How to Hit a 6-Iron Guide

How to Hit a 6-Iron Guide – The Science Behind This Mid Iron

The problem is that maybe you’re struggling with the 6-iron. By the way, if you’re a mid-handicap golfer, it’s only common, so don’t feel so bad about it. The 6-iron is a longer golf club, after all, with a lower loft than mid-length to short irons. Hence, it can be tricky to …

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8-Iron Golf Club Guide

Complete 8-Iron Golf Club Guide – How to Maximize Its Potential?

The 8-iron in golf is one of the most dependable clubs, especially when you’re thinking about upgrading your greenside performance. It is a highly versatile golf club that many players use for a variety of shots and from a variety of positions. To put it simply, the 8-iron is perfect for improving …

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What is a Strong Grip in golf

What is a Strong Grip in golf?

A strong grip is an essential part of the swing that affects the ball’s accuracy, distance, and direction. Therefore, it is important to understand how to properly position your hands for a strong grip to give you an edge out on the golf course. This article will discuss what is a strong …

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What is a Golf Hat Called

What is a Golfer Hat Called?

Whether you are an expert putter or a beginner, golfer hat is a must-have accessory to keep you comfortable during long days on the course, as well as help you look the part on your course. So, What is a golfer hat called? A Golfer hat is typically referred to golf cap, …

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Best Golf Gloves

The Best Golf Gloves for Any Golfer in 2023

Looking to get a better grip on your clubs? While they aren’t a requirement and not all golfers wear them, a good golf glove can be a great help. You can wear the glove on either hand, or even on both if it help you. They are designed to improve the grip …

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9-Iron Golf Clubs

The 9-Iron: What Is It and When Should I Use One?

A big part of playing a round of golf is the right technique. With the right technique, you’ll be able to swing the club just right, hit the ball in the ideal spot, and have it land right on the spot you want it to. But another thing that golfers need to …

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Men's vs Women's Golf Clubs

Golf Dress Codes – A Guide on Golf Attire Etiquette

There’s one thing you must always think about whenever you head to the golf course – what to wear. And no, this isn’t because the golf course is a fashion runway. This is because most golf courses worldwide have some sort of dress code that all guests and players need to follow. …

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The Women's Golf Dresscode

The Women’s Golf Dress code – Everything You Need to Know

Golf can seem like an intimidating sport to try for the first time. From the outside looking in, it can seem like there are tons of stringent rules to follow before stepping onto the golf course. And when you see pictures and videos of women golfers in long shorts and plain shirts, …

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Best 5 Wood Golf Clubs

The Best 5 Wood Golf Clubs to Improve Your Golfing Distance!

The best 5 wood golf clubs are used for added distance. With this golf club, you can hit the ball from even more places around the course, thus hitting even more distance. It’s a good addition to your golf bag, but just like making any other purchase, it’s difficult to choose among …

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Fairway Woods vs. Hybrids

Fairway Woods vs. Hybrids: How Many Differences Can You Tell?

Choose the right club, and you will surely win half of the game. However, many beginners don’t know which club to choose between fairway woods vs. hybrids. The main difference between these clubs is that the fairway wood has a wider head and sole, allowing you to hit further with a flatter …

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