have to be Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, Fred Couples, or any other professional player to carry Bridgestone golf balls. You can be a senior golfer and still be able to maintain far distances with your driver, much like me, using Bridgestone e6.


  • Long-distance, soft-feel golf balls
  • 2-piece construction for more distance, less spin
  • The larger core also maximizes speed
  • Soft and seamless cover improves feel


  • Raised mold marks, hence visible
  • Not as soft as Callaway Supersoft (similarly priced)

11. Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball (Best for Moderate Swing Ppeed)

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

Costco’s 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Balls have been a part of the golfing arena for quite a few years now. And why do you think that is? Because these balls know very well how to compete with others alongside it. And obviously also because of the competitive quality despite the cheaper price tag.

This is a high-spin, low-launch golf ball with a 3-piece construction and urethane cover. But the 3-piece design gives you a lower spin off that tee, which is great in the case of the long game. So if you want to hit longer drives from the tee, you get to do that the most easily.

As for the urethane cover, you might already know that it’s best for control. And that means more distance control as well as a better short game feel. For such a cheap golf ball, Kirkland Signature really feels fine and even better in comparison to other such best-bang-for-the-buck or value-for-money golf balls.


  • 3-piece golf balls better suited for mid-range golfers
  • Increases distance, accuracy, and short game control
  • Soft compression core for a soft feel
  • Urethane cover, just like in premium golf balls


  • Slightly high compression, so slow swing speeds might struggle

12. Mizuno RB 566 and 566V Golf Ball


RB 566 is a 2-piece golf ball and RB 566V is a 3-piece golf ball, so you get a mix of both in this set of Mizuno RB 566 and 566V Golf Balls, at a very affordable price indeed.

Both models are the brand’s new generation of high-performance golf balls with a special dimple pattern and high-energy core. The latter is redesigned, meaning larger than before, to minimize spin and maximize launch for a ball flight that’s not only farther but also more efficient and stable. In short, both RB 566 and 566V increase the “hang” time.

RB 566 has the softest and largest compression core, hence is more suited for slow-to-mid swing speed golfers. And then you have RB 566V, which is actually crafted for maximizing velocity (V in 566V stands for velocity).

It’s also the 3-piece design of 566V that gives you a comparatively higher launch. So this one seems like a more fitting choice for ALL kinds of golfers, and not just the slow-speed ones.


  • 2-piece and 3-piece golf balls for slow and mid-range golfers
  • 566 micro-dimple pattern improves ball flight
  • Ionomer cover, thus very durable
  • High-energy core generates greater distance


  • They feel very hard off the putter
  • Poor sound at impact

Who Needs the Cheapest Golf Balls?

After reading these reviews, you’re most likely to never undermine the competitiveness of golf balls within the more inexpensive range. Choosing the cheapest ones also has plenty of advantages. The most important of them all is the absence of guilt each time you lose those golf balls during your round of golf. No wastage of money either!

No wonder SO MANY beginner and amateur golfers prefer playing used golf balls since they’re the ones who lose more golf balls than anyone else. As long as you know how to clean them properly, it’s all good.

I mean why deliberately decide to pay more for premium golf balls when you can just as easily buy a set or pack that’s both budget-friendly and high-performing.

Do Low-Priced Golf Balls Really Make Any Difference?

YES, they absolutely do. If you want more concrete proof, here’s what most of the inexpensive golf balls shortlisted in this article have in common…

2-piece or 3-piece construction for more speed and durability

With fewer layers, as in the case of 2-piece and 3-piece golf balls, more focus is given to the hardness of the cover. And the harder the cover, the more resistant it is to damage.

Moreover, because of the more rigid outer layer of 2-piece, the surface, at impact, becomes more resilient, and so it can produce longer distances. On top of that, most 2-piece golf balls feature a low compression rating, which releases greater energy to take the balls farther in comparison to high compression.

Better for achieving distance/spin goals

It’s only logical to assume that the more expensive or “premium” lot offers greater functionality, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for every golfer. Especially if your goal is only to improve distance or spin, then the relatively cheaper kind of golf balls are perfect for you.

Obviously, more budget-friendly

Golf balls sold at a cheaper or more affordable price mostly have a 2-piece or 3-piece construction, right? So the fewer the layers, the more affordable the golf ball. After all, extra layers do demand the inclusion of more advanced technologies and materials, which obviously costs a lot more money.

In the majority of cases, beginners, high handicappers, and basically average-level golfers opt for such cheap or low-priced golf balls since practicing more is what they have to do. This automatically means losing more golf balls. So you better be practicing with golf balls that don’t come with a hefty price tag.

And you can always switch to more expensive ones once you get better at the game!


Are Cheap Golf Balls Worth Buying?

You can now buy the cheapest golf balls and still expect them to give you a true, soft feel. Provided that these are manufactured by renowned brands, such as TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, and the like.

Lower-priced golf balls now do travel straighter and farther. It’s just they’re the best for distance, durability, and value but not so much for spin and control. Hence, if your short game is not yet developed, you might not like the cheap kind.

What Golf Balls Should Beginners Use?

That would be 2-piece, low-compression golf balls since they’re the most suitable for inexperienced or beginner golfers. They maximize distance simply by getting airborne easily to travel farther, even if your swing speed is under average.

And not so coincidentally, since 2-piece only consists of an inner core and outer cover, these types of golf balls are also the most affordable of the lot.

Do Cheap Golf Balls Lose Distance?

If you mean do cheap golf balls not go long, the answer is that they’re specifically designed to fulfill just one particular function. And that could be distance, spin, launch, etc.

On the contrary, expensive or premium golf balls have extra layers/pieces, right? In that case, you’re looking at more functionality better suited for a more experienced player.

Now if you want to know whether used golf balls lose distance, then that depends on if the ball shows any signs of visible damage or not. Repeated use may not affect the golf ball’s performance but if this ball has developed even tiny scuffs, distance loss is to be expected.

That’s All You Need to Know!

Golf doesn’t necessarily have to be a wealthy man or woman’s game. This is where more affordable equipment comes into the picture, such as these really high-performing and value-driven golf balls that do not cost that much money.

There are some amazing and even very popular recommendations suitable for both your long shots and short game.

More importantly, if you’re a beginner or amateur golfer, then you can purchase more and more golf balls. So no need to worry about how many of them are remaining in your bag in a single round of golf. Lose as many as the situation demands without wasting money or feeling guilty!

And the best part about it all is that even high-end brands have inexpensive offerings that you simply cannot turn down, no matter how skeptical you are about the oh-so-cheap price tag.

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