What is an Executive Golf Course?

There are so many different types of golf courses, so if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a traditional and an “executive” golf course, you’ve come to the right place.

Executive courses are becoming increasingly popular because of the prevalence of limited land space as opposed to huge acres of land. The latter does not present a challenge in terms of acquiring or occupying space.

Executive golf courses provide quite enjoyable challenges that can be played quickly while still using your golfing skills as they incorporate par-3s, par-4s, and even some unusual hazards.

What Is the Meaning of An Executive Golf Course?

An “executive golf course” seems perfect for less experienced golfers looking to enhance their skills and game. It has a lower par than standard courses; there are more par-3 holes. However, it can also include longer par-4 and par-5 holes.

These golf courses operate independently while some are a part of larger courses and clubs or are connected to practice facilities with driving ranges. As such, executive courses are an excellent choice no matter your skill level and/or playing style.

Difference Between Executive and Championship Golf Courses

Length is what’s the main difference between an executive and a championship golf course. On an executive course, typically, there are shorter holes, and most of them are par-3s combined with some longer par-4s.

Executive golf courses, more often than not, are shorter. Thus, they make the golfing activity more enjoyable and less challenging for all sorts of players. So it’s completely okay if you’re not an advanced or expert golfer.

The shorter length makes this turf a great option in case you don’t have too much time on your hands for an 18-hole or 36-hole round of golf. And for those just getting acquainted with the game of golf. 

The shorter length also means the golf course is built with fewer hazards than its championship-level counterpart, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any. Executive golf courses may still include bunkers, water features, and other obstacles put in place for the sake of testing your golfing skills and abilities.

Executive Golf Course vs Par 3 Golf Courses

Par-3 golf courses and executive golf courses are both shorter, condensed golf course options. However, executive courses are typically more challenging than par-3s as they feature longer holes.

Executive golf courses often contain a few par-5s and some par-4s — this particular combination is more difficult than par-3 for a beginner.

As for par-3 courses, they are specifically designed for those just learning the ropes of the game. The perfect introduction to the game of golf!

On the other hand, executive golf courses offer more of a challenge because require from players a bit more skill and strategy.

What is the Yardage of an Executive Golf Course?

Executive golf courses are shorter, length-wise. And that means you play a quicker round of golf, which is just what you need if you have a busy schedule.

The yardages covered by an 18-hole course is around 5,200 yards, whereas 9-holes are usually half the length. So players get a variety of playing options to choose from depending on how much time they can afford to spend that day.

The average length of a typical golf course is around 6,700 yards for 18 holes. In my opinion, this is ideal because it strikes the perfect balance between challenge and convenience, making it appealing to golfers of all skill levels.

What Benefits Does An Executive Course Provide?

An executive golf course allows you to make the most of the thrills and challenges of golf, but without having to spend long hours on the turf.

  • Firstly, beginners take to executive courses very easily and quickly because this kind of turf lets them develop new golfing skills and improve what they already know. Such as how to stop whiffing the golf ball, how to hit a driver, how to improve chipping, and more. So you get to learn, but without feeling too frustrated or impatient about the longer length of the golf course (with more difficult holes).
  • Secondly, executive golf courses are made for experienced golfers as well who want to get the enjoyment of the game quickly. They can get done with their shorter rounds of golf in no time, meaning you can fit a game very conveniently even into a busy schedule.
  • Finally, executive golf courses are also great for larger groups as the round played here doesn’t require a lot of time to complete each hole. This means that multiple players can get into golf in a shorter amount of time.

To sum up, executive golf courses are great for everyone from beginners to experienced golfers who want to both enjoy the game and play the round without having to dedicate 4–5 hours to the sport.


You don’t have to be a scratch or beginner golfer to choose executive golf courses. Their shorter length makes them ideal for those short on time or new to the game. They can provide a pretty challenging yet fun and enjoyable round of golf, allowing everyone to get the most out of their time spent on the course.

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